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The Home Depot Husky and the DECKED Tool Box: Which One Should You Choose?

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You love your truck, we don’t blame you. Actually, we applaud you. Loving your truck most likely comes with being a fan of tools, accessories, and different mechanisms — we’re right there with you. With that said, it’s only logical that you’re also looking for a spot to store all of your trucking needs. And no, the garage doesn’t count. We’re talking about mobile storage because when you’re on the road and you need a tool that’s in your garage, that’s rather useless, isn’t it?


When you're hauling your gear around town and beyond, you need a high-end truck bed toolbox that will keep all of your belongings organized, secure, accessible, and safe from any of the elements nature throws your way.


The good news? There are plenty of truck bed toolbox options to choose from. The bad news? It’s tough to choose when there are so many intriguing choices. Because pickup trucks are so timelessly popular, tool box manufacturers are popping up all over the US, offering consumers a wide variety of selection and yes, sometimes that can be a little bit daunting. There are truck bed tool boxes that are wide, slim, deep, cross-bed, full-size, all of which have different pros, cons, materials, colors, and on and on. It’s almost like you’re back to square one choosing your first truck again.


We know, it’s a lot. But that’s what we’re here for. Today, we’re going to pit two phenomenal truck bed tool box options against each other: The Home Depot Husky Tool Box and the DECKED Tool Box Drawer System. We’re going to cover both the toolbox's design, security, weatherproofing, price, measurements, installation, pros, and cons. But first, we’ll give you a quick overview of both brands.


Gear up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The Home Depot Husky Tool Box

The Home Depot, Husky, Tool Box, truck bed


You know how cute a husky puppy is, right? The Husky Tool Box from The Home Depot is also worthy of some love. The Husky brand specializes in rolling toolboxes, drawers, and of course truck bed toolboxes.


Husky is a line of tool storage products and hand tools that was founded in 1924. The brand is best known for being sold as the house brand of The Home Depot, where it is sold exclusively.

Husky proclaims itself as "The toughest name in tools" and also has a higher end line of products (also only available at Home Depot) known as Husky Pro.


Originally, all Husky products were manufactured right here in the United States but are now produced in China and Taiwan. From a vehicle toolbox standpoint, Husky offers its regular Truck Box, Crossbed Truck Tool Box, and  the Low Side Truck Box — more of which we’ll dive into later.


Overall, we’re not implying that Husky truck toolboxes are a bad choice. But Husky specializes specifically in regular tool box storage and the line’s vehicle bed toolboxes aren’t the company’s forte. Some customers might end up being disappointed with its versatility, security, and overall quality. But tell you what, we’re going to highlight some of DECKED’s attributes, give you some specs for both, and let you decide.


DECKED Truck Bed Drawer Tool Boxes

DECKED, DECKED truck bed drawer system, tool box, crossbox, d-box, drageranizer, husky, home depot


After spending more than 20 years fussing with homemade drawer systems that never seemed to work, the team at DECKED designed, engineered, and perfected an affordable truck bed drawer system for the truck-loving market.


DECKED says it has created “a product that would improve the everyday lives of working men and women.” In 2013 after nearly three years of designing its product from conception to finished product, the company launched the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer Tool Boxes and accessory line. DECKED prides itself on being an all American brand, with all of its manufacturing done in the United States, headquartered out of Ohio.


The product line is a simple, do-it-yourself organization system that’s integrated into truck’s beds and/or cargo vans. DECKED is a built-in Drawer System and Tool Box that functions as a one-stop storage solution, offering vehicle owners a nearly indestructible and easy access solution to getting and storing equipment in the back of a truck or cargo van. Consider it like Tupperware for a truck. This Tool Box is from this century. DECKED is built with a 2,000 pound payload capacity and each individual drawer has a payload cap of 200 pounds. If your garage is getting too full and you’re looking for an alternative storage spot, DECKED should be your go-to. Are you hoping to store your ATV onto our truck bed? Think DECKED.


The DECKED Drawer System comes with an impressive inventory of accessories and add-ons to turn the back of a truck or van into a mobile filing cabinet, just you know, sexier.


Simply describing both brands won’t do enough to convince customers whether DECKED or Husky Tool Boxes are the better buy, so let’s highlight some respective specs for both products to help you narrow down your decision.



DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System, home depot, husky, tool box, toolboxes


Let’s get more into the nitty gritty and focus on both of The Home Depot’s Husky Truck Tool Box and DECKED’s truck Tool Box specs and details. If you’re seriously considering either of these products, you’re going to want to do research and see which toolbox is the right fit for you. Literally.


Luckily, we’re good at doing due diligence and we’ve assembled the following specs for you.


The Home Depot Husky Truck Tool Box

We’re going to highlight some details about two of Husky’s most popular truck Tool Box products.


Husky Low Side Crossover Truck Box


  • Mounts across truck bed
  • 70 inches long and fits all full size trucks
  • The toolbox comes styled as a black powder coat finish
  • Two locks for added security
  • Single lid crossover style and low-profile
  • Weatherproof
  • Made out of diamond plate aluminum
  • 58 lbs, 15 inches high, 21 inches deep
  • Prices range from $300 to $350


The Home Depot Husky Low Side Crossover Truck Box rests on the bed rails and hangs down into the truck’s bed. It’s not uncommon for owners to hop into the bed and rummage through the tool box, which includes internal shelves and trays to help with clutter. Admittedly, if you have to climb into your truck bed and dig for your tools, the toolbox is a bit impractical but that's up to you.


The Husky Low Side Crossover Truck Box is made from a commercial-grade aluminum which offers sturdiness and strength. Aluminum is not as resilient as stainless steel or high density polyethylene but it is very light and affordable.


One major flaw with aluminum is its very prone to rust and erosion but the Husky Low Side Crossover Truck Box has a black powder coat finish that does make it look quite sleek.


The toolbox’s handles are made from stainless steel which helps keep all of your belongings safe. There are locks on both sides of the box which makes it more laborious for any would-be thieves. The Home Depot also provides two sets of keys with the purchase of the Tool Box, which is rather convenient.


The Tool Box fits all full-sized trucks but some smaller truck models may not be able to accommodate the 16-inch-high Husky Low Side Crossover Truck Box, which isn’t ideal.

The toolbox has a depth of 21.25 inches and weighs 58 pounds — rather light for these types of products (cheers, aluminum!).


Installation is simple enough, all you need is a J-hook to bolt the floor of the edge to the truck’s bed rails.


Husky Side Mounted Truck Box


  • Mounts on the truck bed’s side
  • 46.8 inches long and fits most trucks
  • 47 lb, 13.3 inches deep, 15.7 inches wide
  • Black & shiny aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Prices range from $250 to $300


Side-mounted truck bed toolboxes are ideal for owners who like to get in and out of their truck box often throughout the day. Owners are granted quick access from the side of their truck, a great alternative for truckies who don’t like climbing into their truck bed to get gear.


Side-mounted toolboxes also offer owners the option to double down and mount one on each side of a truck for added storage (or pair a side-mount with a crossover for even more options.) The Home Depot Husky Side Mounted Truck Box doesn’t have any shelves or internal storage like the Husky Low Side Crossover does, so it's a little trickier to keep organization at bay.


Like all Home Depot truck bed toolboxes, the Side Mount Tool Box is made out of the same commercial-grade aluminum and comes in two finishes: black and metallic. Because it’s coated however, it does have a tendency to get scratched and it’s just as susceptible to rust due to its aluminum make up.


Home Depot’s Side Mounted Tool Box has the same double deadbolt lock as the crossover but only one single lock. The Side Mounted Tool Box is also lightweight and totals 47 pounds. If you’re looking for an affordable side-mounted truck bed toolbox, Home Depot’s Husky is a good option. The lack of organization and the potential for rust is a lingering pest though…


DECKED Truck Tool Box

DECKED, D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, truck bed, tools, organization, husky, home depot, comparision, price, pros, cons


  • Made out of high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Fully weatherproof and waterproof
  • 2,000-pound payload
  • Free shipping
  • Financing options
  • Accessory add-ons available
  • Manufactured 100% in United States
  • Lifetime warranty


Think if you’ve seen one toolbox, you’ve seen them all? Guess again.


The Home Depot Husky Tool Box line is a valid short-term truck bed organization option if you want your affordable, run-of-the-mill system. Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also. In the end, your truck is a long-term investment and your bed’s storage system should be as well.


From a design standpoint, all of the DECKED Tool Boxes are made out of high density polyethylene, which is nearly unbreakable. HDPE can’t be pried open with a crowbard or hammer and it’s durable enough to withstand all types of weather, which means it won’t rust. Sorry aluminum (and Husky Tool Boxes) but HDPE is the way to go.


The entire DECKED Drawer System is built with a galvanized steel subframe that has two locking points, coupled with uber-tough HDPE, the DECKED Drawer System and its accompanying Tool Boxes will not get broken into. Your tools are safe, and so is your peace of mind.


Similarly, the entire system is weatherproof and waterproof, meaning DECKED is impervious to any of the elements Mother Nature throws its way and it doesn’t wear down over time or get nicked, dented, or dinged.


DECKED uses a sealed bearing skateboard-type of wheels that makes for a smooth slide. DECKED doesn’t use tracks which means the drawers don’t get stuck, they roll out smoothly. Another plus, the more weight you put in them, the smoother they glide.


DECKED also offers a wide selection of add-ons so you can continually build up your truck bed accessory collection. DECKED accessories include the D-Box; a large gasket-seal toolbox that fits perfectly into the drawers. Another version, the Crossbox, is just as durable but smaller. Besides having a phenomenal name, the DECKED Drawerganizer helps to keep all of the tool box’s nuts and bolts neatly organized. Maybe the company’s best add-on is the DECKED Ladder. It’s a magical accessory that’s tucked into the Tool Box that can be pulled to the ground, seamlessly from the truck’s tailgate. Without sacrificing storage space, the Ladder allows truck owners to never have to crawl into the truck bed to look for gear. If you’ve done it once, that’s already too many times.


The entire DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System ships for free across the entire continental United States and ships within seven to fourteen days. If you can’t pony up the scratch to buy the system up front, DECKED also offers financing options.


So, what’s the best option?

DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System, DECKED, tool box, toolboxes, Husky, the home depot


When all is said and done, the DECKED Drawer System reigns supreme. Some consumers might sway away from Husky brands since they’re not manufactured here in the US. Toolbox buyers might also be turned off from the fact that the aluminum of Husky Tool Boxes aren’t as durable as the ultra-strong makeup of HDPE.


The major problem with most truck-mounted tool boxes and storage systems is that it reduces truck bed space, arguably a truck’s most valued asset. The DECKED Drawer System however, lets you retain all of your bed’s storage space and gives you even more. Think about it, with DECKED, you could mount a dirt bike onto your truck bed and have enough room to organize and store all of your tools underneath.


In the end, The Home Depot Husky Tool Box is a good low-budget tool chest option. But its aluminum makeup is simply not durable enough for the long haul, or even the big haul. The DECKED Drawer System not only keeps all of your gear organized, stored, and secured but it’s built to last. Once this bad boy gets delivered right to your door, it will be part of your truck for a long time. When it comes to choosing a truck bed tool box, DECKED is the clear winner. It’s the toolbox that looks as good as your truck.