the best truck tool box and mobile tool box perfectly attached to a truck


Let’s be honest, the reason we all own a truck in the first place is for its utility. The ease at which it moves through testy terrain, hauls stuff, gear, machines, farm animals, and every other thing you can possibly imagine compared to smaller cars is simply the truth. The more creative guys even tarp the cargo bed up to make it into a jacuzzi in the sweltering summer days for good measure. At DECKED our love of trucks brought about the best mobile tool box of the century 

As a truck-owning professional, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast, hauling your tools and expensive equipment can be a bother, as tools were either tossed randomly in a toolbox or strewn across any damn space in the truck in the earlier days. It was almost certain you lost a tool or something important, hence the need for a mobile tool box. It is reported that about 30% of tools stored in truck beds get lost or stolen every year. Spending a few extra bucks to protect thousands of dollars worth of tools seems like a good investment that will pay for itself the next time you have to park in a dark alley overnight.

The key to picking the most efficient and battle-ready mobile tool box is in the details, from the exterior make-up of the box material to the interior storage space, and most importantly, its security and protective capabilities from unforeseen activity. So take our (gloved) hand as we guide you through what makes the best Mobile Tool Box on the market and why it’s the best complimentary accessory for your truck

What's new with this DECKED Truck Tool Box?

Our honest answer is everything. Everything is new. We know these words sound phony, but stay with us for a bit.

Here’s a little backstory for context. For close to 50 years or so ago, the mobile toolbox didn’t evolve in terms of aesthetics, structure, and functionality. Toolboxes were mostly aluminum and wooden mobile tool boxes. These materials were all very susceptible to break-ins, dinginess, and degrading over time from natural factors such as corrosion, dullness, and wear and tear; this was our reality for a long time. 

**Cue ominous music ** 

But something changed...

best mobile tool box ever




There are three fundamental visual coordinates on the DECKED Truck Tool Box: its sturdy and futuristic design, its deeply soothing dark and grey color scheme, and the perception of its depth from the build. All are present and correct on the DECKED Truck Tool Box and none of these features has ever been and is currently not present on popular truck toolboxes like aluminum and wooden boxes. There's a 93.2% chance you’d appreciate it even more in the flesh when you compare or see it alongside other toolboxes.

The DECKED Tool Box is a deluxe workshop and mobile tool box, and it aims to curate the ultimate luxury toolbox experience at a market competitive price, If you’re unsure of this claim, please feel free to check out customer reviews.

Nestled on your truck’s walled flatbed, the DECKED Truck Tool Box is always a beauty to behold. You're definitely going to get some stares and nods with this toolbox riding on your truck. The toolbox design is versatile, its ability to blend in and stand out on trucks at the same time is a testament and triumph to DECKED modern manufacturing process and technique.

The DECKED Truck Tool box is designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States of America with the defects of old mobile toolboxes in mind. Thanks to innovative engineering, the dinginess was gone, the toolbox was designed to be resilient to natural factors such as rain and extreme weather conditions, with added resistance to ultraviolet rays and ozone so there’s no more fading or dulled look.

Mobile tool storage box on a truck 

Its best feature is its advanced security and lock system, wherein it becomes almost impenetrable to prying forces from instruments such as crowbars and hammers. This beauty doesn’t even crack or dent.  How’s that for an upgrade?

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is designed to fit into your truck bed with ease and a short video guide will put you well underway to setting it up. But don’t be fooled by the ease; It's easy on the eyes but tough on thieves.

But it doesn’t have the wheel system attached to it like the others I’ve seen, how does it cut it as a mobile tool box?

Unlike the Husky mobile tool box and Stanley mobile tool box, the DECKED Truck Tool Box gets its mobile functionality from being attached to your truck. It goes wherever your truck goes. The DECKED Truck Tool Box holds far more than these other mobile tool box with wheels

How much weight can it carry without sagging or bending like my aluminum truck box?

Tested under extreme temperatures of -5, and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the DECKED Truck Box, even when stacked with 500 pounds, will not sag or bend, and the payload will also be unaffected. The toolbox has a storage depth of 9.82 cubic feet (73.4 gallons) and will hold and protect your tools, shielding them from heat, rain, snow, and even hail. 

The external dimensions of this container are L76” x W22”x H20.53” x HAB (height above bed rail) 5.78”.


This ain’t your grandad’s toolbox because it’s not 1973. This Tool Box is from this century and works as it came from this century.

An open rigid mobile tool box

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is designed using injection-molded high-impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. The toolbox reinforcements with aluminum and steel keep the frame even sturdier, strengthening the box at the same time. Every tiny detail has been thoroughly researched and designed using the latest manufacturing processes.

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is molded and not welded so you get a seamless lid and tub. Unlike tool boxes made with aluminum boxes like weatherguard and Dee Zee truck tool Boxes and wooden DIY mobile tool boxes, the need to bend materials made it less efficient. Besides, the user experience wasn’t as great because parts and joints could decide to go on holiday for a moment and that was it. 

DECKED Product Development Boss Calvin Allan sums it up thusly: “DECKED is essentially a mobile tool box on wheels. The whole system is designed to keep your tools safe, mobile, and secure. We are not creating a premium, elite brand. We strive to be a brand of the working man who appreciates good quality and performance. We do that by developing premium products and selling them at the most competitive price we can afford to make them as attainable to as many folks as possible”

Water / Rainproof and nature resistant? There’s absolutely no way that’s true!

Truck tool boxes need to be waterproof. The DECKED Tool Box is made through an injection molding resins system using Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). EPDM is a versatile compound used in manufacturing for its impeccable resistance to environmental factors, such as ultraviolet rays, water, high-intensity heat, and ozone. Your tools or materials will be dry as anything even under crazy rain or frosty weather.

The interior of the lid is designed with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product. 

This is the ultimate toolbox that keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


What is it made of that makes it super secure?.

unlike DIY mobile tool boxes , DECKED Truck Tool Box is impenetrable by crow bars

Think of the DECKED Truck Tool Box as a security deposit vault for your tools and equipment.

Hmm? But that’s a big bill to fit? Nah, it is what it is.

The DECKED Tool Box design aesthetics makes it hard to pry open with a crowbar or even brute force when it’s shut. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone jacking your stuff (well, except when they’re doing it with a grenade, and even then it may be tough). It will take immense effort to open or even punch open (and if that happens the neighbors would know something is off). The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, so you don't have to worry about stolen tools. (Word on the street is our toolbox that makes crowbars cry. What a time to be alive!)

The Truck Tool Box Robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver-side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible. Also, the lid must be open for the Tool Box to be removed from the truck bed, so it’s impossible to move without your knowledge. We designed it Like Fort Knox.

The lid employs an advanced locking system coupled with a latching mechanism where the lock is separated from the latch. The latching mechanism keeps the toolbox shut as soon as the lid closes. Therefore, if an intruder tried to get in the box by destroying the lock, the lid won’t open, keeping your mobile tool storage box safe. Plus, you get 2 keys.

Now, how about all the scuffs and dents from prolonged use or from an intruder trying to pry it open?

the DECKED Truck Tool Box is dent proof and wont show any tamper marks


Approximately 50% of aluminum tool boxes show up dented, but you don’t pay for dents with DECKED. The toolbox is designed to withstand high impact and brute force just like a football helmet does, as they’re typically made from the same material. The HPDE Component makes the tool box structurally a rigid mobile toolbox, with no tamper marks or scratches, dents, or flapping lids which were a usual sight in the aluminum mobile toolbox of old.

I’m buying into this but do I need a professional to install it for me?

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is unbelievably easy to install on your truck bed, and you can get it set up in two minutes. The system employs a bracket and bolt system and all you need to do is thread it in and use a power tool to install to your bed rail using the 4x clamps. The sweet part is you don’t have to drill anything.

I think accessing my tools might be an issue here as I’m thinking about how many times I have to climb into the truck to fish something out of the tool box. Are there any options to ease my stress?

the ladder is used to access truck toolbox content



DECKED envisaged this and designed easy access to the Tool Box with its Optional Integrated Ladder (can be purchased separately). The adjustable step ladder slides right out of the box and doesn’t obstruct anything within the toolbox. It’s made of a 6000 series aluminum material and it falls to the ground, even on a lifted truck. 

Is it safe for kids? My son got his fingers snapped a few times on our last fishing trip

A DECKED Truck Tool box employs torsion springs for effortless lid opening and closing, so no slamming of fingers. The toolbox was engineered with structure and safety in mind, so the 30 lb lid stays open when you prop it up. 

You don’t have to worry about the lid system failing because the gas struts are made with a torsion system powered by spring steel, and torsion bars last forever. Also, the metal components have been sprayed with anti-rust so nothing is falling apart anytime soon.

Are the smaller boxes in the large mobile tool box able to carry smaller tools just in case I don't need a lot of tools?

If you're looking for smaller mobile tool boxes, the CrossBox and D-Box are the perfect handy tool boxes you will find in the market. Aside from the fact that they fit snugly into the large mobile tool box, the snap-on mobile toolbox design makes it perfect to carry smaller tools, like your emergency tools, battery chargers, car accessories, and cold beer. All you need to do is fill it with your tools and it’s good to go since the boxes can carry about 40 and 50 pounds of weight respectively.

handy tools fit inside the Cross box and D box

The snap-on mobile tool system is designed as an accessory to the DECKED Drawer System and the Truck Tool Box. The CrossBox and D-Box are modular integrated storage systems designed to keep tools organized, but on their own, they also serve as a strong and rigid mobile toolbox. They both fit in the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System held in place with built-in hinges. They can be stacked on each other, or lined horizontally or vertically in the DECKED Drawer System. It’s a perfect mobile mechanic toolbox. 

the D Box and Cross Box are capable of carrying smaller tools up to a maximum weight of 50lbs

The boxes are made of polypropylene material, making them sturdy and giving them a plastic finish and overall look. It is also fitted with HDPE lining on the lid interior, therefore adding a water-resistant feature to the toolbox so your tools are safe from outside forces.

The CrossBox and D-Box are rugged and versatile stackable mobile tool boxes, and they can be stacked and can serve as a mobile step stool tool box. Both boxes feature an easy carry handle, a removable small tool, parts organizer tray, and multiple grip points for easy retrieval from system drawers. Both boxes are rugged, durable, and meant to take a beating.

What’s the warranty and shipping like? 

DECKED offers free Shipping and a lifetime warranty on its products.

DECKED was founded in 2013. Its product line is 100% American-made in Northwest Ohio, in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. We never go on sale or have discounts/coupons because we believe in everyday fair prices.