The Milwaukee Packout System Or The DECKED Drawer System: Which GMC Accessories Are For Right You?

The Milwaukee Packout System Or The DECKED Drawer System: Which GMC Accessories Are Right For You?


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GMC has a long and storied history of making great trucks. Today their light duty and heavy duty sierra, AT4, and Denali series are respected by all when they pull up to the jobsite. The rugged pickups can tow up to 13000lbs for the Sierra 1500 model, no small feat, but they aren’t short of premium luxury features either. With six-function multi pro tailgate, prograde trailering technology and up to 15 individual camera views on some models, the GMC trucks are as innovative as they are smart. So when looking for GMC truck accessories you’re going to want something that provides the same durability, with an equal amount of intelligent design.


Tool storage for your pickup is essential to making the most of your truck in work and in play. The Milwaukee packout system and the DECKED Drawer System are two modular tool storage systems that bring modern design and rugged toughness together. They are compatible with most models of pickups, so if you’re looking for 2021 GMC Sierra Accessories or 2014 GMC Sierra Accessories, these systems got you covered. Let’s have a look at how these GMC Sierra accessories can optimize tool storage for your pickup.


Stack In The Back: The Milwaukee Packout System


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The Milwaukee packout modular tool storage system organizes your toolboxes to tidy up your truck bed. These GMC accessories store your tools in an orderly fashion with the durability to keep them safe.


Even if you’re looking for GMC Acadia accessories or GMC Yukon Accessories, don’t worry, this system can be transported in non-pickup models. The packout system uses a patented feature to allow you to interlock the different components into a tower. Each piece has cleats on the bottom surface that click into specially designed slots on the lids of other components. This innovation makes it possible to configure a tower of boxes, totes, and organizers that is suited to your exact needs. Just take the gear you need so the bed of your GMC can stay looking sharp without a pile of disorganized crates and bins.


Each piece is made from impact resistant polymers with metal reinforced corners. Heavy duty latches on the toolboxes and an IP65 rated seal under the lid keep your tools safe. Even on the harshest jobs and in the most brutal weather these tough boxes can take all comers.


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By selecting one of several sturdy rolling toolboxes and using it as the foundation for your stack the modular system becomes mobile. With 9” all terrain wheels no site is a problem to traverse. Gravel, mud, and even stairs become manageable. The telescopic industrial grade extension handle with a wide grip allows you to navigate easily.


They are tough boxes, but they don’t sacrifice organization for durability. The Milwaukee organizers are made from the same impact resistant polymers, with the same IP65 rated seal, for equal resilience to their counterparts. Under the clear lid, each organizer has fully removable storage and mountable storage bins so you can customize all the small parts storage and keep it where you can find it. The no-travel bin seals mean things won’t move around inside when you’re moving around outside.


All these GMC parts and accessories are just what you need to keep your Sierra truck bed neat and clean so that your pickup looks as sexy as the day you bought it. The system comes in red and black color ways because, on the road, durability and organization are important, but so is looking good.


Becoming One With Your GMC: The DECKED Drawer System


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For the most streamlined look you can achieve with any GMC Sierra 1500 accessories it’s gotta be the DECKED Drawer System. This modular tool storage system fully integrates into the bed of your pickup for a zero clutter result. With these GMC Denali accessories you can keep as much gear as you can think of in the bed, but still have the Denali looking sleek.


The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that is installed easily into your truck bed. It fits most full-size and mid-size (that’s you GMC Canyon accessories buyer) truck beds. The system is formed to fit around the wheel wells and is fastened down with J-Hooks securely without wasting space. It also has nifty ammo cans that are placed in the corners to utilize every inch for storage.


You might be thinking you don’t want to lose hauling capabilities, but have no fear. The system has a 2000lb payload so anything you want to haul just throw it right on top. Your tools will be stored safely beneath unaffected. Built using anti-corrosion treated steel and High-Density Polyethylene the DECKED System is literally built like a deck, and as strong as one. It’s also weatherproof meaning no rushing out to the truck if it starts to rain. On the contrary, wherever your truck goes in the harshest climates your tools can safely go, too. Now with the system installed you have the crisp look of a clean truck bed without losing any of the strength. And what’s more is all your gear is stowed neatly inside.


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The drawers roll out on urethane sealed bearing wheels, not on sliders, so there won’t be any bending or warping. Each drawer has a detent so they won’t unexpectedly open or close on an incline. They open smoothly and that's what these 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 accessories are all about: ease of operation, with no backbreaking. Don’t reach or get up in the truck bed; let your tools come to you. Loading and unloading tools from the drawers is a breeze.


To achieve full optimization though you’re going to want to go further than just the Drawer System alone. DECKED offers GMC Sierra AT4 accessories and GMC Sierra Denali accessories that take modular tool storage to new heights. The DECKED Accessories provide you with the ability to play your own game of tetris to configure a tool layout that perfectly suits your needs. Each day a new job brings new challenges, but don’t sweat it, because the components can be swapped in and out in an instant without backbreaking lifting.


The custom GMC Sierra accessories are designed specifically to fit the DECKED Drawer System so that every component is snug and placed precisely inside. The range of components include the Crossbox, the D-Box, the Drawerganizer, and the D-Bag, among others.


The Crossbox is your reliable lightweight toolbox with a removable insert tray for extra organization. It’s great to grab for a small DIY job. With an ergonomic handle it's easy to maneuver, so you can leave the rest of your arsenal in the truck and travel light. The D-Box is it’s big brother. With more storage space it can handle all your bulkier tools like grinders and palm sanders. It comes with removable dividers so more detail oriented organization is possible too. Both components have an EPDM seal under the lid to keep moisture out and your tools dry. Their high impact resin body can take a beating so that your tools don’t have to.


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The Drawerganizer is an open top storage bin that sits nestled in the head of the drawer, molded around the drawer handle to economize space. This accessory is the perfect spot to toss everyday-use items that you want easily accessible. Whether it’s duct tape or a measuring tape this component puts your gear right at your fingertips.


The D-Bag is versatility defined. This component can be carried as a backpack, a satchel, or a briefcase. It simplifies traveling with gear a distance from the truck, so repairmen will appreciate it. The bag is made Thermoformed EVA foam and ballistic nylon cloth and is weather resistant — nerd speak for it’s super durable and won’t tear. The hybrid soft/hard body allows for collapse and expansion so you can pack the bag to the seams. Inside there is a removable duffel and tool roll which are just as resilient. This shapeshifter is perfect for work on the move and is as versatile a tool kit as there is.


How Do These GMC Accessories Compare?


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Now we know what’s possible for accessorizing your GMC truck with both of these tool storage systems. Each of these systems bring different strengths to optimize tool storage for your GMC pickup. Choosing will come down to a few key factors.


First off, the obvious, DECKED is only made for pickups, while the Milwaukee packout system can technically be used in SUVs. So if you’re looking for GMC Terrain accessories then you can’t use the DECKED Drawer System. So that is a slight advantage, but we’re more specifically talking about GMC trucks.


The main downside for Milwaukee is that the system can’t fully integrate with your truck. Even though the Milwaukee system can interconnect to make for a tidy truck bed it can’t come close to how clean the DECKED Drawer System is. The Drawer System doesn’t take up hauling space with bulky toolboxes; all the gear is housed below in the drawers. So there’s more space and your Sierra stays looking sleek.


The Drawer System also has the advantage of not requiring you to break your back lugging heavy toolboxes. The drawers make it easy to load and unload your gear with both feet placed firmly on solid ground, no awkward stretching or crawling up into the truck bed. When jobs are always changing and presenting new challenges, and those challenges require different tools, this will save a lot of energy. With the DECKED Drawer System your tools work for you and not the other way around. So save the headache and save your body with the DECKED Drawer System.


Keep Your GMC Pickup Looking Sleek And Feeling Fun


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Both of these systems are good to keep in your GMC truck accessories catalog, but the DECKED Drawer System takes the top spot. DECKED just nails it in the design category by combining futuristic materials, ease of operation, space management, and looking so sharp, all into one package. DECKED does GMC Sierra accessories 2021 style, and the Milwaukee packout system seems like something a little antiquated.


GMC makes powerful trucks, no doubt. Your Sierra can take on any job the wind throws its way, but your truck is not all brawn and no brains. GMC makes intelligent trucks, with state of the art technology features, for today and tomorrow’s world. They look smart, too. We want our trucks for play as much as for work.


Your tool storage system should have the brains and the looks to match your GMC pickup. Don’t get caught loading heavy boxes into a cluttered truck bed. Keep it clean with the DECKED Drawer System. After all, with DECKED you work smarter so you can play harder.