Jon Dawson: Enjoy the Grind

Jon Dawson: Enjoy the Grind

Jon Dawson: Dawson Co. Homes

After his college football career came to an end and dreams of the NFL didn't pan out, Jon Dawson was looking to take what he knew and loved and turn it into a job. His father owned a flooring store which was how he got his start working with his hands and eventually that turned into becoming a general contractor and owning his own business. 

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DECKED Construction storage

After remodeling his first home, Jon would constantly get questions from friends and followers on how to do certain home renovations. His solution for answering those questions was to start filming his projects to offer some DIY solutions for everyday home renovation questions. Those videos have now earned him a whopping 660k TikTok followers and a growing Instagram and YouTube following as well. Safe to say people love to learn about pounding nails, but we think people really just love Jon! His videos help show how positive and driven he really is. As an entrepreneur he has looked to grow a clothing brand on the side of his full time work in construction and seems to always be working his a$$ off. 

DECKED Construction truck storage

As a general contractor bouncing from job to job, Jon uses his truck as a mobile work station and his DECKED System is the key to much of his organizational success. Without having to constantly move tools around he has saved time and money by keeping everything in its' rightful place. His tailgate acts as the perfect work bench and he has made it easy to charge his electric tools directly from his truck to be sure he is never without power. He was one of the first guys to test out the new DECKED D-Bag and you wouldn't believe how much he was able to fit in there. 

DECKED Construction storage jon dawson

Jon's passion for his trade and sharing that knowledge has allowed Jon to grow his business and find a way to give back to an industry that he loves.  

Be sure to follow Jon on the following channels to learn some quality DIY construction ideas, keep up on his big projects, and ask questions (he really wants to help). 

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Jon Dawson - DECKED for construction storage

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