Floored by the organizational powers of DECKED

Floored by the organizational powers of DECKED


My pickup truck to me is like a horse to a cowboy: I can’t live without it, and I want to get every little advantage out of the reliable options a good ride has to offer. That means my truck is more than just transportation. It’s an office, a den, a place in which life is lived and accommodated.  

And I like my life to be structured and organized. No clutter. No mess. No making it more difficult to find what I need to navigate the task ahead.


So I can’t believe I lived a day—much less a few years—without having the DECKED Drawer System, the tool box organizer, as part of my beloved pickup truck.


Let’s slam that truck into reverse and find out how I found my way to DECKED as a solution for how to live my life with more order andwell, yeah—joy. And let’s look at all the great features of the DECKED system that are both unique and, in my opinion, unsurpassed in their quality and reliability.


I hope you aren’t like I was before DECKED. I used to just toss stuff in the back of my truck, made sure it was leveled off, and slammed down the lid cover and moved along. However things fit, they fit. I didn’t worry about next steps until I found myself moving around bags of fertilizer to uncover a rake, which maybe was looped inside a hose and tangled with the fishing poles I had sort of laid on top. You get the picture: a snake pit of disorganization.


That sometimes required me to move dirty tools into my beautiful cab. Or to climb into the back and wedge down under the lid cover and slide things around to make room for one more box or one more tool.

Various types of boxes and trays can be used in the DECKED drawers to allow organization and storage options.


But the DECKED Drawer System has saved my back and eliminated all that extra shoving, tossing, and moving.


DECKED’s unique drawers provide storage space for items of all sizes and sorts, and I suddenly fell in love with the way it helped me arrange my hand tools, fishing rods, supplies, even my cold drinks. The drawers can be structured so that I have a safe, secure, and dry place to store my laptop and its peripherals.


It makes business sense

Because I’m a guy who runs his business out of his pickup, the DECKED Drawer System allows me to be the “Lincoln Lawyer” of contractors. I can open a compartment, remove tools, and help one of my team members complete a chore. I can unlock another box and offer promotional materials to a potential customer or even present a printed contract to a committed one. I don’t have to run off to a restaurant for lunch, because there’s a place for my sandwiches and iced tea. I even keep a drawer for a clean set of clothes so I won’t be dirty when I stop after work to catch my kid’s band concert.


Yes, I’ve found the DECKED Drawer System to be invaluable in the flexibility and structure. Like its name implies, this system is like a mobile file cabinet that goes with me and holds more than folders and a bag of potato chips.



Let’s look at what you have

But you don’t need to be a professional like me to get the most value out of the DECKED Drawer System. You can be a do-it-yourself handyman who spends Saturdays at the hardware stores. Or maybe a coach who has bats and balls and snacks. Or how about a flea market vendor who has not only wares to transport and secure but tents and display pieces that must be erected. Go to the big game on Saturdays? Tailgating requires lots of goodies and tools. No matter what you have, you can be more efficient when it becomes time to unload and set up.

DECKED solves problems before you confront them by helping you organize your life and dictate how you need your truck to work for you and not require you to let the truck’s features  limit effectiveness.


DECKED is a customized structure of drawers and compartments that fit squarely into the base of your truck. The good news is that the DECKED Drawer System works no matter the brand, model, or size of vehicle you prefer. Yes, you even can purchase and install a DECKED Drawer System in your van or similar commercial vehicle. There are a variety of sizes—even options for colors—and adjusting the fit is simple.


And how you can use DECKED

The DECKED Drawer System is constructed inside a seamless tub that fits securely and snugly inside the bed of your truck. Maybe you’ve looked at similar inserts sold at a variety of retail outlets. Maybe you’ve even tried to construct something for yourself. Wasn’t that fun? Yes, you can buy or try one of those options, but you won’t find one that is as snug, dry, and strong as DECKED’s custom system.


DECKED has two long drawers that slide open—remember the file cabinet?—onto your lift gate, and inside there are a variety of Tool Boxes that allow you to collect and organize your items as you need them to be. Versatility is a key, and for me that was a huge selling point.

Think about it like this: One drawer can hold your long items – rakes, shovels, sledgehammer, or the poles for a tent or awning for tailgating or that flea market. They easily can contain those beloved fishing rods or even a set of golf clubs.


A second drawer would contain a system of interlocking tool boxes that allow many options for just about any need you have. There’s a box to hold conventional tools, with a tray for smaller items. A smaller box can handle that laptop and documents, and there’s a unit that can become a cooler for drinks and sandwiches. And here’s something unique: there’s even a special insert that secures the rifles I like to take deer hunting on fall weekends.

The DECKED Drawer system includes a variety of boxes that vary in style and are offered in two color schemes.


What you get

Each DECKED Tool Box comes standard with an easy-to-grab and waterproof D-Box that hangs in place inside the tub.


That DECKED system includes:

  • A D-Box and a CrossBox (in either Desert Tan or blue and black) that have nest storing
  • A Snack Tray (which fits firmly in the DECKED tool boxes) is handy not only for snacks you eat but for smaller tools and gear, like even golf balls or fishing lures or baseball gloves
  • A D-Bag (with the D-Rito Tool Roll, which snaps inside the D-Bag)
  • And there’s an optional Integrated Ladder for access from the side of the truck to a singularly mounted Tool Box. This aluminum ladder slides out of the box and reaches the ground no matter how elevated the truck might be.


Each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds, so you can manage your limits. And get this: everything opens and closes with spring locks so you won’t be slamming your fingers.

 The DECKED Drawer System is at its essence drawers and boxes, but on top of that is the true "deck," where more items can be stashed and stacked.

Here’s a bonus

Have you ever been on your way home from a long day of work or a too-short day of fishing, with your pickup bed strewn with all the gear you’ve used and wearily just tossed in so you quickly could get back to the house?


And then you get one of THOSE calls.


Can you pick me up a few bags of mulch on the way home so I can finish lining the walk in the morning?


You quickly start to think about what you’ll do with those bags. You will have to move around a few things. Maybe some stuff will have to be transferred to the cab. It will take some effort, but you want to please. Then you get the real deal-breaker.


How many bags do you need?


Do you think you could get me about 25?


Yes, she wants 25 bags of mulch, which easily would fit in the empty truck bed but not the one loaded with gear.


Unless you have the DECKED Drawer System installed.


DECKED is constructed so the top of the tub that holds the Drawer System creates a platform – the same size as your regular truck bed – capable of holding a load all its own.


So there is plenty of room for 25 bags of mulch – or sheets of drywall or spring flowers or fertilizer or even a few dozen steppingstones to line that walk when the mulch is down.


In fact, the DECKED Drawer System can support 2,000 pounds of payload in the bed of your truck, so those 3-pound bags of mulch can be stacked as high as you dare.


One other plus: I can walk around on top of the installed DECKED unit, which means that when I stop for the mulch at the garden store, an employee can toss up the bags while I stack them. Or when I get home, I can stand on the bed and toss the bags by the edge of the walk, so that person who wants to finish the mulching project doesn’t have to move them very far.


You won’t find brownie points in the list of advantages for the DECKED Drawer System, but don’t underestimate that as a hidden value.

 There are many options for many uses, right down to a stash of breath mints.


Strong and secure

The tool box system is designed like a fortress, constructed of high-impact polymer and galvanized steel reinforced by aluminum (we will spare you the technical names). It can handle any item you throw at it. Literally, throw your hammer into a tool box, and you won’t dent it or ding it. Heck, it doesn’t even rust when parked in the elements. All of that means it has incredible durability.


The corrosion-proof exterior extends inside to protect the items you store there. The boxes are waterproof. Everything is completely dry, so that laptop and those papers are protected. All the compartments seal tightly because of firm gaskets. The Tool Box has a seamless lid and tub, so water doesn’t get trapped inside. And the lip on top acts as a gutter, so the rain flows off.

Obviously most of us store valuable items in our truck beds, and the DECKED Drawer System helps me feel at ease about security. That sturdy system can’t be opened with a crowbar. The design for the lid limits places where a pry bar could even be inserted. That reinforced steel feels impenetrable.


A steel armored locking mechanism combines with a driver-side lock to make forced entry nearly impossible. There are two keys, and the lid has to be open before a Tool Box can be removed from the bed of the truck.


Don’t be intimidated

If you are like me, all of that information has your head spinning. And just how to get this system installed felt a little intimidating. But it really wasn’t all that complicated, even for someone whose mechanical skills are more hammer than wrench.


The DECKED Drawer System doesn’t require a dealer – although there are dealers across the country – and the pieces can be shipped directly to you – for FREE – with installation instructions that take two minutes, with a bracket-and-bolt system. I just had to thread in the system, and then use a power tool to secure it. The tub grabbed the bed rail and fit in place. Unlike other systems, there’s no drilling, and it uses four camps to grab the bed rail.


There are military discounts and financing plans, and the best news for me: the DECKED Drawer System is backed by a lifetime warranty.


This is personal

If that sounds simple, you can know it works because the people who developed the DECKED system are like you and me. They spent more than 20 years fussing with homemade systems of plywood before they came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way. When they couldn’t find an affordable system that met their needs, they decided to design and build their own.

DECKED builds and ships its system from this facility in Defiance, Ohio.

DECKED’s components are manufactured in Defiance, Ohio, and our developers spent nearly three years designing, engineering and evaluating. They started and stopped and fiddled and probably cussed until DECKED was opened in 2013.


Since then about 5,000 customers like me have given an average of 4.8 stars on a 5-star review system. Those are satisfied customers.


That’s because we make sure you know who we are. Visit and we will introduce you to the smiling face of every one of our team members.


We take this personally, just like you do with your relationship with your truck. The DECKED Drawer System is a great new toy that brings much joy.


DECKED Drawer Systems are shipped directly to you.