Year After Year: The F150 Accessories From DECKED Can Modify Any Model

Year After Year: The F150 Accessories From DECKED Can Modify Any Model


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F150 is one of the most trusted names in trucks, and has been for decades.The Ford F150 was introduced in 1975 and has gone on to become the best-selling truck ever. Each year over its storied history slight improvements and innovations have been made to ensure it keeps up with the times and keeps loyal drivers coming back for more. The F150 is a great truck, but you might be looking for Ford F150 accessories to give it that extra something.


A big problem with accessorizing pickups is that as the years go by the shape and build differ and that can make fitting your truck to your specific year tricky. Are you looking for 2021 F150 accessories or 2012 F150 accessories? Because there’s going to be different requirements. This is where the DECKED Drawer System is ahead of the curve. The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that custom fits the bed of your pickup. It can fit most F150 models so don’t stress about the vintage, DECKED can accessorize F150s old and new alike.


Keep Your Tools Stowed And Your F150 Looking Sexy: The DECKED Drawer System


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The Ford accessories F!50 can interact with are plenty, but the DECKED Drawer System is a standout. It’s state of the art innovative design features keep it among the top 2021 Ford F150 accessories, but all of that same technology can be offered as 2013 Ford F150 accessories, just the same. Even in older trucks the DECKED futuristic materials fit like a glove.


The DECKED Drawer System is easily installed into the bed of your F150. The system is molded to fit around the wheel wells and is fastened down with J-Hooks to keep everything snug with no wasted space. Even the corners are fitted with nifty ammo cans for extra storage. This system has a clean, low-profile look in a variety of colors and finishes to keep your truck looking sexy. You don’t need to sacrifice looks for brawn; you get both.


Once installed the system has a payload of 2000lbs so don’t worry about losing the ability to do hauling. DECKED got its name expressly because it's built like a deck! Throw a grand piano on top of it and your tools stored below won’t feel a thing.


The Drawer System is constructed from anti-corrosion treated steel and High-Density Polyethylene. These futuristic materials can take a beating so your tools don’t have to. The harshest conditions also won’t be a factor because the system is weatherproof. Drive through rain, hail, sleet, snow focusing on what’s in front of you and not stressing about the tools behind you; they’re nice and dry.


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Each drawer can be equipped with drawer locks to keep your tools protected from another unwanted element: thieves. The Drawer System is so tough it will make a crowbar cry. When you leave your truck parked in your driveway overnight, rest easy, crooks aren’t getting in and all your tools will be exactly where you left them the next morning.


The drawers roll out towards the tailgate of your truck bed on urethane sealed bearing wheels. They don’t use sliders because sliders can bend and warp over time causing a drawer to snag. Not these drawers, they open smoothly every time and have a detent to prevent them from closing unexpectedly if you're stopped on an incline. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs so don’t pick and choose what you take with you to the job, take what you need where you need it.


Once the drawers are rolled open they reveal where all your 2020 F150 accessories or 2019 F150 accessories (no matter) are going to be stored. The DECKED Accessories are the key to modularity and versatility in a fully integrated truck bed tool storage system. And again, no matter the year or model — DECKED has got your 2018 F150 accessories, if that’s your year.


Now that this formidable frame is in place you're ready to start personalizing your modular layout to your specific needs. Each component fits perfectly into the Drawer System and is designed to be easily accessible from the gate of your truck bed with both feet firmly planted on the ground. No more backbreaking, reaching or climbing into the bed of your truck; let your tools come to you. That’s what this system is about: get your tools working for you and stop working for your tools. Optimization and organization is taken to the next level with the DECKED Accessories. This is a tool storage system for this century — Ford F150 accessories 2021 style and beyond, even if you're actually installing 2013 F150 accessories.


Accessories For F150 Your Way: Personalizing Your DECKED Drawer System


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For custom Ford F150 accessories look no further than the DECKED Accessories. The DECKED Drawer System can reach its full potential by utilizing these components to make your configuration tailor fitted to your needs. Each day on the jobsite has different challenges and those challenges will need a different set of gear to provide solutions. With the Drawer System you can interchange the different components in an instant giving you a fresh start each morning without having to climb up into the truck bed. Here are a few of the components to help get your 2014 F150 accessories to optimal efficiency:


  • The Drawerganizer: The DECKED Drawerganizer is an open top storage tub that is molded to wrap around the interior drawer handle for zero wasted space. It sits nested in the top of the drawer so it's the first compartment when you pull the drawer out. It is a great place to toss odds and ends like duct tape, bug spray, and rope. Everything in the Drawerganizer is at your fingertips in seconds with grab and go accessibility. There is also a Double Drawergaizer for even more storage space.


  • The Crossbox: This component is a must when configuring your system. The Crossbox functions like a trusty lightweight tool box with a top handle for no fuss transporting. What makes it unique is that it fits perfectly into the Drawer System snug as a bug. It is constructed of High-Density Polyethylene and is weatherproof to keep your tools protected inside. The unit comes with a fully removable tray insert for further organization. It’s great for small DIY jobs when you don’t need your whole arsenal or as a small, but effective part of a larger whole on the bigger jobs.


  • The D-Box: The DECKED D-Box is the big brother to the Crossbox. Made from the same High-Density Polyethylene body, and with a watertight EPDM sealed gasket, your tools are safe even if the D-Box is getting banged around. It has a capacity of 50lbs to be carried with side or top handles. Drop tested from a normal carrying height it can sustain a fall without any effect. This heavy duty container is perfect for storing bulkier tools like a hammerdrill or grinder, but it also can be customized using dividers for more specific organizing. The D-Box should be a staple among your 2016 F150 accessories.


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  • The D-Bag: This component is the embodiment of versatility. The D-Bag has a thermoformed EVA foam coated hybrid soft/hard body. It is weather resistant so your tools will be protected in the drawer and while it's being transported outside. The D-Bag can be carried on your back as a backpack, on your shoulder as a satchel, or in your hand like a briefcase. It has durable 900D TPU coated side panels for collapsible capabilities, with a beefy #8 YKK zipper, so pack this bag as full as you need. Inside the D-Bag are some very clever components for further versatility and organization. There is a fully removable tool roll that can be snapped into place and snapped out just as quickly. The D-Rito tool roll is also sold separately. There is also a removable duffel. This shapeshifter is amazing for traveling longer distances from the truck to the jobsite with everything you need right on your back.


  • Extras: There are many extras available to increase the performance of the Drawer System and enhance the customization possible. Extra midsize and fullsize drawer dividers will help keep the drawers in pristine order. The Drawer Locks are available separately to keep your tools locked up away from thieves. There is even a DECKED Piecekeeper attachment for transporting rifles and other firearms. For all you hunters out there safely bring your firearm out into the harsh wilderness with it tucked safe and dry in your DECKED Drawer System. All these extras help push what is possible for the bed of your F150 to the limit.


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All of these accessories can fit into the Drawer System perfectly in any F150 year and model. That is how the DECKED System changes the way you use your F150. No more loading heavy bins, boxes, and organizers in and out of the bed of your Ford. The DECKED Drawer System unlocks a level of modularity your truck is yet to attain. Once you can interchange the Crossobox and D-Box in tandem to achieve the layout that works best for your day on the site, the way you get jobs done will  be revolutionized. They also stack nicely to keep your garage or shop as tidy as your truck bed.


The Accessories come in multiple colors including a striking blue and a desert tan because you still want your F150 looking sharp even after your tool storage is dialed in. The components are also American made just like your truck. Spruce up your older model truck; 2015 F150 accessories have never looked so good.


Take Your Older Model F150 Into The Future With The DECKED Drawer System


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Don’t get caught in the past just because you have an older model truck. Whether it’s 2016 Ford F150 accessories or 2020 Ford F150 accessories you’re looking for the DECKED Drawer System has got you covered. This durable, fully modular tool storage system turns any truck into an efficient and organized workhorse that will feel like it’s from 2025.


The Ford F150 has been around forever. More people have gone out and bought one of these classic pickups than any other truck ever. If you’re one of the millions that have become a loyal F150 driver over the years then don’t let your truck become a thing of the past with outdated accessories. DECKED offers the F150 accessories of the future and you’re all invited, old and new.