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Organization and access for your tools

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Weighing in at only 200-220 lb per system, DECKED won't dramatically effect fuel economy or van payload capacity. Access your tools without climbing in and out of your van.


DECKED drawers slide your payload of tools, gear and other supplies right out at waist height. Done are the days of crawling into your van.


Dial in your system with DECKED accessories: locks, dividers, Core Trax, T-Tracks and D-Box toolboxes. DECKED is also compatible with a variety of toolboxes, ladder racks, gun mounts, cargo slide systems and more. All accessories sold separately.

Organized Storage

End the junk show. Easily access everything you need. DECKED cargo van systems get you dialed and makes your life more efficient.


Limited drilling or alteration of your van is necessary—most vans require no drilling. DECKED uses adapters and brackets which bolt to the van body.

Strength and Durability

Your van works as hard as you. HDPE co-molded to a steel subframe deliver a van storage system with a 2000 lb system payload and 200 lb capacity per drawer.
Organize your work van with a durable storage system made from the cockroach of materials: HDPE and steel. Designed to take the abuse of work trucks, this van organizer leaves nothing to spare.

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American Made

There is no other way we'd make our products than right here in the good ole' US of A. We believe where it's made, and who makes it, is as important as the product itself. 
From the recycled HDPE to the galvanized, e-coat, and zinc chromate steel, our products are made from the best possible material to balance durability with detail. 

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Easy to Install & Remove

It truly ain't rocket science. if you can operate a screw driver and read picture instructions, you'll have your van storage system assembled and installed in no time.

When you need to sell your van, removing the DECKED storage system is easy as 1-2-3 and only takes about 15 minutes to remove or reinstall. 

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Customized For a Perfect Fit

Each DECKED organization system fits your cargo van like a glove. CAD engineering data is used to match the storage system with the sidewall topography of your cargo area of your van for a perfect fit. 

Save the drill for your dentist. Except in a few instances, no drilling or altering of your van body is required for installation. DECKED attaches to brackets and tie downs for a clean storage system install. 

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Focused On Details

You appreciate the finer details of your van and at DECKED we're the same way. To help you work smarter, we've provided a handy ruler with conversion and common bit guides; when it's time to call it a day, our bottle opener and cup holders make your van the place to be. 

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Converting a Van into a camper?

Maybe you are a full-time #vanlifer or you just want something to adventure in on the weekends. A DECKED drawer system is perfect for in van storage and organization. Customize a kitchen in a drawer or simply use it for a wide sleeping platform. 

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