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Core Clamps

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Mount items like shovels, offroad jacks, or extension cords away from the destructive forces of the truck bed black hole (we recommend an ax as it makes you look tough). 

Set of two. Payload rating of 25 lbs each, 50 lbs total. Made from transportation-grade, heavy-duty rubber that is UV and temperature resistant. Core Lock. Adjustable across any Core Trax mounting system. 

Please note: Core Trax are sold separately.

Get a grip. Core Clamps integrate with any installed Core Trax (sold separately) and offer an adjustable, swiveling mounting point for anything you need to take with you. From push brooms to pool cues, look no further for long item storage than the DECKED Core Clamps.

The heavy-duty rubber is UV and temperature-resistant, intended for long service life in real-world conditions. Holds items roughly 1" - 2.25" in diameter. Core Clamps hold objects up to 25lbs or 50lbs for two (sold in pairs).



  • Core Clamps come pre-packaged in sets of two (2).
  • Clamp: resistant to extreme temperatures and UV exposure
  • Base: One-hand adjustable design
  • Secures long-handled items like shovels, axes, or offroad jacks
  • Each clamp supports a working load of 25 lbs (two clamps can support up to 50 lbs)


  • Clamp: UV and temperature-resistant transportation-grade rubber
  • Base: Stainless steel, glass-filled nylon


  • 3.5" wide
  • 3.75" tall
  • 0.75" thick
  • Holds objects roughly 1" - 2.25" in diameter
  • Core Clamps hold objects up to 25lbs or 50lbs for two (sold in pairs).

    DECKED 101 | Core Clamps