Top 8 Trendy Chevy Silverado Mods and Accessories for 2021

Top 8 Trendy Chevy Silverado Mods and Accessories for 2021


Other than hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball, the thing that symbolizes American culture most comprehensively is nothing but a Chevy pickup truck. And when you have a Chevy Silverado, the one thing you want to do is pronounce your American expression by modifying and upgrading your Chevy Silverado by installing the most trendy accessories, mods, and upgrades of 2021.


Accessories are very much the same to your truck, as a piece of charming jewelry set to a youthful woman. So if you are in love with your Chevy Silverado then please make a hasty attempt to express it by garlanding it with the most popular and widely-welcomed accessories and mods across the continents.


Let us have a quick look at the 2021 Chevy Silverado accessories catalog firstly and then we will unfold the most trendy Chevy Silverado mods and accessories of the year 2021.





A brief 2021 Chevy Silverado Tools & Accessories Catalog



2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 accessories

accessories for 2021 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

2021 Chevy Silverado RST Z71 accessories

2021 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 accessories


Rear Flat Splash Guards

Seat Covers for Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

Fluid Storage for RST Chevy Silverado

All-Weather Floor Liners


Front Splash Guards

Heavy Duty Splash Guards

RST Cargo Rack Load Holder

Console Mounted Safe


Hood Deflector

Custom LED Headlights

RST Artificial Raingutter

Drawerganizer by DECKED


Silverado Emblems for Front


Roof Rack Mounts

Standard Bed Locker Side Rails


Exhaust Bezels

Chevy Trail Boss Logo License Plate

DECKED Ladder for Tool Box

Bed Cargo Net


Double Cab Rectangular Assist Step

Tusk Teton Beadlock Wheel

RST towing Mirror

Safety Rack by BACKRACK


Retractable Step

Fuel Shut Off Valve

RST Tonneau Cover Hardware

Venture TEC Grab Handle


Cross Box

Primary Drive Front Sprocket

RST Hoods and Grills

Console Organizer Tray


Wheel Lock Kit

Mid-Size Short Truck Bed tent

RST Liftgate Parts

Cargo Tie-Down Rings


Rear Brake Upgrade System

Wheel-to-Wheel Oval Straight Side Steps

RST Replacement Fenders

Venture TEC Side Table Brackets



  1. The above catalog does not cover all the mods, upgrades, accessories, and tools in any sense. It is just a little collection of some infamous choices amongst the Chevy Silverado riders.
  2. The accessories mentioned in the catalog given above are picked from numerous categories i.e.
  • Interior Accessories
  • Exterior Accessories
  • Performance Accessories
  • Lights and Mirrors Accessories
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Bed Products
  • Cleaning Products


Having looked at some of the popular choices and preferences of the Chevy drivers around the world, now let’s go through an appealing list of Top 8 Trendy Chevy Silverado Mods and Accessories.


Eight Best 2021 Chevy Silverado Accessories:Trends


The world is moving as fast as your own Chevy Silverado trodding the roads rough and hard under its wheels. Every manufacturer appears with some ultra-catchy mods and upgrades for your vehicle. It is a hell of a job to choose a single accessory as your favorite one from the broader spectrum of accessories-choice available there in the market. However, a list of the eight best 2021 Chevy Silverado Accessories is presented below, which has managed to gather exceptional reception from its users.



  1. Neosupreme Chevy Silverado Seat Covers


You know we live in a world where a book is judged by its cover and a fellow walking in some anonymous street is just assessed by his appearance. So, apart from any doubt, it is inevitable that your Chevy truck always needs a fresh and new look.  Being used excessively, the seat covers of your Chevy truck may undergo wear and tear which minimizes the resale value of your vehicle. But, you don’t have to be worried at all because Neosupreme Seat Covers are just going to redress the seats of your Chevy in a super magical way just like you change the theme or screensaver of your cell phone.



  • Neosupreme Seat Covers are budget-friendly
  • They come in customized forms as well to perfectly match your requirements
  • Available in multiple color ranges
  • It can be easily installed with no or little effort
  • You will also be given 2 years warranty card for the Neosupreme Seat Covers




  1. WeatherTech Window Deflectors


Imagine you are flying your Chevy at an extreme pace on the road and being irritated by the wind's noise or torrential raindrops coming through the side window. You would definitely have a demand for a perfect solution to enjoy the fresh air and avoid that air’s noise or heat-waves at the same time.


Here comes the WeatherTech Window Deflector to help you out. It is full of all those attributes which can aptly and acutely address or satisfy your needs as a first choice.



  • It is made up of special acrylic plastic material which holds perfect strength and durability
  • It helps the AC/Heater of your Chevy Silverado to maintain the inside temperature properly
  • Prevents heat waves or rain from getting into your vehicle
  • It gives a very catchy and dashing look to your Chevy truck


  1. Drawerganizer by DECKED


Drawerganizer is a signature accessory by DECKED that can help you to maximize the storage capacity of your Chevy Silverado if you are on a long trip. Drawerganizer is a handy bin-like compartment that can be used for storing power tools, batteries, lubricants, cords, ropes, and bug sprays, etc. It will definitely benefit you especially when you need it the most. It truly serves the purpose of the DECKED to equip you with the best of the present time needs.



The image shows a DECKED drawer organizer


  • It can properly store the scattered tools and objects in your truck
  • It is made up of high-impact polypropylene
  • It can be easily accessed without opening the drawer fully
  • Cent-per-cent USA made
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  1. CIPA Custom Towing Mirror


They say you cannot hope for a bright future without looking into your darker past. Similarly, it is always unsafe to drive without a back view mirror. It is always risky while pulling or towing a mighty truck or a boat; double in size to your Chevy Silverado, without a towing mirror. In such a scenario, you can trust the CIPA Custom towing mirror blindly… but not that blindly. After all, you have to keep a sharp and witty eye on the towing mirror for a safe and successful towing.



  • It provides you with a broader view to easily assess the position of a trailer you are pulling
  • Towing mirrors with an extra length enable you to catch the full-length view of the trailer being towed
  • It comes in customized form to fit your installation requirements
  • The glass is easy to adjust
  • Tightening knobs make it super easy to adjust according to your requirements.
  • It normally comes with a one-year warranty





  1. ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net

It is quite often that you are about to leave for a miles-long destination with all your luggage and you find yourself in trouble carrying the unmanageable luggage. Nonetheless, it is something not to be worried about at all because there are dozens of solutions available in the market for each of your concerns. You just need to look for some well-designed cargo net in the market or on the internet.


The ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net is designed with such perfection that it holds tightly and securely all your bags and luggage. The elasticity of bungee cords used in the cargo net allows it to expand while covering the luggage and then come back to its original position to hold it tightly with the supports of hooks at each corner.



  • The best to be used with hitch-mounted cargo carriers and roof racks.
  • Hooks used in the ROLA Flat Strap Cargo Net are less vulnerable to corrosion or scratching.
  • It has the capacity to cover a large amount of bags and luggage.
  • You can get a 1-year warranty for this product.


  1. DECKED Ladder for Tool Box


DECKED Ladder is a super amazing accessory that can save you from crawling or creeping into your Chevy truck to look for tooling in the Tool Box. The ladder occupies very little space as it can be folded completely. When you need to access your tool box, you just need to pull it out, and then you can push it in a reverse way after using it. It will make you forget about crawling again into your truck.


The image shows a DECKED tool box for trucks with ladder






  • It comes along with the DECKED Tool Box
  • You can also buy it separately
  • It can be easily installed or mounted following the instructions manual
  • Occupies very little space
  • Saves you from getting a backache


  1. Silverado Emblem for Front


The emblem of your vehicle stands as the hallmark of its genuineness and quality. A catchy yet classy emblem adds to the beauty of your Chevy truck. You can find them coming with a wide variety of styles, colors, build, and metals used in their manufacturing.


The Front Bowtie Emblem can enhance the styling and upgrading of your Chevy Silverado. These emblems are designed, engineered, and tested by Chevrolet.



  • Enhances the beauty of your Chevy Silverado
  • They can be custom-fit to your vehicle
  • Made up of top-quality material


  1. Cross Box


The DECKED Cross Box is a storage compartment that maximizes the storage capacity of the DECKED Drawers. It is designed in such a way that it can easily fit lengthwise in narrow mid-size drawers and crosswise in all full-size drawers and midsize wide drawers. It may help you adjust extra tools and items to be stored safely in it.


The image shows a DECKED tool box




  • It can be easily nested among DECKED Drawers and Tool Boxes
  • It is long-lasting and highly durable
  • The EPDM gasket used in it makes it waterproof
  • Your tools are secured in it because it is lockable
  • It has got an ergonomic carrying handle with it
  • 100% made in the United States of America
  • The Cross Box can bear a weight equivalent to 40lbs approximately



So, what’s next?


A vehicle is a part of our heart. The value increases multiple times when it comes to a Chevy Silverado truck. Adding accessories and equipping it with the best mods helps to upgrade your truck. It makes your truck better organized and personalized.

Choosing the right accessories and tool box for your truck can be a hassle for many. DECKED understands your problem and thus it has come up with the best solutions for you. From budget accessories to the products that last for life, DECKED has got you covered. Let’s take a step to personalize your truck together, why not shop today?