Truck Tool Box by DECKED

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Think Outside the Box

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The Tool Box That Changed The Game



Car washes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis? Pfffft…


Dent Proof

Looks new forever. Hammer on it. It won’t dent. Ever. No paint to flake off.



That’s how many you could pour out into it. But don’t abuse alcohol like that. 

One Tool Box To Rule Them All

  • The last toolbox you’ll ever buy
  • Totally, and we mean, completely waterproof
  • Molded polymers that will never rust or corrode 
  • 110% dent and ding proof

100% Weather (& Idiot)- Proof

  • Engineered, keeps moisture out under harshest conditions
  • Seamless molded construction; basically hurricane-proof
  • Lid gasket seals tightly to the tub
  • Guaranteed tool protection

Insane Security Hated by Thieves

  • Locks securely with a single driver-side keyed lock
  • Steel reinforced lid makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • Attached to the truck bed from inside the Tool Box
  • Won’t even bend under pressure of a crowbar
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Built to take a beating, the Tool Box has a 500 lb dynamic payload rating.

Waterproof Design

Because Mother Nature can be a real mother. Seals up tighter than Tupperware.

Dent and Ding Proof

Beat on this thing all you want and it’ll still be looking fresh.

Will Never Rust

HDPE and ASA resins don’t corrode. At all. Take that, Rust Belt! 

Modern Look

Your truck called, it wants a box that looks as badass as your truck.

“It is the toughest tool box on the market. All the other tool boxes I've had were very easy to dent and the shock hinges would need to be replaced within the first year. The DECKED Tool Box is indestructible. Top quality."

- Von A. (Construction)

“I got this tool box for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it. Super easy to load up and attach to the truck, plenty of space and just what he needed for everything that used to fill up the back seats."

- Tiffani S. (Backhoe Operator)

“This is the only tool box I have found that is tough enough to last longer than my truck. Worth the extra cost."

- Brent G. (HVAC Contractor)

“One definition of quality is, 'that which meets or exceeds customer expectation.' The entire process of ordering and receiving my truck tool box exceeded my expectations! I love my new truck tool box! It’s great to have a secure, watertight place to keep my tools!"

- David C. (Male Dancer)

“The DECKED Tool Box has been amazing so far. I’ve had it on my truck for 3 weeks so far and I’ve had no complaints so far. Kept my tools dry and safe throughout the recent ice storm and rain also. 110% would recommend buying this tool box."

- William D. (Electrician)

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Build Your D-cosystem™

"Better together." That's our mantra, big timer. Customize your Tool Box like a boss for just how you use it. If you thought peanut butter and chocolate was a good combo, wait 'til you start building out your D-cosystem™.

man accessing his tools in the back of a decked tool box
[AT8-CORE-CLAMP] Studio image of Core Clamps
[ATB2LST] Super Snack Tray for DECKED Tool Box
[AT8-CORE-CLAMP] Studio image of Core Clamps
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[ATB4] Studio image of Core Trax for a DECKED Tool Box
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[ATB2LST] Super Snack Tray for DECKED Tool Box
Sale price$30.00
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Tech Specs

Tool Box for Full Size Truck / No Ladder / Standard
Dimensions and Capacities
  • Volume: 280 L.
  • Weight: 103 lb.
  • Payload: 500 lb.
  • A: 22 in.
  • B: 76 in.
  • C: 20.5 in.
Internal Dimensions:
  • Width: 17.9 in.
  • Length: 60 in.
  • Depth: 17.4 in.


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