The Best Rolling Tool Box 2022

The Best Rolling Tool Box 2022

The Best Rolling Tool Box 2022

Ensuring that all of your tools are within easy reach is essential to completing home improvement projects in a timely manner. The moment has come for you to invest in a tool box if you've outgrown your kitchen drawer or small toolbox—or if your tools are dispersed about your house. It's possible to organize a wide range of tools in these huge boxes, and some are even designed to keep your small bolts and screws in place. Because of the time and space, they save you, they're a worthwhile investment.

What to Consider

Choosing a rolling toolbox or work cabinet can be difficult, especially if you're just starting out. You want to make sure you have enough space for your tool collection, but you also don't want to buy anything that would take up more area than you require. It's also important to consider mobility. If you plan on transporting your tool box to a different area, a tool box with a lower center of gravity and chunkier wheels will be much easier to roll over rugged or uneven terrain.

The Benefits of Owning a Rolling Tool Box

Keeping the tools you'd like to use close at hand will help any endeavor get along more quickly. A mobile toolbox eliminates the need to continuously go between a toolbox and the project you're working on, allowing you to carry the tools right to where you're working.

You may categorize the kind of tools you'll need, such as sockets and wrenches for automotive work, and keep them within arm's reach with a mobile toolbox.

When you need to change your workspace, you can move a rolling toolbox about the garage as required.

Some rolling tool boxes are portable, implying that you'll load them up with tools and then carry them to a certain task site.

How to Choose Rolling Tool Box Based on Your Needs


The variety of uses for the mobile toolbox will astound you. Everything fits in it, from taking equipment to the construction site to organizing culinary camping items. Some people use it for business purposes, filling it with handicraft, mechanical, electrical, or even office equipment. As a result, the application will determine the size, toughness, and accessibility of the rolling boxes you require.


Naturally, the first thing you should look for in a rolling toolbox is its size. The overall dimensions are essential when you transport the box in your vehicle. The size of distinct compartments, on the other hand, is vital to generate the impression that it is large enough to hold all of the stuff you wish to keep in it.

Material and Weight

The material of a toolbox determines its durability. The thicker the material, the sturdier and shock-resistant the toolbox. However, it also adds to the box's weight. Because rolling tool boxes are essential for their portability, we don't want a box that will be too heavy to lift and load in our vehicle or car when it's full.

You must strike a balance here. A robust one is essential for portability, but if you load it with even heavier instruments, it may need to be broken down while being carried.

Accessibility and Security

Some folks use a rolling tool box to organize their tools and transport them about their home neatly. They should prioritize accessibility since you don't want to break the system every time you need a screwdriver or a drill bit.

In other circumstances, such as when transporting your toolbox to remote job sites, accessibility should not be a priority. On the other hand, the security system is more vital in this case. Examine each compartment's locking mechanism and the quality of the latch utilized in the unit.


The more organized your toolbox is, the safer your tools are, and you spend less time working with them. Large tools can't be organized this way; we keep them in the deep chest of our toolbox, but smaller objects should be. To make organizing small items in our list easier, we've included rolling toolboxes with additional organizers.

Types of Portable Tool Boxes

When you think of rolling tool boxes, the picture of a fire-engine red metal tool box may come to mind first, but times have changed, and there are now far more possibilities. Here are a few examples of common styles that you'll probably find helpful:

Metal tool boxes: These metal cases are large, durable, and suitable for shops. They can be rolled around easily, but they aren't ideal for moving from worksite to worksite or from home to worksite.

Rolling cases: These handy boxes provide the same level of protection as standard hard-case tool boxes, but with the added convenience of wheels.

Stackable boxes: Multiple containers can be stacked on top of one another and rolled out on a dolly-like wheel setup using stackable, locking in place, and pack-out boxes.

Rolling bags: Look for a tool bag with wheels if you like the look of one but need greater mobility. This allows you to drag it as well as carry it.

Rolling carts: These are a little more solid than a regular cart. Tool carts frequently include drawers and closed bins on the top so that your tools aren't left out in the open.

Top Picks for the Best Rolling Tool Boxes

The list below contains toolboxes for a variety of purposes. A minimum of one will almost certainly be a valuable addition to your workshop or working site.

Milwaukee Weather-Sealed Rolling Stackable Tool Box

Milwaukee Weather-Sealed Stackable Rolling Tool Storage System

Looking for a durable toolbox to use on your difficult job site? Take a look at this Milwaukee mobile toolbox, which is made up of three rigid boxes. These boxes can be stacked on a pair of 9-inch all-terrain wheels with an extendable  handle. Don't require all three items on a daily basis? You can choose any of the three boxes by using the supplied handles.

These boxes are available for purchase separately. However, you may have all three of them with a handle and wheels for a lower price. These, on the other hand, are designed to survive any level of damage, including weather, chemicals, and challenging work environments such as construction sites.

These boxes contain metal reinforcement in the corners for added durability, and each one has its own lock. Isn't it true that your tools can't be any more secure than this? Despite the increased price, this unit is the best a professional construction worker or technician can acquire.


  • Suitable for harsh job site;
  • Highly durable;
  • Weather-resistant.


  • High price.

Tankstorm Heavy Duty Rolling Tool Cart

TANKSTORM Heavy Duty Rolling Tool Cart

Those who don't have a lot of garage space but still need a lot of tool storage could find this Tankstorm model to be just what they're searching for. This option's versatile design, which includes side-mounted hooks for hanging items, a handle for simple driving, and a side tray with built-in screwdriver holes, is one of our favorites.

Two of the four rolling wheels can be locked in place to keep the device from rolling around while you're working. A pair of drawers provide easy access to frequently used items, while a locked lower cabinet is ideal for storing bigger power tools.


  • Arrives mostly assembled
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Available in four colors


  • Small size may be inconvenient

Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

The 7-inch rubber tires on this model are our favorite feature because they are far more durable and have better agility than most competitors.

Its removable bins are also handy, allowing you to easily organize and reach your fasteners, anchors, and other small hardware. Instead of having just one enormous compartment for your heavy tools and equipment, you may personalize it with a simple moveable divider to accommodate your unique things.

Its 66-pound weight capacity isn't enough to use as a seat, but it's more than enough to handle a small tool collection.


  • Affordable price
  • Locking mechanism


  • Not waterproof

Goplus Stackable Tool Box

Goplus Stackable Tool Box

Its plastic components won't hold up in a high-volume workplace, but it could be an excellent option for the occasional DIYer. This type is designed to separate into two boxes, allowing you to take only the tools you need and leave the rest behind. You can just stuff everything inside the tool tray if you really want to travel light.

The top of the box has eight storage sections to keep your hardware organized, and the clear lids allow you to take a fast inventory without having to open it up.


  • The plastic construction makes it very lightweight
  • Lots of storage options
  • Low price


  • Not for heavy-duty use

Craftsman Rolling Tool Box

CRAFTSMAN Rolling 10-Drawer Tool Box

This model isn't the cheapest, but if you're looking for a sturdy tool chest that can withstand regular usage while also keeping your tools safe and secure, this model might be worth the money. The 1,500-pound load rating means you can pack this cabinet with a lot of tools, and the 2-inch-wide casters will still be able to swivel and move smoothly.

The soft-close slides on its ten drawers are a lovely addition, giving your cabinet a high-end feel while preventing noisy slams and smashes.


  • Custom socket organizer
  • Large workspace on top of the cabinet
  • Very heavy


  • Expensive

Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

We like the Goplus model's adaptability, which allows you to detach the lowest drawers and use them as a solo tool box—ideal for when you need more mobility than the entire device offers.

You could even put the tool box on top of the chest and store additional large goods in the vacant area below. The shiny coating minimizes rust and corrosion, and the side-mounted handle makes it easy to push and pull it about your shop.

The durable finish and steel construction make this sturdy choice even more so.


  • Ball bearing drawer slides
  • Four exterior hooks
  • Lockable drawers


  • Heavier than most

Keter Rolling Tool Chest

Keter Rolling Tool Chest

This mobile tool box /organizer is designed specifically for the handy mechanics out there! Keter's design concept of not disassembling the complete box to access all sections is excellent. Simply place the box on the floor and pull out the handle. To open, the top two compartments slide in opposite directions. All of the tools will be there in front of you, decreasing downtime in the workshop.

One of the top compartments features partitions of various sizes that can be removed. You can remove one or two of these to keep the divider close at hand while working. Another top compartment is ideal for small to medium-sized instruments. The main compartment is the roomiest and best for storing bulky objects.

This rolling tool box will keep all of your gear organized, even on the job site. The cost is very reasonable; however, keep in mind that this device is not waterproof.


  • Sliding compartments;
  • Tools stay organized and unmovable;
  • Lightweight.


  • Not waterproof.

Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Tool Cabinet

Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet

This cabinet's hardwood work surface sets it apart from similar models and makes it more functional than metal or plastic-topped alternatives.

We really like the long handle that runs the length of the unit, which makes it easy to push and drag anywhere you need to go. Its powder-coated steel design makes it tough enough to withstand the rigors of a busy workshop, and the rubber caps on the corners protect it from other potential hazards.

You can choose whether to lock the storage cabinet or the drawers—or both—using separate locks.


  • 300-pound capacity
  • Shelves can hold up to 40 pounds


  • Complex assembly
  • Heavy weight

Ridgid Professional Rolling Tool Box And Organizer Cart with 3 Tool Boxes

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage And Organizer Cart with 3 Tool Boxes

This rolling tool box is manufactured to the same high standards as its high-quality tools. You can assume that these boxes will keep all of your tools safe by their appearance. You will receive three boxes of various sizes. The top box is the only one that may be used as an organizer.

Large tools can be thrown into the bottom two boxes. Because there are no dividers or separators in these compartments, the tools keep rolling around within, which is rather bothersome. You can utilize an additional organizer in those compartments to remedy the problem.

Latch-style locks are used on these units. The lock is very well-constructed. Furthermore, all of the compartments are water and dust-resistant. As a result, as long as the assets are kept inside, they are safe from outside interference.


  • Weather-proof and shock-proof;
  • Highly durable construction;
  • Spacious compartments.


  • Expensive.

Stalwart Oversized 3 in 1 Rolling Tool Box

Stalwart Oversized Three in One Portable Tool Chest

In this compartment, you'll find three large boxes. All are composed of high-quality, long-lasting plastic. The weight is significantly higher than other tool boxes we've tested due to the thick plastic.

Without any tools, each of the three crates will weigh 33 pounds. When these are full, lifting this luggage up and down the stairs is difficult, but it works perfectly for horizontal rolling. If you need to move upstairs, you may need to dismantle it. But don't worry, the high-quality wheels below perform admirably on the road.

The advantage of this unit is that the top box has a latch, and the other two are easily accessible without dismantling it. The boxes are large enough to accommodate a lot of items.


  • High-quality material;
  • Large capacity;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Slightly heavy.

Stalwart Rolling Tool box with Removable Tray

Stalwart Rolling Toolbox with Removable Tray

The most economical version of our top recommendation is the Milwaukee rolling toolbox. You'll find a large storage section for large tools and power tools, a convenient organizer with 24 slots for tiny equipment, and a tray to keep everything organized and accessible when needed.

Two 2.4 inch wheels and a convenient fold-down handle have been included to make rolling this combination of boxes easier. Yes, you can use a key to secure it. This portable box will easily fit in the back of your car and take up minimal workshop space.

Furthermore, with only 11.05 pounds, you can store a lot of items in this rolling box while still being able to lift it up and down stairs. This is mostly comprised of thin plastic and is ideal for occasional use or as a space-saving organization option.

This box is not suitable for rough outdoor use. It isn't going to last long.


  • Affordable;
  • Suitable to organize small items;
  • Space-saving and lightweight.


  • Not for vigorous use.

DeWalt Rolling Tool Box

DeWalt Mobile Work Center

People who utilize rolling toolboxes on a daily basis are irritated by their dismantling. This DEWALT mobile work center, on the other hand, is constructed so that you may reach all of the compartments without destroying them. The three boxes can be stacked, but they can also be slid down as needed. When carrying the unit upstairs or on a truck, side handles help hoist it.

It's also less expensive than other heavyweight rolling tool boxes, but it's more functional. This toolbox, however, may not give the protection you need in a rolling toolbox if you work with valuable and sensitive products.


  • No need to break down;
  • All compartments are easily accessible;
  • Suitable for organizing lightweight materials.


  • Not for heavy use or heavy items.

WEN Rolling Tool Box

WEN Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Don't be deceived by the inexpensive price of this WEN tool chest; it has just as much capability as more expensive alternatives.

The broad cushioned top is covered by heavy-duty vinyl and provides a comfy seat while you roll around the garage or workshop. It has three 2.25-inch-high storage drawers and a slotted storage tray with 16 tool slots on the back of the unit.

The magnetic trays keep your fasteners from sliding around your desk, and the robust metal construction can withstand up to 350 pounds of combined weight.


  • Storage trays flip up when not in use
  • Two-year warranty
  • Lightweight design


  • Not as much storage space as larger units
  • It does not have a lock

FAQs About Rolling Tool Boxes

If this is your first time buying a mobile toolbox, you're bound to have some concerns.

What Are You Able to Store During a Rolling Toolbox?

Any tools that can be stored in drawers, boxes, or cubbies. While some mobile toolboxes may keep various power equipment, many feature shallow drawers for tiny tools and supplies such as sockets and fasteners.

Does a Rolling Toolbox Have a Lock?

Some, but not all, do. If you're concerned about security, go for a toolbox that can be locked with a padlock.

How Does One Clean a Toolbox?

Grease and filth may usually be removed with a rag and a spray-on all-purpose cleaner. To avoid getting the interior of the toolbox dirty, you'll also want to wash and preserve your equipment for the best outcomes.


We've divided our reviewed rolling tool box into numerous categories to make your purchasing experience easier. This article should assist you in determining the best rolling tool boxes on the market and how to select one. It makes no difference if one is the most expensive or has a brand name attached to it; regardless of the name or price, you should always go for the one that will be most useful to you.






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