Proud DECKED, Rolling Down the River with Our Rolling Toolbox

Proud DECKED, Rolling Down the River with Our Rolling Toolbox

DECKED started rolling down the river (and everywhere) else with its Drawer System in 2013. The rolling innovation continues with the DECKED Tool Box and will undoubtedly explore new horizons soon. Until then, we're going to examine the rolling toolbox styles that have become an American favorite.

Then, we will demonstrate how the evolution of DECKED has brought a new product into being that is enviable. It is so desirable that it leaves granddad's toolbox in the dust where it should be. More so, we manufacture our Tool Box with 21st-century future materials, intelligent design, and contemporary injection molding methods.

After examining the Rigid rolling toolbox and the 3-in-1 rolling toolbox, among others, you're going to wonder why you've been short changing yourself.

And the reason for this? Because we're rolling down the Mississippi River and making inroads throughout the U.S. with the best rolling toolbox that is made for productivity and play.

Okay, it may not precisely be a rolling toolbox, but it is on wheels, your pickup truck wheels, to be exact, so that's just semantics.

A back view of a pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box installed on the truck bed together with the DECKED Drawer System.

Rigid Rolling Toolbox

Rigid is a brand that has a diverse range of products, including this Professional Tool Storage System. This particular model is made for heavy-duty work for professionals. The tubs are made from a high-impact resin that contains dust and water seals, and each unit has separate handles and an interlocking system to secure all three tubs onto the frame.

This heavy-duty storage system has a telescopic handle for easy mobility and coated wheels that make it suitable for dragging across all types of terrain. You also have a central locking system that keeps your gear safe in all three tubs. The modular organization is good, so tool storage is simple.

Image of the Professional Tool Storage System by Rigid showing the black toolboxes with orange detail, two wheels and a telescopic handle.

Overall, this small tub is portable, durable, and great for any handyman who needs to travel. Once full, however, it may be quite a challenge to transport via vehicles, depending on how much weight you load in each tub.

Hart 3 In 1 Rolling Toolbox

Hart products are as recognizable as the day is long for anyone interested in a toolbox. This particular model is the HART 3-in-1 16-Inch rolling plastic toolbox which you can purchase at any Walmart store for a low price.

Ideal for home use, DIY fans, and hobbyists, this storage container can hold up to 28 pounds. It's small and has three different storage options.

You can store your craft or DIY items in the lower storage section (for larger items) or the top toolbox. It even has an organizer for small parts. Two built-in organizers have transparent lids, and there is a removable tray.

A handle makes it easy to roll this unit around, and it has a locking feature and easy-snap latches to secure units in place.

An image of the HART 3-in-1 16-Inch black rolling plastic toolbox with blue detail, two wheels, and a telescopic handle.

The manufacturers use a basic quality resin, and it is not waterproof. However, as rolling toolboxes go, this is a good example of a basic toolbox on wheels for lightweight use.

Craftsman Rolling Toolbox

Craftsman is a master of the rolling toolbox with drawers. One look at their range is enough to make anyone turn to a trade just so they have a purpose for using these storage systems.

Made in Missouri, this 2000 Series 41-in. wide 10 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet has a galvanized steel I-frame and drawers. The double walls provide further reinforcement to support each drawer carrying 100 pounds (1,500 in total) of equipment.

The drawers use a soft slide mechanism that won't slam shut, and the construction of this product features an all-steel I-Frame with double walls. You can store 100 pounds of equipment in each drawer, which features heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides that you can gently pull open and shut without slamming.

It is relatively easy to roll this toolbox around a workshop on its sturdy 5 by 2-inch casters. You can also lock this drawer system with a key to ensure your tools are safe. Another feature is that it has an embossed mat on the surface of the cabinet to protect its surface.

A large Craftsman drawer rolling toolbox in black, red and white on four casters.

Keep this rolling toolbox workbench in one area or push it around the job site where needed, but as wonderful as this cabinet is, the DECKED Tool Box on pickup truck wheels is far more convenient if you ask us.

Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox Stool

You may want a massive toolbox, something for crafts, or one that has a telescopic handle for easy transport. But you also get the rolling toolbox stool which makes life a whole lot more comfortable when you’re working long hours on one job.

Sharper Image makes this rolling work seat with built in toolbox (item # 206680) to sit in comfort while working. This product can handle up to 300 pounds of weight (including you and tools). The robust frame contains various drawers, slots, and trays for easy reach to equipment without having to get up and down to search for gear. After working for lengthy periods on the cushioned seat, you will probably still feel less discomfort than if you were constantly lying down or standing up to work in tight spaces.

Instead, you can now enjoy back support with this rolling work seat with built-in toolbox. You can anticipate that your productivity levels may increase due to greater comfort, easy tool access, and mobility while fixing things.

Image of a man sitting in comfort on the padded seat on top of a toolbox on wheels, showing multiple storage drawers.

Four swivel casters create a lot of mobility and motility; you have your tools a hand's grasp away, so why bother about any other type of solution? Unless, of course, you want loads of versatility with the DECKED Tool Box that you can use for work and fishing (or camping, hunting, hiking, etc.).

You can even sit on the DECKED Tool Box without damaging its structure. Actually, it has enough seating space for at least three people, but it doesn’t have a built-in cushion like this Sharper Image product.

Lifeline Pro Rolling Toolbox

Lifeline makes this X-Tools Pro Rolling Toolbox that also contains clever design details. One of these details is the trolley handle and detachable wheels. The four sliding drawers are all different sizes to fit various equipment. In addition, each drawer has liners with integrated locks to prevent them from sliding out of the frame.

The drawers on this rolling toolbox are recessed, which is not a great feature, but the trolley handle takes care of maneuverability when you need it. Lifeline has also built a removable tool tray into this design.

Where this toolbox on two wheels falls short is that its use is limited. It is suitable for DIY jobs like a bike mechanic. It is small, so it fits in the boot of a car which is ideal when you don't have a pickup truck.

A top view of the LifeLine Pro Rolling Toolbox in black and gray, showing various drawers and removable tool storage tray--all on four wheels.

Weighing just over 24 pounds (empty), you may have to limit how much you store in this toolbox. Small storage systems are good, but you will need something far larger depending on the type of business you have, DIY activities, or fun stuff you do over weekends and vacations.

Stanley Rolling Toolbox

Stanley is renowned for its toolbox range, and this modular rolling toolbox is one of the brand's new products. The name STST60500 modular rolling tool box is a 3-in-1 storage system on wheels that is an excellent addition to any workshop.

This model is similar to Rigid's plastic rolling toolbox on sturdy rubber wheels, described earlier. Modular storage is made easy in this design with a large, medium, and small-size tub. Stanley also provides the convenience of a removable tote tray to extend this design’s storage potential.

You can load up to 90 pounds of gear in these boxes, which have auto-lock, front stack latches, and quick one-hand releases for each toolbox. This design makes it convenient to roll your storage tower around the job site with the telescopic handle and stand it up securely when you're not working.

This product is probably suitable for light to medium weight work duties, and you can transport it fairly easily between job sites. However, and while the product may be reasonably durable and weatherproof, these benefits are not evident on retailer sites online.

An image of the Stanley modular rolling toolbox in black with yellow detail on two wheels. This box shows a retractable handle and three toolboxes in three different sizes-all removable and stackable with interlocking security features.

For a higher level of weather and waterproofing, you may have to look further afield—like the DECKED Tool Box (more about that later).

DeWalt Rolling Toolbox

DeWalt is another recognizable brand of storage systems that manufacturers a toolbox series with interlocking systems. These interlocking system designs enable you to grow your stacking system. One of these designs is the TOUGHSYSTEM® 2.0 Rolling Tower, model number DWST60436.

DeWalt’s tower features two extra-large boxes and a smaller removable one. These drawers have internal organizer cups, removable dividers, and inner, removable trays in the rolling and extra-large boxes.

You can pack the boxes backward or facing the front due to the auto-connect side latches and metal front latches.

The boxes on this rolling toolbox are water and dust-resistant, so they work well on most types of job sites.

An image of the DeWalt tower system toolbox on wheels with a telescopic handle. There are two large toolboxes on the bottom of the structure, with a smaller one on top.

Of course, if you want excellent weatherproofing, dust, rust, and water resistance, the DECKED Tool Box offers these benefits and numerous others.

Toolbox Rolling Styles

When checking out your options for rolling toolbox styles, you have such a diversity of products to select. Any one of those described above may be what you want, or you can check out others like:

But if you want a rolling toolbox on wheels that is as sexy as your pickup truck, we strongly suggest you try out the DECKED Tool Box.

A Drum Roll for our DECKED Tool Box

Some of the most extraordinary features and benefits of this tub will make you think twice about whether you want a storage system or storage solution.

A full-frontal image of the open DECKED Tool Box showing the Snack Tray on the left and the blue D-Box to its right. The integrated ladder is nesting neatly inside the black tub on the right side, with the 30-pound lid remaining easily open due to the gas struts and spring steel torsion system.


We use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and injection molding to create the DECKED tub. Galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements produce extra stability and ensure the tub maintains its structure even when exposed to extreme duress.

Scientific materials from the future mean that this tub will not lose its shape, unlike many aluminum products. Load it up with 500 pounds of gear and pack another 500 pounds on the top and it still won’t sag or lose its shape—it’s that durable.

Secure Your Tools

Many brands make their toolboxes with security features. For example, ours has an interface between the lid and tub that covers all pry bar weak points. It also features an armor locking system with two keys with the lock on the driver’s side.

Once you close the lid, nobody can steal this tub off your truck bed. If thieves try to force entry, they'll be wasting their time. The metal reinforcements, lid design, and armor locking ensure that.

Your Gear Remains Dry

Other than treated and protected material use throughout the tub's construction, the HDPE alone means your tub won't rust. The injection molding also equates to a seamless product, invulnerable to cracks and seams that can allow water to get into the closed tub.

Moreover, your gear will remain dry and dust-free because of the overlapping lid and upstanding tub lip, which creates a rain gutter. Also, the tub is made with corrosion-resistant materials and seals, offering high-level protection of your gear even when you're shivering in the rain.

Still image of water on the lid of the closed tub. Your gear stays dry even in the heaviest storms.

Exceptional Modular Storage

The tub is large enough to carry 200 pounds of equipment and has gas struts in the lid powered by a spring steel torsion system. You can easily open the 30-pound cover to access items in the complimentary Snack Tray on the driver's side.

Besides having a rolling toolbox on truck wheels, we add a D-Box with its own modular storage and easy-grab handle into the deal. These two free storage systems leave enough room for another D-Box or Crossbox or choose other portable tool carriers from our list of accessories.

Tie-downs at the bottom of our Tool Box take care of securing heavy or oversized cargo on the back of your truck. Organizing your gear in this storage solution (not just a system) translates into you being able to use this solution on job sites and when you need some downtime fishing or hunting.

No Other Toolbox Has an Integrated Ladder

An integrated ladder with a toolbox? No one else has built one with this option. It folds neatly into the tub without depriving you of storage space. You can use this 6000 series aluminum ladder even if you have a high truck bed.

By ordering the ladder with the tub, you increase tool access and eliminate the need to climb on and off your vehicle to get the tools you need to get the job done. In addition, you further up your productivity by improving ergonomic movement. Those benefits aside, the DECKED Tool Box makes your work life that much more straightforward.

 Image of a man telescoping the integrated nesting ladder out of the tub to ground level on the back of a pickup truck.

Keep On Rolling

Buy your DECKED Tool Box online (with or without the optional ladder) to have your own rolling storage system with you wherever you ride.

Take advantage of Affirm Financing to get you on track to enjoy the DECKED Tool Box's features and benefits that are like no others.

You could add a whole new level to your work organization or outdoor activities within a few minutes of checking your vehicle's compatibility with our customized tub.

Remember, this tub is:

  • Built like Fort Knox
  •  It won't bend or lose its shape even when filled to the brim
  •  Has exceptional equipment organizational benefits
  •  It is water and weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant
  • Highly resistant to thieves to the extent that breaking in is near impossible
  • Showcases an integrated nesting ladder to support productivity.

Order your DECKED Tool Box today and never look at another rolling toolbox ever again.