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So, you’re here because you really don’t know what a fiberglass truck cap is? We find that hard to believe, but just in case, let’s go over the basics. Fiberglass truck caps:

  • Are made out of fiberglass (no surprises there).
  • Typically have rear and side windows and a glass rear door you can lift to enter your truck bed and/or have accessibility to all your gear.
  • Have an OEM level of fit and finish (most people get them painted to match their new truck for a stylish, factory-fresh look).
  • Because of that, they often make your truck resemble an SUV or cargo van . But since you can take them off, you don’t lose the convenience you bought a truck for— hauling stuff in your truck bed .
  • Are easy to detach, so taking them off when you don’t need them isn’t a big problem. You will probably need an extra set of hands, though. They weigh a couple of hundred pounds, and handling something that big by yourself is just awkward.
  • Come in a high-rise, mid-rise, or cab-high sizes.
  • Are built to be aerodynamic and provide generous airflow.
  • Are not to be confused with low-profile tonneau covers .
  • Are sometimes called “truck tops” or “toppers”.

Pretty simple, right? Fiberglass truck caps are just hard shell covers that fit over the bed of your pickup truck to protect your gear or add a few feet of cargo space.

They can even serve as camper shells for people who like to camp out of their truck beds . With a truck cap, you can rough it without getting too rough. (Let’s keep it real… wet ground and slithery sleeping bag companions aren’t that much fun.)

Let’s now get down to brass tacks. Here’s everything else you need to know about fiberglass truck caps.

The Ups and Downs of Fiberglass Truck Caps

Fiberglass truck cap

Source: Ranch Fiberglass


Naturally, you want to know what’s the deal with fiberglass truck caps instead of, say, an aluminum one. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about these fiberglass toppers.



  • Attractiveness: When it comes to looks, a fiber glass truck top  is hands down the best option. Aluminum toppers look functional but lack any kind of style, and plastic toppers are just straight-up ugly. You can get a fiberglass shell to match the exact color of your truck body, so it looks like a factory install. If you wanna look sleek and sexy on the road, go with a fiberglass option.
  • Durability: Fiberglass is pretty darn strong. The material itself is a heavily reinforced plastic made out of small glass fibers and then bound together with a powerful resin. Fiberglass truck caps don’t rust or dent as easily as other options. They’re all pretty heavy-duty and will withstand some hard knocks.
  • Security: If you haul around expensive gear, tools, and supplies, a fiberglass truck cap on your truck bed will provide some protection. (You can also shove a lot of delicate ornamental plants in there for landscaping jobs and get to your job site with every leaf intact.) It’s not Fort-Knox like DECKED, but it’ll provide you with basic security.
  • Warranty: Typically, fiberglass toppers have a longer warranty than other types of toppers.
  • Insulation: Fiberglass caps are better insulated and offer more protection against extreme temperatures than most other truck cap materials. If you plan to camp in your truck or carry fragile gear that might be sensitive to cold or heat, fiberglass is a good option.


  • Bigger price tag: As you probably have guessed, all these features make fiberglass truck caps more expensive than aluminum or plastic truck caps.
  • Weight: Fiberglass toppers can weigh in at over 200 lbs, which must be factored in when you’re figuring your load or hauling capacity. It’s like bringing a whole extra Uncle Earl.
  • Sun damage: While it’s more resistant to dings and scratches, UV rays can damage fiberglass more easily than aluminum. You might have to add a UV-resistant coating, and that means more $$.
  • Accessibility: When your truck is fully loaded and you need something from the front of the bed, forget it. You either have to have a slide-out bed, or you’re stuck unloading the entire cargo. Even with the tailgate open, having a truck topper can be a major hassle.

Of course, if you had all your tools and gear stored in the DECKED Drawer System , you don’t need to worry about any of those cons. DECKED solves all the common issues other truck bed storage options have.


With DECKED, all your gear is:

  • Protected from the elements. Fully weatherproof, the drawers’ rugged construction leaves everything bone dry and in the exact condition, they should be. DECKED drawers don’t rust, ding, or dent either. And the UV rays can try all they want, your gear is fully protected.
  • Secure from wannabe thieves. DECKED drawers have two locking points—the drawers lock themselves and when the tailgate is up and locked.
  • Accessible in seconds. The drawers fully slide out and bring everything to you. DECKED drawers were engineered with working men and women’s ergonomics in mind. Trust us, you won’t have to crawl or high jump in or out of a truck bed again. Plus, you won’t ever have to deal with having limited headroom the same way you might with a truck cap.

Looking for a Fiberglass Truck Cap?

Here are some of the top brands in the business. They’re all reputable and well-known truck cap and truck accessory manufacturers.


    • Ranch Fiberglass: Made in the USA, Ranch Fiberglass offers seven different fiberglass caps with a style to custom fit most truck models.
    • Century: Made in the USA and committed to superior customer service, Century has been in business since the early 60s. Click here to find out what products fit your truck and where to find the dealer nearest you.
    • Unicover: In business since the mid-70s, Unicover is a family-owned company with dozens of authorized dealers. Click here to find a dealer near you .
    • LEER: As the #1 manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps in North America, LEER really understands truck owners. They have hundreds of authorized distributors located in every state in the U.S. and across Canada. LEER products are made in the USA. Find an authorized LEER dealer near you .


What’s a Fiberglass Truck Cap Going to Cost You?

Fiberglass toppers are loaded with features that can make them a little pricey. Naturally, the pricing will vary by brand, quality of construction, and all the bells and whistles. However, let’s say a really, really nice one will run you about $2,000 . On top of that, if you’re looking to build out a work truck, you may want custom features, a roof rack, and other truck accessories to make your truck convenient and useful.

Lastly, these are some optional features that may run up your bill:

  • Different window opening options (tilt-down front, half slider sides, screens, etc.)
  • Window tints
  • Side or rear privacy door
  • LED dome lighting
  • Custom interior shelving
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Roof racks or side racks
  • Any power strips
  • Fishing rod holders

That’s just a general idea of available options; not all of them will be available for your truck or the cap model you choose. For shelving and storage solutions, you’ll have to figure that out on your own.

Which is another good reason to consider DECKED.

You can put everything away neatly in our handy-dandy storage accessories and still have a pickup truck bed you can use for anything.

DECKED: Your Go-To for Truck Bed Storage and Security

fishing tackle storage

If you already have a truck cap, there’s no need to get rid of it. 25% of DECKED users actually have a truck cap; you don’t have to pick one or the other.

DECKED with a truck cap

  • You don’t have to squeeze yourself into what amounts to a 4-foot tall tunnel.
  • No need to army crawl under your truck cap to get your stuff. You get easy access from the truck rear. All you have to do is pull out the drawers.
  • For those who sleep under their truck cap , DECKED will provide you a bigger, flat sleeping platform by covering your wheel wells.
  • Keeps your gear dry, secure, and safe against the forces of Mother Nature.
  • Removes the need for a truck bed liner .
  • Removes the need for extra shelving; just choose from any of our modular organization solutions and accessories.
  • It keeps all gear organized and easily accessible, rather than floating around in a pile of equipment under your cap.

DECKED without a truck cap

The above will still apply, but here are a few extra bonuses:

  • Won’t cost you as much and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Will keep all your equipment and gear 100% bone dry. Trust us, we’ve put it to the test .
  • DECKED drawers keep your gear safe and out of sight (does this better than a truck cap because you can’t actually peer inside).
  • You’ll still be able to load bulky things like a bunch of plywood, an ATV, or a fridge on top since you aren’t limited underneath the truck cap roof.

Want to learn more? Contact a local dealer today to find out why DECKED is the ultimate solution to organize and secure everything you’ve got.

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