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Looking for secure, organized, weatherproof, accessible storage? The DECKED Drawer System provides the crucial functionality your adventure vehicle could be missing. Let's face it, you simply need to be more organized and prepared when traveling off the grid.

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Two full-bed length drawers add customizable storage for tools, your camp kitchen, emergency gear and other essentials.

Stack the deck with 2000 lbs on top and still easily access sliding drawers underneath (HINT: they roll like butter). No more crawling, reaching or digging around.

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We offer a full line of components (fancy word for accessories) to custom-tailor your system to your needs.

Add further customization with a host of other DECKED-compatible products like Dometic kitchen setups, Kaizen foam inserts, fuel tanks and rack systems. DECKED's steel frame serves as an anchor point for DECKED CoreTrax (we offer these), slide systems, ARB coolers and much more.

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All DECKED systems sit right above your wheel wells at 12" in height giving you maximum bed surface area. With a 2000 lb payload you can stack large items on top, or use it as a flat surface for a sleeping platform.

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DECKED is guaranteed to keep out the rain, snow, dirt, and dust, so you can keep your stuff clean and dry no matter how many miles you stack up. Because overlanding is a dirty business, we make a product that is impervious to the elements and will lovingly protect your overlanding gear.

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DECKED is weatherproof, incredibly durable, secure and designed to be outside in any environment.

Coming in at only 205-230 lbs, you won't find anything else on the market as lightweight with this level of functionality.

DECKED is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) molded to a steel frame. And guess what? HDPE is 100% recycled and so is the American steel within the system. Made and engineered right here in the USA.

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DECKED drawers sit just above the wheel wells creating a flat wall to wall surface, perfect for camping in the back of your truck. Your tools, rescue gear, cooking supplies and the like are organized in the drawers below your peaceful slumber.

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Not just for trucks: If you own a cargo, camping, or “overlanding” van you’ve got a fancy hat and we’ve got a storage solution for you. DECKED is perfect for storage and organization under the bed, offers a new slide out kitchen option, and a better storage or sleeping platform on top. 

DECKED is compatible with most Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transit, Nissan NV Cargo, Ram Pro Master, Chevy Express Cargo, Ford Cargo Econoline, and GMC Savana Cargo vans.

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