Hauler 80

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D-co Cases: Hauler 80
Sixer 16[A0010-SIXR-TAN] Side angle view of tan Sixer 16 Halfrack 32[A0020-HRAK-TAN] Tan Halfrack 32 closed D-co Bin 32[A0040-DBIN-TAN] Tan D-co Bins stacked Minuteman 80Side angle view of Tan Minuteman Hauler 80Side view of tan Hauler 80
Color: Tan

It's big, it's deep, it's awesome. Stuff all your chaos in here and fuhgeddaboutit.

  • Clutch Latch, one-handed open/close
  • High-impact polymer construction
  • Waterproof with Gore Vent
  • Modular Stable-Stack System

D-co Case System Deep Dive

Tech Specs

Dimensions and Capacities
  • Volume: 80 L.
  • Weight: 10 lb.
  • Payload: 150 lb.
  • A: 17.8 in.
  • B: 21.1 in.
  • C: 20 in.