The Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack vs the DECKED D-Bag

The Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack vs the DECKED D-Bag


For the noble and rugged tradesmen and women of the world, staying mobile and organized is a must.

This goes double for those of us with a lot of gear to haul to a jobsite, such as construction workers, electricians, and friendly neighborhood carpenters.

If you work with your hands, you know that slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common work-related injuries. You also know that the last place you’d ever want to be is up 20 feet on a ladder, lugging around a tool box with only one hand to hold on for dear life.

So to stay safe on the job—and look good while doing it—you’ll need the ultimate tool backpack (cue guitar riff).

A tool backpack is exactly what it sounds like: a compact and durable carry-on that’s sure to protect your gear and keep you nimble.

To help you pick the best bag for you, we’ve narrowed down your choices to just two contenders:

  • As the name implies, the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack is geared towards the working man and woman. With pockets-a-plenty, its overall design is like a mini garage—but at the cost of premature wear and tear due to its single-stitch seams and bulky build.
  • In the other corner is the only D-Bag you’ll ever like. This tool bag is a mobile tool storage system for laborers, hunters, or simply anyone with a lot of gear to haul. With a focus on versatility over specialty, the D-Bag meets multiple needs if you prefer simplicity and ergonomics over flashy design.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.






Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack



  • 48 pockets
  • Organization for smaller hand tools (drill bits, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.)
  • Built with 1680D ballistic material
  • Single-stitching design may lead to premature degradation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; doesn’t cover typical wear and tear
  • Tape measure clips and attachment strap for dollies
  • Water and impact-resistant molded bases
  • Tight shoulder straps, may not be comfortable for everyone
  • Lack of padding on the top handle
  • Hardshell bottom pocket lays flat when open; could be used as a makeshift work mat
  • Ballistic fiber is too rough for the laptop pocket, needs extra padding







  • Hard and softshell body hybrid designed for use and abuse
  • Very compact; retains shape no matter what you’re carrying
  • Internal storage is highly versatile
  • Not specific to work tools (which… can actually be a pro if you’re looking for versatility)
  • Adjustable straps; can be carried as a backpack, briefcase, hold-all, or removed entirely
  • Only comes in one color (currently offers no customization options)
  • Two detachable accessories that come as standard: a tool roll and a water-resistant duffle bag with heavy-duty security ring snaps
  • Designed to fit into the D-Box
  • Compatible with both DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box
  • Pricing is on the higher end for tool bags

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack vs. DECKED D-Bag

If you’ve got a hands-on job or an outdoorsy hobby like fishing, you probably have a few items you take everywhere.

Whether it’s your favorite cordless drill or a complicated piece of tech, these items are practically your babies—but they’re not indestructible.

They need a safeguard, in and out of your work truck.

The best way to do that is with a tool bag, such as the DECKED D-Bag (short for Drawer-Bag, obviously) or the Jobsite Backpack by Milwaukee Tool.

The Milwaukee Tool design focuses on specialization while the D-Bag aims for versatility, functionality, and ergonomics. And it still offers stylish and durable storage for both workmen and hobbyists on the go.

Both bags sound tempting—but what’s the best for you? What’ll hold up to abuse and keep your gear secure? Well, we’re gonna figure out just that.

Here’s what we’re gonna cover:

How tough is it? Will it hold all my nuts and bolts?

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

Constructed with 1680D ballistic material, this product by Milwaukee Tool aims for “increased jobsite performance”. It comes with two hardshell exterior pockets, an impact-resistant molded base, and padded shoulder straps.

Its tough nylon design is sturdy but abrasive. It’ll hold up to abuse, but with some potential wear and tear for the interior laptop sleeve.


The D-Bag is something of a man’s man tool bag. It was created with hunters, tradesmen, you in mind, so it’ll hold up to any kind of abuse.

A soft and hardshell hybrid, the D-Bag is fashioned from 900D TPU ballistic nylon and thermoformed EVA foam. In other words, it can take a punch and probably give one, too. Quality aluminum handles prevent snapping and breaking, while a compact body and reinforced lid will deter damage and maintain its muscular shape.

Will it stand up to Mother Nature?

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

The Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack isn’t wholly weatherproof. The only sure-fire security you’ll get from good ol’ Mother Nature is with its molded base.

Impact and water-resistant, you could set it down someplace damp and murky and you won’t have to worry about a soggy bottom. However, its ballistic nylon and single-stitch seams aren’t guaranteed to keep anything else out.


Designed for the nitty-gritty world of off-grid travel and living, the D-Bag is equally at home on the job site.

Its beefy style is thanks to weather-resistant padding, making this one bad mother when faced with the hazards of the workplace. Whether that means rain, hail, dirt, mud, or more dirt, this backpack can take a pounding.

Where do all my bits go?

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

If you like pockets, the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack certainly has pockets. 48 of them to be exact. That’s cool and all, but don’t expect to carry all your power tools. One or two small drills are fine, but this bag is better suited for your smaller hand tools and tiny bits.

Its interior comes with a laptop sleeve, several sub-compartments, and straps for all your bits and pieces. Meanwhile, on the exterior, you’ll find two side pockets, two front bulk pockets, daisy chains for clip-on tools, and 4 non-stretchable straps on the back. The bottom front pocket also pulls out flat, which could be used as a makeshift work mat.


At a glance, you’ll see that the D-Bag is a compact, low-profile backpack. Its simple but sturdy design is meant to fit into the D-Box and other compartments with ease.

With the D-Bag, you’ll find a primary hardshell pocket complete with sub-compartments, sturdy metal zippers, and two detachable accessories: a tool roll with semi-transparent pockets and a water-resistant, heavy-duty duffle bag where you can store chargers, power tools, and other important equipment you can’t leave home without. Meanwhile, its main compartment is perfect for bulkier items like ratchets, fish tape, drills, or your go-to tool pouch.

Is my back gonna kill me?

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

When 75 to 85% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives, the right kind of backpack can make all the difference—and Milwaukee might not be it.

Heavier than you’d expect, this backpack offsets its weight with padded straps and a load-bearing harness. As a consequence, however, the shoulder straps might be a little on the tight side for some people. The plastic shoulder and chest clips are also brittle compared to the ballistic nylon.


The D-Bag’s durable but plush crafting will save you a backache.

Fitted with a sternum strap, the backpack will stay secure as you scale any ladder, handle any gear, and climb any mountain. Its flexible shoulder straps also promise comfort during your 9 to 5.

As a bonus, the shoulder straps are adjustable; you’re free to carry it as a backpack, briefcase, hold-all (or as we like to call it, the pizza delivery style), or remove the straps entirely.

What’s this gonna cost me?

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

Since Milwaukee Tool does not sell their backpack directly off their website, you’ll have to order from one of their distributors or hunt it down from a store in your area.

Prices average $99, but some outfitters list it as high $200. Before you fork that over, you may be able to find special offers depending on the retailer.


With a focus on quality over flashiness, the D-Bag comes in at a total of $174. With an average rating of 5-stars, you get what you pay for. The D-Bag is carried by only a select few sellers, and you can buy yours here.

The Winner Is…

If you care about versatility, durability, and brag-ability, then the D-Bag is the tool backpack for you.

Built for the modern-day Tarzan, its military-grade hybrid soft and hardshell body will keep your gear nicely packed without snares or tears on your more delicate bits. Designed for use and abuse, the D-Bag will be your best friend on good and bad days.

As a bonus, its compact body slips right into the D-Box with no fuss or muss. It’s also fully compatible with the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box.

Flexible and weather-resistant, this tradesman-journeyman combo tool bag is here to make your life easier.

Whether that means optimizing your mobile organization or upgrading your truck storage, the D-Bag’s got your back.

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