The Top 5 Rolling Tool Bags Every Tradesman Should Know

A rollling tool bag at the job site.

Do I Really Need a Rolling Tool Bag?

You need a tool carrier that’s going to fit everything you might need at a job site. But your traditional, bigger toolboxes can get pretty heavy (even before you load them with hand tools, power tools, and spare parts).

Rolling tool bags lighten the load and might even save you a trip to the chiropractor. You get the benefit of heavier load capacities without doing the heavy lifting. There are more fun ways to throw your back out than lugging tools.

From a security perspective, having all your gear in one bag is better than juggling multiple bags and boxes every time you head to or from a job. And having the right tools with you at every job saves a load of time.

When you have the storage capacity to take larger tools with you, you’ll save time trekking back and forth to your truck. If you’ve had to climb several flights of stairs to get to a job, you know that’s the difference between getting a job done quickly and spending all day huffing up and down stairs carrying heavy gear.

So, in short, yes. We’d say it probably doesn’t hurt to have a rolling tool bag.

Today we’re looking at a few of the best rolling tool bags currently available. We’ll compare construction materials, durability, cost, and notable pros and cons of each one and help you get organized to boot.

So, in no particular order, let’s check out some of the most popular rolling tool bags and their features:

  • DeWalt DGL571 Roller Tool Bag
  • Klein Tools 55452RTB Rolling Tool Bag
  • Husky 600-Denier Rolling Tool Tote Bag
  • Stark 20-inch Rolling Tool Bag
  • XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag

The Top 5 Rolling Tool Bags

DeWalt DGL571 Roller Tool Bag

This DeWalt roller tool bag has a telescoping handle with integral LED light and magnetic folding zippered top. With 6 internal storage pockets and 11 external pockets, there’s a decent level of organization for your smaller hand tools while still having room for most large power tools. There’s a lightly padded web handle for lifting the bag and heavy-duty tread on the wheels turn rough terrain a breeze. The telescopic handle extends to 39 inches.

What’s it made of?

  • The DeWalt rolling tool bag is constructed from polyester with a reinforced interior, while the telescopic handle is constructed from lightweight aluminum.

How much is this gonna cost me?

  • The DGL571 is available on Amazon for $119.95


  • The LED lights are a pretty innovative feature that gets rid of the need to fit a flashlight in your tool bag.
  • The all-terrain treaded wheels allow you to take your tool bag over rough terrains; this will probably save some wear and tear we see on the bottom of most rolling tool bags.


  • Amazon reviewers say the handle is not up to the task.
  • Tools stored in the exterior pockets tend to fall out when rolling over rougher terrain.

Klein Tools 55452RTB Rolling Tool Bag

With 6-inch all-terrain wheels and molded kick plate for weather resistance, this Klein rolling tool bag is easy to maneuver in all weathers and across all landscapes. This wide mouth tool bag with easy visibility (it’s got a bright orange interior) can hold up to 100 lbs internally and features a reinforced zip-closing top panel. The heavy-duty telescoping handle extends to 39.5 inches.

What’s it made of?

  • This tool bag is made of water-resistant 600D ballistic weave polyester and a reinforced metal frame.

How much is this gonna cost me?

  • The Klein rolling tool bag will cost around $143.99 – $210.00.


  • 24 pockets for great tool storage and organization.
  • It can handle a payload of up to 200 lbs, making this versatile roller suitable for taking heavy tools to any job site.


  • It’s 19 lbs, so it can get taxing to pull, even before you load it up.
  • Internal pockets are all the same size and all pretty small.

Husky 600-Denier Rolling Tool Tote Bag

The Husky 18” 2-wheeled rolling tote bag has a 100 cubic inch holding capacity with a large main compartment and 18 pockets (7 internal) to handle large tools and all your bits and pieces. This versatile bag comes with thick carrying handles, 2 handy external tape measure loops, a dual zipper top with pull strings, and a plastic footer on the base.

What’s it made of?

  • It’s made out of water-resistant 600-Denier polyester.

How much is this gonna cost me?

  • The Husky rolling tool bag is available at Home Depot for $85 or Amazon from $150.


  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • As a popular Home Depot brand, it’s available in a variety of sizes and is almost always in stock.


  • Small wheels that break easily, according to reviews on Amazon.
  • This bag comes with a Prop-65 warning.

Stark 20-inch Rolling Tool Bag

The Stark rolling tool bag comes with removable base dividers and 14 internal pocket compartments for organization. This bag features an additional 8 easy-access external pockets that keep your most commonly used tools close at hand. It’s easy to lift using the padded carrying handle but because it’s a strap system, heavier weights or uneven weight loads might cause an issue. You get easy access to the main compartment thanks to the dual-zipper top with pull strings. There are 2 useful external tape measure loops as well as 3 plastic feet on the base for stability.

What’s it made of?

  • The Stark rolling tool bag is constructed out of a water-resistant 600-Denier ballistic polyester.

How much is this gonna cost me?

  • Available on Amazon for $95.95.


  • The internal velcro fastenings are very strong and put up a hell of a fight.
  • Versatile AF: Amazon users claim they’ve used this bag for not just tools, but art supplies, school textbooks, and hair supplies!


  • The telescopic handle is prone to breaking and can be a little faulty.
  • According to reviews on Amazon, it’s best to avoid occasional rough terrain job site adventures.

XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag

This 18” rolling tool bag has 10 interior pockets and 9 external pockets that make for reasonable small tool organization. Its all-terrain wheels allow it to travel over soft and rugged landscapes and is designed to be taken to any kind of job site. The telescopic handle is adjustable from 26” – 41”.

What’s it made of?

  • The XtremepowerUS tool bag is made of weather-resistant 600D polyester.

How much is this gonna cost me?

  • You can find this bag listed in between a range of $99.95 to $199.95.


  • It ships completely free and delivers within 3-5 days of ordering.
  • Has optimal tool organization with varying sized pockets and features a strong velcro and external clips for security.


  • This isn’t as popular a bag or brand, so you might find little and/or polarizing reviews on it, making it difficult to really get an accurate pulse on its durability.
  • Some reviewers say the seam stitching appears weak and prone to splitting.

Your Next Tool Bag

A rolling tool bag is a good option if you don’t have to worry about heavy loads and rougher terrain.

But if you do? Or… we guess, if you want to roll a backpack while carrying another…

Check out the DECKED D-Bag (of course, short for Drawer-Bag). Made to safely hold heavy power tools and all your bits and pieces, the D-Bag has an integrated removable tool roll with multiple compartments and a handy duffel bag at no extra cost.

It’s not a roller. It’s better than a roller. It’s a hybrid hard shell, soft-sided tool and gear bag, constructed out of 900TPU coated ballistic grade nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base and a reinforced lid to protect your tools from the elements. And it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Because of the versatile, well-padded strap system, it can be carried like a tool backpack, a briefcase, or slung over the shoulder.

Meanwhile, everything is ultra-secure inside and your gear isn’t going to get damaged in transit. It fits neatly inside the DECKED Drawer System which means you can get it out easily, too. How do you get a heavy rolling tool bag out of your truck?

The DECKED D-Bag. You might actually love this one.

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