CargoGlide - Drawer System Compatible

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Install Kit i

Drawer System sold separately.

CargoGlide Mounting Brackets will also be added to cart. Brackets are required for installation on all New Drawer Systems, not required for Legacy Systems.

Work Smarter Not Harder

1000 lb


Available in a payload rating of 1,000 lbs.



Comes with 70% extension.


Trucks and Vans on the Road

Fits nearly anything with a bed. Compatible with Drawer Systems.

Roll it out and get rollin'

  • Ballsy ball bearings for buttery-smooth action
  • Easily operated with one hand (& a donut)
  • Auto-stop handle with multi-position cargo stops
  • Installation so quick and simple, monkeys can do it

Load It Up and Get To Work

  • Never crawl into your truck bed or van again
  • Industrial-grade American steel and aluminum
  • Tray uses resin coated marine-grade plywood
  • High Sides and additional tie downs available

Plays Nice with Drawer Systems

  • Bolts directly to Full-size or Midsize Drawer Systems
  • No-drill mounting for new Drawer Systems
  • Works with 1,000 lb payload and 70% extension
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Easy To Use

Never crawl into your bed again. Leave the pillow talk at home. Rugged construction and an elegant operating design make work life easy.

One-Handed Operation

Keep talking on the phone while you slide up to 2200 lb of work out to you with ease. Multiple cargo stops let you control the extension.

Secure Cargo Retention

Side channels offer infinite adjustable cargo tie-down locations. Comes standard with 4 galvanized Tie-Down Loops.

Heavy Loads? Slopes? No Problem

Slide thrust bearings keep the loaded tray from binding when parked on angled slopes and rolling smoothly regardless of torque or load.

Easy Installation

CargoGlide comes pre-assembled. Simply drill according to instructions, install hardware and bolt it down. Boom. 30 minutes and done.

“I don’t have to climb in the bed of the truck. I let the CargoGlide come to me. I don’t need to overextend myself in the bed of the truck. Make sure you purchase the eye bolts with it to help attach tie downs."

- Paul W. (Underwater Welder)

“I have the Drawer System and CargoGlide. I no longer have to get my aged and broken body into the bowels of my covered truck bed. Best addition I have ever made to any vehicle I have owned."

- Kenneth L. (Technician)

“The CargoGlide has made my day to day transfer of tools and materials from unit to unit much easier. At 59 years old this month I’m grateful for not having to climb in and out of the bed of my truck anymore. Thank you Dr. Decked!!!"

- Robin P. (Firearms Instructor)

“The functionality of the CargoGlide is pretty bada$$. Comes with 4 tie-down points that you can slide up and down the tray edge. Extremely well built and glides very smoothly when pulling out. This sucker right here is what every truck needs."

- David S. (Construction)

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Build Your D-cosystem™

"Better together." That's our mantra, big timer. Customize your CargoGlide like a boss for just how you use it. If you thought peanut butter and chocolate was a good combo, wait 'til you start building out your D-cosystem™.

[CGHS-41-A, CGHS-48-A] Studio image of CargoGlide High Sides
Sale price$135.00
[CGCTTD-4] Studio image of CargoGlide Tie downs
Sale price$25.00
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