Truck Accessories: Customizing Your DECKED Drawer System To Achieve Truck Bed Nirvana

Truck Accessories: Customizing Your DECKED Drawer System To Achieve Truck Bed Nirvana


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When it comes to pickup truck accessories, some people think accessories mean more stuff and more stuff means more disorganization, but in this instance that couldn’t be further from the truth. All truck and cargo van owners have had the experience of rummaging through their gear to find just the right tool they were looking for. Do you ever feel like the tools you were certain you put in your truck bed seem to have up and vanished right when you need them? Ever show up to work to discover that the neat stack of tools you made is now an unruly mess after sliding around the bed while you were driving to and from the site?


Countless hours are wasted looking for tools instead of using them to get your job done. The good news is that with the DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box you’re already on track to get back a lot of that wasted time, but how do we optimize your DECKED Drawer System to really squeeze the most out of it? It’s with DECKED Accessories. Here we’ll have a look at the loads of cool accessories available to customize your DECKED Drawer System so that you can say goodbye to wasted time and say hello to go-time.


The DECKED Drawerganizer


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Let’s start at the top with the DECKED Drawerganizer. One of the best truck accessories on the market, the Drawerganizer is specifically designed to sit in the head of the DECKED Drawer System. With the Drawerganizer tucked snuggly at the top of the drawer, grab-and-go access is at your fingertips.  


The Drawerganizer is a great place for all your small odds and ends.This is the spot for that screwdriver that has been rolling around on the floor of your cab for too long. Whether it's duct tape or a measuring tape, just drop it in the Drawerganizer for quick, no-fuss accessibility.


The Drawerganizer is also great for your go-to power tools like drills, grinders, and sanders. All you hunters and fishermen, your can of bug repellent goes here! The possibilities are really endless and how you use the DECKED Drawerganizer ultimately depends on what works best for you. A great feature is that with the Drawerganizer if you want quick access you don’t have to sacrifice organization. There’s also a Double Drawerganizer option available for even more space.


All DECKED Drawerganizers are made from High Impact Polypropylene for rugged durability and they are all %100 made in the USA.




The DECKED Crossbox

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Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again. Everyone needs a trusty toolbox on hand, so why not have yours fully integrated into your DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box. The DECKED Crossbox fits nicely into your drawer or Tool Box setup and is a perfect place to put all your everyday use gear. It comes equipped with a small parts insert tray that is fully removable to make space for larger items.


The DECKED Crossbox is made with durability in mind, so it can take a kicking on the job site and it’s weatherproof to boot. With easy to lock latches and a gasket inside the lid to block out water you can trust your gear is dry inside even if conditions are wet outside. The DECKED Crossbox has got you covered when it comes to keeping your toolkit stowed safely from weather and thieves alike. Made with High Impact Polypropylene the Crossbox is so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry, so you can sleep soundly while your truck is parked in the driveway overnight.


Of course, your truck is sexy so your toolbox should be too. The DECKED Crossbox comes in two colors, blue and desert tan, which can be mixed to color code your layout for further efficiency or matched for a more sleek look. DECKED makes the best truck accessories around.



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The DECKED Drawer System is an amazing addition to any truck bed and to really get the most out of it you’re going to want to have a few of these custom truck accessories. The DECKED D-Box should be a staple for any DECKED Drawer System layout. It's like the big brother to the Crossbox. It’s made with the same tough High Impact Polypropylene as the Crossbox so you know it can keep up with whatever you throw its way. The D-Box, like the Crossbox, also comes in the sexy and modern Blue and Desert Tan colourways – remember this is not your granddad’s toolbox. And of course last, but certainly not least, it has the same EPDM gasket in the lid to ensure your gear stays safe from the elements in the toughest conditions.


The D-Box does differ from the Crossbox in several ways which really make it a standout truck accessory. Firstly, it's bigger (obviously), and size matters. The D-Box is designed to carry a weight of 50lbs and has plenty of room inside to keep your gear in order. Each D-Box comes with two fully removable dividers so that you can customize your setup for your specific needs. While the Crossbox is great for your smaller tools, the D-Box is going to allow you to carry some of the bulkier equipment like tow straps, jumper cables, and that clunky monkey wrench, just to name a few.


Since organization is paramount, you're not going to lose any tidiness storing these bulkier items because the people at DECKED have made sure that the D-Box fits nicely into any full-size drawer, midsize wide drawer, and of course, the DECKED Tool Box. Using an interlocking design and strategically placed handles, it's easy to grab the D-Box from even the rear of your truck bed with no struggling necessary. On top of that, the D-Boxes stack nicely in the garage at home so you can keep your gear stored neatly and just grab what you need, when you need it, before leaving the house in the morning.


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The versatility of the D-Box is highlighted further by the fact that it doubles excellently as a tacklebox. Fishermen know the woes of having a tackle box in disarray with lures and line all caught up in a tangled mess, but the D-Box and its dividers make it a perfect place to store fishing gear. With your tackle stored in a D-Box, that is stacked out of the way in your garage, you can change out your weekday tools for your weekend tackle without missing a beat. Less time mucking about in the garage means more time out on the water and, for anglers, that is value that can't be measured.


Whether you are looking for Ford truck accessories or Ram truck accessories, these components fit all kinds. Adding the D-Box to your DECKED Drawer System or your DECKED Tool Box is going to revolutionize the way you work and the way you play. That’s the true essence of having your gear work for you.




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Yes, that's right. Our next accessory is called the D-Bag, but unlike some other you-know-whats, you’ll find yourself falling for this charming truck bed accessory.


The D-Bag, first and foremost, was designed for people on the go. When the truck is parked and you’re moving on foot for some distance, the last thing you want to do is lug a clunky toolbox, painfully perched on one hip or banging into your knees as you walk. Every repairman can attest to this. When arriving at a service call and pulling up to a four-story walk-up your heart is sure to sink. It’s exactly for this reason the guys at DECKED have developed the D-Bag.


It is about the same size as the DECKED D-Box and fits in the DECKED Drawer System just as nicely due its innovative design. This soft sided storage bag is made from a combination of materials allowing it to be durable, keep its shape, and still function seamlessly as an easy to handle bag. It is cleverly made up of a hybrid hardshell/softshell body. The top and bottom are made from thermoformed EVA foam coated with a ballistic nylon cloth so that it won’t catch or snag when being pulled out of the Drawer System. The sides are made from a durable 9000 TPU coated nylon allowing for the D-Bag to expand and collapse depending on how full you pack it. Fitted with a beefy #8 YKK zipper, this bag is as tough as it is versatile.


The fully removable and adjustable exterior straps allow the D-Bag to go from a backpack to a briefcase setting and even a “pizza delivery guy” style horizontal setting if you have items you don’t want tipped on their side. It can adapt to the situations you throw at as you are on the move throughout the day. And it gets even more adaptable once you open it up and look inside.


Inside each D-Bag, you will find a DECKED D-Rito Tool Roll. Fully integrated into the D-Bag, this is a great place to store screwdrivers, pliers, small wrenches, and the like. The best part is that it's fully removable and can be rolled up just like your traditional tool roll. This is another one of the ways the D-Bag keeps you mobile and doesn’t bog you down with unessentials.


Also allowing you to stay on your toes is the Duffle. Another little modular storage insert, the Duffle is great for packing your power tool batteries and chargers. You can take it with you when you need it or leave it in your DECKED Drawer System when you don’t. It has its own thermoformed tub bottom so it's snug as a bug if you leave it in the drawer on its own.


What’s clear about the D-Bag is its undeniable versatility. It is no doubt great for a hunting trip because when you are moving on foot, have to think fast, and make decisions on the fly, the D-Bag can’t be beat. It can be packed full to the brim and then, by removing its modular components, can be stripped down to the bare necessities in seconds. The D-Bag let’s you keep your head in the game and out of your backpack. Hunters know that can make all the difference. You see? Told you it was charming.


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More DECKED Accessories

DECKED Drawer System, D-Box, Drawerganizer, Crossbox, D-Bag, cool truck accessories, ford truck accessories, ram truck accessories

What makes these truck bed accessories so unique is that the more you customize your truck to your specific needs the greater value you will get out of your DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box. There are many more ways to modify your truck bed layout with extras like Dividers for better organization and Drawer System Locks to keep would-be thieves out. It's like a puzzle that has no right answer – the solution is what works best for you. To start finding the missing pieces check out all the real truck accessories at DECKED. These coolest truck accessories store anything you can through their way. There’s loads of great stuff available.



Achieving True Truck Bed Optimization


So there you have it: A complete look at the DECKED Accessories. Whether you’re a casual handyman or a seasoned pro, everyone wonders what they could get rid of to make more space, have less clutter, and be more organized. Well in this case, ADDING something is what clears up that extra space. The customization possible with the DECKED truck interior accessories is limitless and finding those missing pieces is what will take your setup to the most organized and efficient it's ever been.


At the end of the day you want your tools working for you and not the other way around. Avoiding clutter and disorganization in your truck bed is key to the peace of mind you need to focus on the task at hand. The DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box are about optimization and the DECKED truck bed accessories are what are going to take your truck bed to the next level. When it comes to taking the extra steps to get your system fully dialed in there’s no doubt that the DECKED accessories near me are the answer. Customize your set up with the DECKED pickup truck bed accessories that best suit your needs to experience the enlightenment of true optimization.