• Customized organization

  • Designed for the weekend

  • Secure weatherproof storage
  • Full bed access

  • Weatherproof Storage

Customized organization

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Designed for the weekend

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Full bed access

2000 POUND PAYLOAD Select Vehicle

Weatherproof Storage

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Keeping your skis, boards, climbing rack, camp gear and about everything else out of the weather and organized is what DECKED is all about. You can dial in everything you need for that epic journey or weekend warrior escape neatly and out of the way. 

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Customize to your needs

The Decked Drawer System is built with customization in mind. Use our range of accessories to store and organize based on season, hobby, or day of the week if you need. The modular nature of our system means you can load up one drawer for an early morning bike ride and the other with gear for a day on the job. 

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2000 Pound Payload

With a 200 lb per drawer load rating and a 2000 lb payload capacity on the deck, DECKED truck cargo boxes can take about everything you can throw at it. Storage dividers and tray accessories allow for fully customizable organization in the bed of your truck for all the gear you need to throw at mother nature.

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