Looking for a Small Tool Box? DECKED is Small on Size, but BIG on Performance

Looking for a Small Tool Box? DECKED Offers a Storage Solution That is Small on Size, but BIG on Performance


A black DECKED Tool Box sits shut.



So, you’re searching for a “small tool box.” OK, but, answer us this: what does small even mean? Does it mean portable? Does it mean compact, yet durable? Does it mean packable? Does it mean organizable? How about efficient?


If you answered “yes,” to any or all of the above, then we’ve got the toolbox for you. A number of them actually, because we’re making the best damn storage solutions on the market today in our relentless pursuit to organize the American truckbed. The American truckbed and the owners who love them, that is. And if that happens to be you, then it might be time to get your rig decked out with a DECKED Tool Box.



The DECKED Tool Box



A DECKED Tool Box is mounted in the back of a white pickup truck. the lid is open, showing the accessories inside.




Size matters. We all know that. But what really matters to us, is that our small truck tool box is also a large truck tool box, and even a midsize truck tool box. The point is, we know that our customers lead interesting and versatile lives, so we designed a toolbox to match every lifestyle and nearly every rig.



If you tell us you need a small truck bed tool box, then we might assume that you’re looking for a storage solution that is low-profile, unobtrusive, and space-saving. One that makes efficient use of the truck bed, yet still allows for space between the truck bed and the toolbox for long and oversized cargo. You see, there are so many more adjectives to consider when it comes to describing a toolbox, especially when it’s your objectives that are in the driver's seat.



A “small waterproof tool box”? That we can do. A “small black tool box”? Gotcha covered. Or even, “small lockable tool box”? Well, it’s your lucky day then, because our toolbox is built like Fort Knox. But, “basic small tool box”? Please don’t ever call us basic, because our engineered, molded not welded, waterproof, and nearly indestructible toolbox is anything but.

See for yourself.  




The toolbox is installed in the bed of a white pickup truck. Parked on a jobsite, the integrated ladder extends and a worker in a yellow hard hat climbs up it.

But First, Will It Fit?



The DECKED Tool Box fits all of the popular makes and a variety of models from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota. We listed Chevy first because that’s our favorite…



Whoooooa. Calm down, y’all! We were just kidding. We’re not trying to start a war here—sheesh. We’re an ergonomics company so that automatically means we’re helpful, so, please— hold your fire. Because we fit such a wide range of vehicles, too many to fit in this paragraph, we listed the trucks alphabetically. With so many options, we had to find some way to organize them. Exactly like what we can help you do with your tools.


If you’d rather just navigate to the easy road though, we don’t blame you. May we suggest that you head over here to quickly find the make and model of whatever team you’re on? Err, not team—what we meant was whatever truck you drive.


Why Ours is the Best Small Tool Box



There are a number of reasons why we think our small tool box for truck beds, and our small portable tool box and even our version of a small packout tool box are best in class, but, more on the latter later… (And that was latter, not ladder—but let’s get into that one right away because it’s arguably one of our best features.)


Integrated Access Ladder


a toolbox is mounted in the back of a white pickup that is parked on a jobsite. A worker is looking through it as he stands on the ladder that extends from it.

If you ever need some free entertainment, roll up to a big-box hardware store and watch folks try to climb in and out of the backs of their rigs to get to their toolboxes. Just remember though, that could easily be you because unless you have a fancy ladder in your tailgate, are eight feet tall, or majored in gymnastics in college, casually hopping into the back of your pickup bed is a universal problem. There’s nothing casual about it.



A DECKED Tool Box comes with the option to add on a 6000-series aluminum ladder that extends from the toolbox, all the way to the ground. Yep, even on those lifted beasts. The ones you really can’t climb into without acting a fool.



The ladder nests smartly within the toolbox, so when it’s packed away, it’s protected from the elements, and secured inside. Since it’s integrated, you don’t have to worry about it obstructing anything inside, leaving more time to focus on things that actually matter, like impressing the hell out of your coworkers and friends.


Small Tool Box—Big Tool Benefit



A white truck with a toolbox mounted in the bed is parked in a field and a worker looks on at a nearby wind turbine.


Aside from your truck and your home, your tools are likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. If you need a toolbox that performs to protect your gear like your livelihood depends on it, then you need a DECKED Tool Box.



When we were forming our company, we spent two years researching and developing an engineered—not fabricated— toolbox that is tough as a mother. We use injection-molded, high-impact polymer resin and high-density polyethylene to craft a toolbox that will never dent, ding, or rust. We reinforce our toolboxes with corrosion-treated steel and aluminum, but we don’t make the whole shebang out of them.



We know it’s unbelievable, but around 50% of the aluminum toolboxes on the market today arrive at the customer dented. At DECKED, we don’t believe in charging folks for dents, and this is also because our product simply doesn’t get them.



The toolbox is open showing the accessories inside: a smaller tool box, a tray full of miscellany, and an integrated ladder.



If you need a tool box small on size, yet big on performance, rest assured, because you can fill ours to the gills and it won’t ever bend, flex, or sag. We’ve tested it full of 500 pounds at a balmy negative five and a breezy 180 degrees Fahrenheit and there was never an issue with payload. So if payload equals paycheck for you, then you’re going to want to strongly consider our strengths.



We want this to be the last toolbox you buy, well, unless you buy a second one from us as a gift, so that is why we don’t use parts that are known to fail. Gas struts are a great invention, but nearly everyone who uses them will report that they stopped working at some point.



That’s why we don’t use gas struts and opt for torsion springs instead. They literally last forever and effortlessly raise our 30-pound lid and keep it open. No slamming shut. No pinched fingers. No sideways glances. No broke-ass struts.



A black truck is parked on a jobsite where a house is being built. A toolbox in the back of the truck is open.

Securely Secure



You may want a compact toolbox, but know that tools within are no minor investment. We tend to agree, that’s why we made double triple extra sure that whatever hurly-burly is going on outside of your toolbox doesn’t affect what lies within. Our toolbox is so tough that honestly, it’ll make a crowbar cry, a pry bar weep, and at the very least, it’ll make the veins pop out on some dude’s head while he craps his pants in wonder. Wondering why he can’t get the damn thing open! Here’s why:



  • Our tub-lid interface design minimizes theft pry bar points
  • Our Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra security and stability
  • A robust steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • The toolbox lid must be open for the DECKED Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck
  • And finally, we provide two keys because, well, with all of the above—you’re going to need them



A closeup picture of a DECKED Tool Box with water washing all over it.

Fully Waterproof. More Than Just Water-Resistant


Perhaps we should take a moment of silence, y’all, for all of our expensive shit lost to the “water-resistant” claims. Get outta here with your b.s., watered-down nonsense. These are real working trucks, depended on by men and women working really damn hard, who expect nothing less than bone dry tools.



The DECKED Tool Box is 100% waterproof. Since the toolbox is molded, not welded, that means the toolbox lid and tub are each one single piece. This way there are fewer avenues for water to roll down, preventing leaks in the first place. Second, the unit seals tightly when closed, thanks to an ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM gasket, and third, when the lid is open, there’s a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid.



Since we believe in “extra,” we took the extra step to create our toolbox with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, acting as a rain gutter on the product. Our customers asked for “bone dry”—so we gave them “dead serious.”



A worker looks through a small portable toolbox filled with small parts.

A Small Tool Box to Replace a Tool Bag



Speaking of extras, we provide a lot of them with our toolbox purchase. If you need a tool box with small part organizer, you’re going to love our D-Box and Snack Tray that come standard.



The Snack Tray is a small parts tool box, which pretty much resembles a mud tray. It nests in its own spot, right on top, and is a great place to empty your pockets at the end of the day. It’s also a good place to store your lost items— that’s if you ever find them again. Yeah. We all need the Snack Tray and all of its small tool box organizer glory.


A small portable tool box with a black tub and blue lid.



The D-Box also nests on top and is a removable, small plastic tool box that is great for packing around on the job site or filling up with fishing lures. It’s lightweight, yet durable, and can be carried from the top like a tackle box, or from the side, like a suitcase.



We wasted no opportunity for greatness, and incorporated a built-in ruler on the lid, along with a handy dandy chart for every handy person, with common bolt and bit sizes. It comes with two dividers, so you can divide and conquer your stuff, just like you do with your life.



The D-Box has a 50-pound weight limit, recessed locking levers, two grip points, and a gasket for weatherproofing. It holds 1821 cubic inches of badassery, and though you will fill it up—it’ll never let you down.


How to Organize a Small Tool Box



A tool bag that looks like a backpack is staged next to a wide variety of tools that represent how much it can hold.


If you’re looking for additional ways to organize your toolbox, our Crossbox, D-Bag, and D-Rito Tool Roll are some super-solid options.



The Crossbox is like the D-Box’s younger sibling, but, like, not annoying at all. (We swear it’s possible.) It can be placed lengthwise in a DECKED Tool Box, and crosswise in our DECKED Drawer System.



It has an EPDM gasket for weatherproof storage, an easy carry handle from the top, and a removable small tool and parts organizer. It has a 40-pound weight limit and is 672 cubic inches.



An action shot of a man wearing his D-Bag, a portable tool box, on the job.

The D-Bag—the only one you’re ever gonna like— is designed for use and abuse. It integrates into the DECKED Drawer System, but also fits in the DECKED Tool Box, or is even great for solo use. It’s a military-grade, soft shell/hard shell hybrid bag that can be worn like a backpack, carried like a briefcase, or slung over one shoulder like a boss.



It has aluminum handles on both ends of the bag, so it’s easy to grab, and nearly impossible to snag. An extra beefy horseshoe zipper provides access with glove-friendly zipper pulls.



It comes with a removable duffle bag, made from 900D TPU coated nylon with thermoformed EVA foam base, and a D-Rito Tool Roll, also removable, and is made from 900 TPU coated nylon. Both accessories snap securely into place inside the D-Bag with a heavy-duty ring.




A screen shot of the dimensions of a DECKED Tool Box.

Setting the Standard


The DECKED Tool Box, a small but mighty masterful specimen of what a high-performing toolbox can be— is a toolbox for the people.



At DECKED, we set out to solve a problem, and that was to find a way to improve the lives of hard-working men and women across this country. We believe in fairness, and offer a toolbox at a fair price, while paying our American workers a fair wage. We are innovative, accessible, and created a toolbox that looks like it came from this century, using materials from this decade.



We made a toolbox that looks as good as your truck, and if you think you’ve seen one small tool box and you’ve seen them all? Well, guess again.


Get DECKED out here.