Should You Get DECKED or a Custom Metal Tool Box For Your Truck?

Reasons To Consider Installing a Custom Metal Tool Box For Your Truck


Irrespective of the nature of your business, having a neat and well-organized tool box for your truck is essential. It helps make your job easier because you complete it on time and in an efficient manner. 

Therefore, having a disorganized and scattered tool box at the back of your truck can be problematic — you will spend a lot of time looking for the tools you need, inconveniencing your entire hustle. Besides, poor-quality tool boxes pose a significant risk to whatever you have at the back of your truck. 

For instance, your tools could easily be stolen or broken. Luckily, we have a solution to all of these problems. We offer custom-built truck tool boxes that make your work easier. Our DECKED Tool Box has all the necessary features of an ideal metal craftsman tool box. We offer high-quality custom tool boxes that are crafted with durable material that guarantees many years of service, beating out any rickety metal tool box solution on the market.


Sturdy and well-partitioned tool box

That’s right. Why use metal when it’s so old and antiquated? Our custom tool box is made from materials from the future. So, if you want to step up your game and turn the back of your truck into a majestic place, get the new DECKED truck tool box, and read more on why this custom tool box for your truck is the best investment you could ever make.

Offers Maximum Protection for Your Tools

Considering how valuable your tools are, it is vital to protect them against harsh weather conditions that could see them sustain irreversible damage. Your tools could also be thrown around, increasing the risk of damage. 

It is typical for rain and other harsh weather conditions to cause rust on your tools when left without cover. Consequently, they become unfit for use. However, the DECKED customized truck tool box helps protect your tools against such conditions. 

With this tool box, you can enjoy watertight and airtight protection for your tools. This means that your valuable tools have sufficient protection against harsh conditions, making it possible for them to remain in excellent condition for much longer.

Highly adaptable to extreme weather conditionsWe have put in maximum efforts to ensure your tools are not prone to damage from the elements no matter how bad the weather is. These efforts include:

  • Customized rust/corrosion-proof and waterproof tool box that offers maximum protection. You don't have to worry about your screwdrivers not working efficiently due to rust caused by rainy conditions. 
  • Thanks to its remarkable design, the DECKED keeps your tools completely dry, beating out any craftsman metal tool box Unlike other tool boxes, ours is molded, giving you a seamless lid that prevents water or air entry. The tool box also seals tight when closed with an EPDM gasket. 
  • Another thing that makes our DECKED tool box for trucks the best for protection against harsh weather conditions is its upstanding lip. This lip gets overlapped by the lid that acts as a rain gutter on the tool box. This is where the metal comes in with the DECKED metal tool box.
  • When the tool box is open, a gasket and bub seal goes around the entire lead. This prevents the entry of water into the tool box, preventing rust and other effects. 
  • Also, you do not need to worry about corrosion and other effects of bad weather. This is because our tool box is made of anti-corrosion aluminum hardware and treated steel that prevents any form of corrosion.

Offers Ample Security

Leaving your essential work tools in the back of your truck unprotected and uncovered increases the risk of theft. However, you don't have to worry about this with our impossible-to-dent DECKED tool box. 

Unlike metal tool boxes that mostly show up dented, the DECKED toolbox gives you a sense of security knowing that your valuable work tools can't be accessed by desperate thugs that might attempt to steal them. Using a low-quality tool box like the ones made of metal puts you at risk of losing your valuable work tools. 

Thieves can easily break into it, and you'll be counting losses in no time. Avoid sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your tools by getting the revolutionary DECKED tool box. This custom tool box comes with unique features that make it impossible to break into. 

  • It has a tub-lid interface that minimizes theft pry bar points. This means that there is no weak spot that thieves might target with their metal bars. In fact, its structure is so tough that it is impossible to break into it with a metal bar. 
  • The red metal tool box style is also reinforced with steel. This is helpful because it offers extra security and stability. It would take significant effort for one to break this tool box, ensuring thorough security. With this setup, you don't have to worry about theft cases, no matter where you take your truck.
  • We have reinforced the DECKED tool box with a robust steel armored locking mechanism. This is combined with a driver-side lock that helps prevent forced entry. The tool box is so secure that forced entry is almost impossible! 
  • We have designed the custom tool box in a way that the lid must be open for the tool box to be removed. Therefore, without its original key, you can't move it. This goes a long way in ensuring maximum protection. 

Makes it Easy To Organize

A poorly organized tool box is disadvantageous in many ways. You show up to work on time but can't get anything done yet because you spent a significant time digging helplessly at the back of your truck looking for necessary tools. This is what you are likely to experience with metal toolboxes that often suck. They lack tool organization features that can make your work easy. 

This won't be the case with our custom-built tool box. It offers sufficient storage space that is designed to keep all of your tools organized. This gives you easy access to whatever tools you might need. 

Consequently, your work efficiency improves because you complete tasks on time. For your information, how you organize your tool box says a lot about your work ethic. With a neatly organized tool box, you create a good impression on customers. They will see that you value your work and will most likely do a good job on their project.

It comes with sliding drawers to ease accessibility

Our DECKED Tool Box is easy to organize thanks to a wide range of features, which is better than what any metal rolling tool box can do. 

  • Each of our tool boxes comes with a standard, easy-to-grab D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. This makes it easy for you to store your tools. It also enhances organization because you can store tools separately. 
  • All D-Boxes are waterproof and come with a gasket seal. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the safety and state of your tools no matter the weather conditions. 
  • In addition, our DECKED tool box comes with a handy Snack Tray that you can keep small tools and gear. In most cases, it is the small tools that make a tool box disorganized. Having many of these items all over the tool box makes it hard to pick out other tools. The Snack Tray in our metal tool box helps fix this problem. 
  • Our tool box also comes with tie-downs pre-installed. This helps secure large cargo that could otherwise cause inconveniences. The tie-downs are pre-installed at the base of the tub. 
  • With our DECKED truck tool box, you will also enjoy effortless lid opening and closing. This is because it comes with torsion springs that make the entire process effortless. The risk of slamming your fingers is also alleviated!

DECKED Custom Tool Boxes Are Highly Durable

You wouldn't want to be replacing your tool box after every few months. Generally, metal tool boxes are not durable and will dent after a short period. This is why you need a highly durable tool box that will last for many years. At DECKED, we are proud to use highly durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum in the making of our custom metal boxes. 

These materials are tested to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, guaranteeing you many years of efficient service. You won't have to repair or replace your truck tool box regularly, thanks to the various benefits provided by the strong aluminum material. 

Cheap can be very expensive — so don't waste your money on a cheap and unreliable means of tool storage like metal tool boxes. Instead, choose our proven and highly durable DECKED tool box that gives you value for your money. 

We have designed our DECKED tool box with a special focus on longevity and durability. It is impossible to dent, but easy to love! No matter what you expose it to, the tool box remains intact, securing your valuable work tools. Its gas struts are made with a torsion system that is powered by spring steel. This ensures stability and significantly elongates its lifespan. 

It is frustrating to deal with damaged or broken work tools. This is worse if the damage isn't caused by an accident but your negligence. Therefore, avoid such cases by getting our DECKED truck tool box that will last for many years! 

Gives Your Truck a Good Look

It isn't a good view to have a disorganized truck with tools all over the place. With our custom small tool box your truck will be more organized and appear more professional than ever. This goes a long way in increasing your truck's aesthetic appeal. Ain’t got no time for a dented metal tool box when DECKED has the organization to ensure you have something amazing. 

Besides, with a well-organized tool box, it is easy to access tools. It is much easier to operate this way than when you have your tools cluttered and chucked in the back of your truck. As a result, little time is spent doing various duties thanks to an easily accessible metal tool box.

Comes With a Ladder (If You Want One), Which Makes Access Easier

We give you easy access to the tool box with an Optional Integrated Ladder that can be purchased separately. The optional adjustable nesting step ladder gives you access to the truck tool box from either side of the truck. 

Its slides come right off the tool box and won't hinder your operations in any way — they don't obstruct anything within the tool box. Note that the ladder drops to the ground, no matter how high your truck is. 

The Optional Integrated Ladder is made from 6000 series aluminum, meaning it is very durable. Like the DECKED tool box, this ladder will serve you for years! Keep in mind that the ladder can be purchased separately, depending on your preferences.

Easy To Install

Our custom-built DECKED tool box is easy to install. You can easily do so using a bracket and bolt system. Generally, it takes around two minutes to install this metal tool box. Start by threading it in, then use a power tool to install it on the bed rail. 

Unlike metal tool boxes, ours doesn't need drilling. This keeps your truck in good shape and attractive. You can use 4x clamps to keep the metal tool box on the bed rail.

If you think you'd have challenges installing our DECKED truck tool box, we can send our team to install it for you.  What's more, you can benefit from free shipping. No matter your location in the US, we will deliver the metal tool box for free! 

However, it is vital to be careful with your orders. You should order all the accessories you need at the same time. This is because you will have to pay a shipping fee if you forget something after ordering a large package. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Custom Metal Tool Box

When shopping for a custom tool box, there are factors you need to keep in mind. Some of them include: 

Size and Weight

Size is one of the essential factors you should consider when shopping for a custom tool box. In most cases, you need a tool box large enough to carry all of your tools. Depending on your profession, you need a sizable tool box that makes your operations easier. 

This is what we have captured with our DECKED custom tool box. It is large enough to hold your tools. Besides, you won't have difficulty moving it around because it is a tool box with wheels. No matter its size, you can easily move it on the back of your truck.

Drawers and Dividers

Organization is key when it comes to tool boxes. If you want an organized truck tool box, go for one with drawers and dividers. Why get a metal craftsman tool box when DECKED gives you the ability to manage your tools neatly, thanks to the drawers and dividers?

There is also a handy Snack Tray that you can use for small tools. This helps keep your tools organized and ensures easy access. Some designs have removable compartments with sliding lids that help secure pieces and smaller bits. 

The removable trays on our DECKED tool box help you keep smaller handheld tools organized. This leaves the bottom open for larger tools like saws and hammers. 

Therefore, if you want ultimate tool box organization, consider getting our DECKED craftsman tool box. We have built it with a futuristic design that makes tool box organization easier. You will also have easy access to various tools when working.

You can comfortably place heavy items and tools above your tool box without compromising it.


A tool box is as good as its material. Manufacturers use different materials to build tool boxes — mostly metal or plastic. While plastic tool boxes have some advantages (for example, they don't dull sharp tools like saws and chisels), their durability is questionable. 

This is why you need to choose a tool box made of durable resin. Our tool box is made of molded high-impact polymer resin with aluminum reinforcement and galvanized steel. This ensures durability, making it resistant to dent or rust. 

Generally, custom tool boxes are more durable than plastic ones. Furthermore, the DECKED tool box can hold a lot of weight without fracking. Therefore, if you have large tools that need a heavy-duty tool box, we’ve got you covered! 

A custom tool box can also hold smaller tools, thanks to the drawers and dividers. This gives them an edge over their plastic counterparts. 


If you have a large tool box with heavy tools, moving it around can be challenging. In that case, wheels can make a difference. So, if you plan to keep heavy tools in your tool box, go for one with wheels. 

Our DECKED "metal rolling tool box" has wheels, making it easy to open and close. The wheels are uniquely designed to lock after rolling out to a specific extent. This means the risk of the tool box rolling out of position is eliminated. 

Our unique ball bearing design makes it easy for the tool box to roll. We understand that your work consumes a lot of your energy, and we have made opening and closing the DECKED custom tool box effortless to save you some energy! 

Keep in mind that rolling workstations tend to have large resin wheels. Our tool box wheels are highly durable, with their size making it easier to pull them out when opening. Therefore, it is vital to consider wheels when looking for the best metal tool box.

Easy to access and use drawers

Locking Mechanism

Security is essential when it comes to tool boxes. You might know that tools tend to "walk away" from the job site. This could be due to misplacement or cases of theft. Luckily, you can avoid such cases by choosing a lockable tool box. 

Our DECKED tool box comes with a robust steel armored locking mechanism. It is reinforced with a driver-side lock that makes it impossible to break. Generally, locking mechanisms come in various forms and shapes. 

With our custom tool box, you can lock up with a key, ensuring maximum security. The tool box comes with two keys that keep it secure at all times. Without the keys, you can't open the lid. Keep in mind that the lid must be open for the tool box to be removed from the back of the truck. 

With this, thieves won't easily uninstall your tool box from the back of your truck. The 4x clamps also make it extremely difficult to remove the metal tool box.


A metal rolling tool box sometimes includes a flat surface on top that you can use for small workpieces or holding tools. This design is what we have captured with our DECKED truck tool box. 

When closed, its surface is flat, and you can use it for several purposes. For instance, if you are using your truck to transport other items, you can easily do so without worrying about the safety of your metal tool box. 

DECKED products are made from high-quality material that won't sustain damage when exposed to pressure. In fact, a full-grown man can jump on top of our metal tool box, and it won't cave in! 

This shows how durable and reliable the product is. Therefore, when shopping for the best metal tool box, consider its workbench.


It is essential to consider waterproofing when shopping for a custom tool box. If the tool box spends time in the bed of your truck, you should go for a high-quality truck tool box that protects it against any damage. 

Our DECKED custom tool box for trucks offers maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. It keeps all your items completely dry. This is because it is molded, not welded, giving you a seamless tube and lid. 

The tool box has sturdy latches and seals that clamp down to prevent snow, water, or moisture from damaging your valuable tools. The powerful seal prevents tools from corrosion, keeping them in excellent condition. 

This is possible because the DECKED tool box is made of aluminum hardware and anti-corrosion-treated steel for long-lasting durability. You won't have to replace your tools due to corrosion or the effects of water penetration.

Ease of Installation

Although it is not a big deal, going for a custom tool box that is easy to install is beneficial. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of time figuring out how your new tool box can get on the back of your truck. 

This is why you should consider our DECKED tool box. It is very easy to install and can be done in around two minutes. It comes with a bracket and bolt system that doesn't need extensive knowledge to install. 

Furthermore, our DECKED truck tool box doesn't need any drilling during installation, unlike the case with metal tool boxes. 

Get the Best Customized Tool Box from DECKED

You know the importance of a custom tool box at the back of your truck. All your tools are secured, and you won't have to worry about theft or other possible damages. 

Without a doubt, custom tool boxes make your life easier. However, it is important to purchase a high-quality custom tool box that serves you exceptionally well. We pride ourselves in creating industry-leading products that not only guarantee efficiency but also keep your tools safe. 

Therefore, if you want the best custom tool box for your truck, order a DECKED tool box today. Forego the metal and go with something stronger. Your truck will thank you.