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Truck Bed Camping Reinvented

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Truck Tent Camping Made Easy

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A Truck Bed Sleeping Platform

The perfect storage product for truck camping. This secure, weatherproof design provides easy-access storage in your truck bed. Two full bed-length drawers glide effortlessly beneath the 2000lb-rated deck which covers the wheel wells, providing a perfectly flat surface from side to side and front to back for sleeping.

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Organize Your Truck Camping Setup

Never need to crawl into the truck bed again (unless it’s to sleep!). Two full-bed length drawers add customizable storage for tools, camping chairs, sleeping bags, your camp kitchen, emergency gear and other essentials. The best part? When the weekend is over, load it up with tools for work or different gear for other recreational activities.

• 2000lb payload on top
• 200lb load capacity per drawer
• Only weighs 200-220lbs!

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Throw Away Your Car Camping Checklist

Get your camping program really dialed in! We offer a full line of accessories available with purchase to custom-tailor your system to your truck camping needs.

Check out our range of accessories for the perfect way to customize your truck camping set up.

Fit your kitchen accessories in the D-Box, add some first aid stuff to a Crossbox, and keep it all secure with a set of locks.

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Easily-Accessed Truck Camping Accessories

The DECKED system sits above the wheel wells, creating a flat surface for sleeping while on the road. There’s nothing worse than spooning plastic tubs, a wheel well and gear bags trying to catch a few winks. Store that stuff in the drawers and stretch out like a starfish up top.

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Weatherproof Storage

DECKED drawers are completely weatherproof. The last thing you want is wet gear and a soggy sandwich at the end of a long day. This engineered design keeps out the rain, snow, dirt, and dust, so you can keep your stuff clean and dry no matter how many miles you stack up.

Impervious to UV exposure and extreme temperatures. DECKED is built to withstand the elements and protect your truck camping gear.

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The Perfect Platform for Your Car Camping Mattress

All DECKED systems sit right above your wheel wells at 12" in height, giving you maximum bed surface area. With a 2000 lb payload, you can stack large items on top (ATV’s, your mother-in-law’s new fridge, etc.) or use it as a flat surface for a sleeping platform. Ammo cans in the corners offer cubbies for storing smaller items or installing power sources, air compressors or gas heater units.

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Everything You Need For Truck Camping


DECKED is made in the USA. And we are proud to design, engineer and manufacture our products where we know the quality and integrity is always unsurpassed. DECKED is made from nearly 100% recycled materials. We recycle High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), steel and aluminum to make our products, vastly reducing your and our carbon footprints.

decked storage drawers


Storage can be limited while tuck camping, and there is nothing more frustrating than digging through your truck to find the right tool or recovery gear. Safely secure all of your essentials in the DECKED weatherproof drawers.


Get your camp kitchen program tightened up! An organized kitchen is key for truck camping success. Keep your entire truck camping kitchen in a drawer so you can quickly set up and start cooking.