So You Wanna Build an Adventure Rig? Here’s the Best Ford F-150 Accessories to Make Your Overlanding Dreams Come True

So You Wanna Build an Adventure Rig? Here’s the Best Ford F-150 Accessories to Make Your Overlanding Dreams Come True


A green truck sits on three wheels in an off-road setting.


Overlanding. It's the basis for some of the most epic explorations of the wildlands of America and beyond. When the journey is the principal goal, it’s the self-reliance, zest for adventure, love of the great outdoors, and a genuine curiosity of what lies ahead that fuel the mission. If you find yourself nodding your head and whispering, “Yesss”; then you’re probably an Overlander. And it won’t come as any surprise to you that in order to be successful, (read: not die), you’ll need a capable rig. That’s why here at DECKED, we’ve rounded up some of the best Ford F-150 accessories on the market today to get you to your final destination.


Overlander, You Are One of Us


In addition to an obsession with vehicle mechanics, customizations, and build-outs; an Overlander understands that it’s not just what you carry—but how you carry it—that makes all of the difference.


While Overlanding has been an international obsession for decades, it’s only in the past several years that it has surged in popularity in the United States. And we are here for it too, since 2013 in fact, when we created our business on the back of a lunch counter napkin.


We hail from Ketchum, Idaho, where the motto ”Small Town, Big Life” really means something to us. We know about working hard and playing harder, and our love of the outdoors runs thick and deep.


A DECKED Drawer System, a truck bed accessory, has one drawer extended and a lot of camping gear is shown.


We know what it means to have a capable rig. An organized rig. A secure rig. We feel it in our bones, and know we are not alone in our pursuit to organize the hell out of our pickups so we can go faster, farther, and harder than the last time.


We know that truck bed accessories are key in this, and since we weren’t able to find a purpose-built truck bed drawer system or a nearly indestructible toolbox; well, we made our own. And we made one for you too, and we think that after you give it a try, you’ll wonder why you ever considered adventuring without it.


Yes. It’s that good.

DECKED Drawer System


The DECKED Drawer System is Step One in your adventure vehicle build-out. Every good architect knows that without the foundation, all you’ve got is a pile of rubble. Our Drawer System is an innovative storage solution that adds two fully-extendable drawers to your truck bed without compromising on payload and sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the players.


An areial view of the DECKED Warehouse in rural Ohio. The large building is surrounded by agricultural land.


It’s made in the U.S.A, Ohio to be exact, from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel and aluminum reinforcements.  Here’s the tech specs for all of you enginerds. It’s custom shaped to fit your bed like a glove because when it comes to adventure rigs, no space can be wasted.


In this case, we’re looking at Ford f 150 accessories, (and with that we mean the Super Duty too, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll just call them all “Ford f-150 accessories” and the Drawer System, (along with the DECKED Tool Box) fits most all makes and models of full-size pickups. (If you want to get technical—some mid-size too, but that’s a whole other blog post, friends.)


(Check out our fit finder tool on our website to be surely sure that what you’re lookin’ at fits your pickup.)


From here on out, we’re focusing on accessories for Ford f 150 with an eight-foot bed length. You’ve got a different bed length? No problem. Tell the fit finder. But the eight-foot bed reigns supreme here because it can fit not only the Drawer System but our Tool Box as well.


Two pickups are fully equipped with overlanding gear.


Here’s how the DECKED Drawer System sets the foundation for your adventure vehicle:


  • Stack 2000 pounds of the heavy stuff on the deck and still have access to smooth-rolling storage
  • Rolls on urethane, sealed bearing drawer wheels. Like butter, but smoother
  • Easy to operate handle that can be used with gloves on
  • Steel subframe
  • Extra compartments by the wheel wheels utilize every inch of space
  • Drawers are lockable, super secure, and out of sight when the tailgate is up
  • Ruler and bottle opener built-in
  • Zero to minimal truck bed drilling
  • Made from 100% recycled HDPE and recycled American steel


And here’s how it gets even better: We include every Overlanderer’s dream organizational accessories free with purchase. That means our Crossbox, D-Box, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers are thrown into the deal for segmented storage bliss.


Not sure what we mean? Check out our Instagram for truck-build inspo. (But, be warned: it’s a black hole. Some kind of truck accessory heaven, and hard to come back down to earth. Plus, Dirk Deckman? Don’t even get us started on that dude… He’s downright hilarious.)


We have other Ford f 150 truck accessories too, that makes your Drawer System (or your rig in general) highly functional, so you’ll want to be sure to take a look at the:


The DECKED tool Box sits closed. It's black and rugged-looking.


Here’s where it gets really good… If you have an eight-foot truck bed, welcome to Ford f 150 truck bed accessories heaven because with the extra 19.5 inches that the Drawer System doesn’t occupy, you can fit a DECKED Tool Box. Woot!


After we nailed the Drawer Systems, we set our sights on the crossover toolbox, and made a nearly indestructible, super secure, and WATERPROOF toolbox, and let us tell ya, this ain’t your granddad’s toolbox—because it’s not 1973 anymore.


Our toolbox is molded, not welded, and made from materials from this century and a design from this decade. It’s kinda badass. And by kinda, we mean absolutely friggin’ really. Again, here’s the tech specs for you enginerds, and for everyone else, why not read this piece that goes in-depth on the product?


The DECKED Tool Box, one of the best Ford F 150 bed accessories you can buy, features:


A closeup view of water cascading off of the the DECKED Tool Box.


  • Injection-molded high impact polymer resin, high-density polyethylene, and galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements
  • Robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • Comes with two keys
  • D-Box and Snack Tray are included for additional organizational capabilities
  • 100% waterproof
  • Optional, integrated access ladder (Get this!)
  • Easy install


The Tool Box, combined with the Drawer System makes the best use of space for your truck build. You can carry all of your automotive tools for Overlanding, (breakdowns are REAL, folks), in the Tool Box, and use the Drawer System for camping supplies and a kitchen set up.

Additional Overlanding Accessories


A woman pulls out the drawer on a DECKED Drawer System that is installed in the bed of her fully-equipped for outdoor adventuring pickup.

Photo credit: @briskventure via: @deckedusa


Now that you have the foundation laid, let’s check out some of our other must-have accessories for Ford f 150 trucks.


Rooftop Sleeper


We’ve seen a lot of adventure rigs make their beds on top of the deck of the Drawer System, (again, refer to our IG for real-life examples), but say you want to adventure out with your kids, or friends so you need two beds? Or, you need the space on top of the Drawer System to haul more gear, so here’s where the latest camping craze comes in handy: the rooftop sleeper.


There are a few different kinds available these days, and absolutely select your style depending on your needs, but, we are pretty impressed with the Roofnest Falcon. It’s a hardtop, clamshell-style sleeper, so it pops up in mere seconds and has a super slim design.


What’s great about this sleeper is that the hardtop is built for storage, and has an integrated channel system along the sides where you can attach a wide array of additional accessories, like a shovel, lights, an awning, and so much more.


Crossbars are sold separately, but when clipped into the channel, allows you to add kayaks, bikes, or whatever precious cargo you need for the adventure.


They’ve put a lot of thought into the design of this one, and the unique, integrated features remind us of a Tool Box we know…

Two guys are eating meat fresh off the grill that is mounted from their pickup's hitch.

Photo credit: @forgedfromthewild via: @deckedusa



Adventure Grill


Hitchfire makes a grill that mounts on a swingable arm that, you guessed it, slides right into your hitch. Carrying your grill in this way saves space in the truck bed, and the whole setup is pretty genius.


Truck Bed Rack


Either you’ve got a canopy, or a rack system, or both—but you really need something here to make the best use of space.

With so many brands vying for space on your rig, make sure you choose one that has the functionality you’re looking for and has the carrying capacity of the weight you plan to haul.




These mountable fuel and water containers are an absolute must when you’re out exploring. The ability to carry additional fuel and water becomes paramount when you’re at the pinnacle of some mountain or 50 miles from the nearest paved road. Something like this, in addition to your DECKED system, is an overland necessity.




A vinyl-wrapped DECKED truck has both drawers of the drawer system extended.

Photo credit: @rayjgadd via: @deckedusa


Additional Lighting


Having auxiliary lighting that won’t drain your pickup’s battery, well, that’s not to be taken lightly. You’ll want to consider beam pattern and the speed you’ll be traveling, and having a good light can mean the difference between continuing on, or tapping out. (Except no one’s coming for you. Yikes.) There’s also color temperature, LED versus halogen, and method of installation. Baja Designs has some solid options, and you could even visit a big-box store and grab a set from Rigid.


Either way, just make sure you get some…


A dog stands with it's tongue out on the tailgate of a pickup. There's a rainbow in the background.

Overland On

Perhaps half the fun in Overlanding is working on your truck build? Fair warning: It’s been said that once you get a DECKED product, you may have the sudden urge to DECK out the rest of your truck.


If you start referring to your pickup as a “custom mod” and start “Overlanding” instead of truck camping, then you for sure have been bitten by the Overlanding bug. Let’s be honest though, it’s all just drinking outside, right?


Our trucks do so much for us, day-in-and day out, it’s time we have a little fun with them. They work hard for hard-working Americans on job sites every day, (but also go hard when it comes to “write-offs” at tax time.) You’re welcome.


The DECKED Tool Box, combined with the DECKED Drawer System is the best start you can get for your overland adventuring, and if for any reason you need to have your truck bed empty, they uninstall faster than they went in.


Why would you want to though?


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