The Top Accessories For Your Nissan Truck

Nissan truck accessories loaded into a truck that's ready to ride.

Nissan makes some of the most popular vehicles in the US, and with good reason. Nissan has always been known for their “Skyline and GTR” sports cars and racing teams, and they bring that same heat to sporty trucks that can take a lot of punishment. Their vast knowledge of engines means they know how to make powerful trucks you can depend on.

So here you are, the owner of a brand-spankin’ new Nissan Frontier or Nissan Titan. New to you, anyway, doesn’t really have to be new. (Because Nissans last forever, am I right?)

So. What’s next? It may be in your driveway, but it’s not really ready for all the trouble you plan to get into…yet.

Let’s talk about all the cool things you can do to prepare for your adventures in town and off the grid.

Buckle up and we’ll go through all the good stuff to trick out your sweet ride:

Nissan Truck Bed Accessories

Your bed is sure to get plenty of action. So for this, we say—always use protection. Without sounding even more like your mom, here are a few bed accessories to keep your junk straight.


  • Bed mats or bedliners: The truck bed mat or bedliner is the simplest way to protect your vehicle from general wear and tear. Imagine throwing your tools in the back of your Nissan truck and they’re slidin’ around scraping the base while you’re going 80 on the highway. That’s the stuff of nightmares. You gotta get the right truck bed cover or bed extender for your model and size, so don’t forget to measure up.


Bear in mind that the DECKED Drawer System fits snug to your truck bed, so you won’t need a bedliner with that. Not only will you have peace of mind that your pride and joy are protected from scratches and everyday use, but your belongings are also water-tight and secure. Double whammy.


  • Tonneau covers: You might’ve guessed that tonneau is a French word, and you’d be right—it’s basically a barrel or container on a horse-drawn carriage. The old-school truckers of France used a tarp to protect their precious cargo from snow, wind, and rain, and you’re gonna want to do the same. There’s a variety of tonneau cover styles out there including retractable, roll-up, lift-up, and tri-fold in materials such as industrial strength aluminum or fiberglass. Might be worth upgrading from using that raggedy old bed sheet that belonged to your ex.


  • Truck caps: Truck top, bed cap, canopy, box cap, camper shell—no matter what you call it, there’s no getting away from the fact truck caps can transform the look of a Nissan Frontier or Titan while housing a whole other load of more stuff in the truck bed.



You can’t trust the weather, thieves, or bears. DECKED makes sure you’re protected from all of them with lockable functionality and weatherproof materials tried and tested to work. You can also put heavy cargo on top with a 2000lb payload. If you like to spend your nights under the stars, this makes your adventure a whole lot easier.


  • DECKED Tool Box: So you’re gearing your Nissan Titan and you’ve been using the same toolbox for decades. But what if you had a dent-free, custom-fit box that fits right into your truck bed? The DECKED Tool Box is made of injection-molded, high-impact polymer resin, developed by experts with rust and pry bars in mind. Heavy-duty locks and latches prevent even the strongest criminals from using brute force to get in. There’s also an option to equip your box with a fold-out sturdy ladder to access your tools easily. No more hunching over the sides to reach your stuff.

Nissan Interior Accessories

You’ve decked out your truck bed; now you wanna make your crew cab feel like home. We’re thinking comfortable, easy to clean, durable—life proof. There are a whole bunch of OEM and aftermarket accessories you can pick up. Here’s a selection:


  • Floor liners/floor mats: Cab mats aren’t the most exciting of items but they’re a must for keeping the floor and carpets clean and protected. Rubber mats are easy to hose or wipe down from spillages. These mats from WeatherTech are not only made in the USA and approved by Nissan, but they contain none of the nasty stuff like PVC, cadmium, or lead. Not that you were planning on licking them, but better to be safe than sorry…


  • In-vehicle safe: You want to keep your valuables and firearms safe in transit and an in-vehicle safe is an absolute must for that. Console Vault has safes with a choice of combination or barrel key lock and Lock’er Down has this model located underneath the armrest.


The DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System have lock and key components and are designed to keep everything outta sight, so you may not actually need a safe as well. Both products are ideal for locking possessions away from snoopers, younger family members, and of course, those pesky criminals. Lock the drawers and shut the tailgate, and nobody is getting to your gear.


  • DECKED Drawer System Accessories: The DECKED Drawer System includes four great attachments as standard, so plenty of bang for your buck. Maximize all that space and segment it, just like playing TETRIS. Chances are, you’ll like these high-quality accessories so much you’ll want to buy more to make your Drawer System work to its full potential:


  • DECKED Tool Box Accessories
    • The D-Box in blue comes free with each purchase.
    • The Crossbox has a removable small parts tray, a 40lb weight limit and an integrated EPDM seal to keep moisture out. Perfect for wrenches, screwdrivers, electric drills, fishing gear—whatever you need.
    • And when we talk about a D-Bag, we don’t mean someone that tries to break into your DECKED Tool Box. Short for Drawer-Bag, the D-Bag is a rugged and dependable backpack designed to hold equipment on the go. Hosting a number of pouches, covers, and zipped compartments, it comfortably holds everything with secure velcro strips and snap buttons. The bag’s resistant hard outer shell will ensure all your tools are kept safe. And guess what? It’s molded to fit inside the DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System.


  • Seat covers: Never before has there been such a wide range of seat covers to snazz up your ride. Not only do they keep your Nissan seats clean, customizing your truck is your personal style. Car And Driver have a rundown here of top-rated covers, but we think camo print is an excellent choice, especially if you’re planning on going hunting.

Nissan Exterior Accessories

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. The shell, the outside layer, the paintwork—these can be safeguarded as well as enhanced. Exterior items can help make your Nissan the best of the best. Alongside your DECKED accessories, you’ll be the envy of onlookers and passengers everywhere.


  • Running boards/side steps: What do nerf bars, hoop steps, step rails, and running boards all have in common? Some sound like something your kid nephew would own, but they’re actually accessories to aid getting into your truck. All that climbing in and out of your truck bed before you got your DECKED Drawer System can really mess up your knees, so give yourself a helping hand. Nissan produces running boards for the Nissan Frontier, Nissan Titan, and Titan XD, among a whole range of other OEM truck accessories.


  • Custom grille: The front of the truck above the license plate is what everyone sees first and a custom grille or bull bar can help you stand out among the 31,000 other Nissan Titan trucks sold in the US. From classic stainless steel mesh to matte black with LED lights, there’s something to suit all tastes.


  • Hood protector/reflector: You want your Nissan to look shiny and new and not covered in bug guts, right? Time to get yourself a hood protector. Try this deflector from Auto Ventshade with over a thousand reviews on Amazon, and keep all that dirt away from your windshield.


  • Fender flares: Fender isn’t just a guitar brand. It’s also the name of the area around the wheel well. And fender flares help to deflect rocks and other road debris away from the truck body, keeping the paint scratch-free. And they look really cool doing it.


  • Lights (tail lights, headlights, LED light bars): Taillights and light bars are very popular; not only do they light up the road, but they also look cool as hell. They make life easier for drivers to see turn signals and brakes easily in low cloud or pitch darkness. This one from OPT7 has the brightest LED lights around.


Headlights and brake lights can be customized to suit your style in every color and housing imaginable: CarID has custom lights for a huge range of vehicles.


Fog lights with LED bulbs aren’t standard in many trucks, but you can get fog light kits like this one from Rough Country to improve visibility.

Nissan Performance Accessories

Okay, you’ve got your truck looking the way you want it, but what about performance? As fantastic as Nissan trucks are, there’s ways to improve and enhance them. Make the most of your showpiece pickup with a few upgrades.


  • Splash guards: Also known as mud flaps, these pieces of plastic or rubber are a must for off-roaders, protecting your ride from rocks and other particles. They’re relatively inexpensive but provide extra protection for that paintwork. You can even get them personalized with an imprinted logo.


  • Performance tuners: Tuners and programmers are designed to maximize your engine to its full potential by communicating with the computer inside your vehicle. They’re popular especially with older truck models, allowing you to gain better mileage per gallon and quicker acceleration. Brands like Superchips and Bully Dog get two thumbs up from us.


  • Towing Accessories: Look, every truck owner winds up towing somebody out of something. It’s just a given. Make your life—and your buddy’s—easier with a winch on the front and a ball mount on the back. This also gives you a hook to hang a classy pair of Truck Nutz (just kidding…please don’t get Truck Nutz). Also, that trailer hitch ball will come in handy when you buy your boat. Like Mama says, be prepared.


  • Performance wheels: These days, you don’t reinvent the wheel. You upgrade ‘em. Particularly if you’re going off-road, get wider and larger wheels and puncture-resistant tires with a decent grip for rough terrain. A brand new set of custom rims can take years off your truck’s visible age. Aluminum wheels are lightweight and protective against corrosion, whereas steel is a stronger more durable material. The jury’s out on which is better, but they both look great.


Give Your Nissan Truck What It Deserves With DECKED

Regardless of whether you use your pickup truck for work or play (or both), it’s fair to say you can make it go the extra mile in more ways than one with a wide range of Nissan accessories.

Customize it to your impeccable tastes, upgrade all the components to suit your needs and above all, utilize that space with the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past year, it’s that life is for living to the fullest. Your Nissan truck will undoubtedly play a part in that and being organized can be difficult if your days are jam-packed. We think our DECKED products will make your life a whole lot easier, giving you more time to do the things you love.

What are you waiting for?

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