Overland Expo Mountain West

Overland Expo Mountain West

As expected, there was no shortage of dogs, custom mods, velcro patches, and EarthRoamers at Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado. With 17,000+ attendees and 270 registered exhibitors, the event brought the enthusiasm back to the off-road tradeshow circuit (sprinkled with a little extra hand sanitizer).

Scroll below for a visual feast of Mountain West.. and to feel the sharp pang of “adventure mobile” envy.

HINT: The Mountain West Show is just a taste of what’s to come later this month at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, September 24-26. We’ll be parked at booth #P53

GMC Canyon AT4 OVERLANDX Concept truck rear 3/4 view

The “Showstopper Award” at Loveland this Year went to a Midsize Truck

GMC seized the opportunity to reveal its new concept truck, the GMC Canyon AT4 OVERLANDX. Designed to elevate the Canyon’s off-road credibility, the AT4 OVERLANDX shows how an enthusiast can perfectly build their Canyon to meet their needs. Links to GM’s Press Release Here.

GMC Canyon AT4 OVERLANDX Concept truck glamor shot

Photo above copyright GMC | GMC.COM

RSI camp kitchen option on the GMC Canyon AT4 OVERLANDX Concept truck

GMC HUMMER Electric Vehicle secured behind low fence

The new GMC HUMMERev was fenced off for obvious protection from sticky fingers.

Leitner Designs Ford Tremor with DECKED Drawer System DS3 installed


Our neighbors over at the Leitner booth showed off their new all-new ACS Tonneau, gear bags, and HydroPOD in their new Ford Tremor.

What Adventure Mobile Dreams are Made of…

Overbuilt Ford Super Duty at the Lightforce booth

UNIMOG U2450L on display

Toyota FJ40 with folding windscreen Bilstein's UNIMOG monster

Primer gray Scout sitting on some big tires Making a statement with bumper stickers

Another utility vehicle repurposed as an overlander's escape rig

One of many Tacomas at the event Bronco II with custom Falken paintjob

DECKED Drawer Sightings:

Mountain Hatch rig with DECKED Drawer System installad


Replacement tailgate panels like those from Mountain Hatch give you a flat, practical working surface.

@gotyoursixcoffee rig with DECKED Drawer System installed > Close-up of @gotyoursixcoffee's DECKED drawers


Another truck loaded for bear with a DECKED Drawer System


Tim Muniz's Taco at the @fueloffroad booth

Tim Muniz also sports a DECKED Drawer System

Tim Muniz with @therockstargarage at the @fueloffroad booth

@cbioffroadfab | @cvttents | @hazzardfabworx | @cwwraps

@hcp4x4 rolled through with a custom sink/stove tailgate

@hcp4x4 Premiere custom 4×4 shop in Colorado

Custom sink and a working stove by High Country Performance 4X4 | @smartcap | @arb | @cargoglid2e | @rhino-rach | @warn | @ikamper

A midsize DECKED Drawer System in a @BACKWOODSADVENTUREMODS Tacoma


The fine folks at Backwoods Adventure Mods took a break from the product lab to kiss some hands and shake some babies. That’s their new high-clearance, dual-swingout Tacoma bumper, and dang it looks good.

DECKED “Real World” Drawer Sightings:

@NICHOLSOUTFITTERS is getting organized!




Even Dee Zee toolbox employees know DECKED Drawer Systems are a must-have



Vans joined in the fun too!

Another well-stocked DECKED Drawer System Truck with RTT and DECKED Drawer System

A set of wooden drawers AKA Stone Age technology

Mustached man riding a Ural motorcycle with sidecar

Come see us in Flagstaff, AZ for Overland Expo Mountain West Sept 24-26. This guy 👆 will definitely be there.


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