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DECKED Toolboxes: Make The Choice That Makes a Difference

DECKED Toolboxes: Make The Choice That Makes a Difference

We believe that being passionate about something is probably the most potent force on earth. At DECKED, we’re passionate about what we do, and part of what we do involves making toolboxes.

Life is about choices. We believe our passion for making toolboxes makes a difference in your life—especially if you’re still using something that looks and works like your grandads’ toolboxes from 1973.

When you love what you do, you’re successful. If you don’t, it’s time to make a change.

Make the choice that makes a difference in your life. One way to do that is to scale up your operations with truck toolboxes that come from this century and are made with materials from the future.

Here’s what you need to know about our custom toolboxes to get your daily work on the right track and why it should matter.

 The DECKED Tool Box and view of how the D-Box and integrated ladder fit snugly into the box and improve your tool organization and access.

Toolboxes and Tools’ Problems and Solutions

You probably deal with multiple challenges in your daily life. Some of these problems may make the blood rush to your head in the wrong way. Other issues may get your adrenaline pumping because you love to rise to a challenge.

Here are several issues that you or someone you know probably face on a regular or irregular basis. A gentle (or not so much) reminder may be the not-so-subtle hint you need to change how you see toolboxes in general.

If your thoughts are that you've seen one toolbox, you've seen them all. But guess again—because not all toolboxes are created alike.

After you finish reading, we hope that you make the right decision about how you view the best truck toolboxes.

We want you to know what’s available and then realize there is something that stands out among the rest.

A close-up image of the DECKED Tool Box with D-Box and Snack Tray full of equipment.


Problem 1: Theft Rates of Toolboxes Are High

Stats show that there were approximately 1.05 million larceny thefts in the U.S. during 2020. Do an online search, and you're sure to find reports on thefts of toolboxes across states.

Larceny theft is the theft of smaller items that thieves like to target. Unsurprisingly, truck bed toolboxes are one of the favorite items that criminals want to steal.

It’s relatively easy to break into vehicles and take off with rigid toolboxes or any other types of toolboxes. And motivated thieves have no problem with breaking into and retrieving goods from your pickup truck. In some countries, this is known as affirmative shopping.

Theft of the things that you rely on for your livelihood is enough to ^%# off a saint, let alone us lesser mortals.

Solution 1: Tough Enough To Make A Crowbar Cry

Man attempting to access the DECKED Tool Box with a pry bar.

DECKED toolboxes for trucks are incredibly secure. We use an exceptionally durable resin compound with injection molding to make what we consider the best toolboxes on the market.

Our DECKED toolboxes are specifically designed to keep your tools safe and thieves out. But they are so tough, they’ll make a crowbar cry.

Thieves can use a pry bar to open this toolbox, kick, or hammer it, and nothing makes an impact. They will have to make so much noise to deprive you of your toolbox and tools that it will be better to move on to easier pickings.

Any extreme efforts to access the tub will be in vain because it also has a high-quality, single-keyed lock. This intelligent mechanism locks the lid so well, only a seasoned locksmith will gain entry.

Sure, it is not totally theft-proof. But the chances of a thief walking away with your toolbox or expensive tools is extremely unlikely, simply because it's too complicated. Also, the noise of their efforts will attract so much attention, giving you time to do what you gotta do.

Problem 2: Cheap Stuff Easily Dings and Dents, Warps or Bends

As convenient and as attractive as they may appear, aluminum toolboxes tend to dent and ding easily.

No matter how much caution you take with these pickup toolboxes, your work is demanding, and accidents happen. If you order one of these aluminum toolboxes online, they go through an even rougher treatment.

Even if the packaging is good, it can reach you with dents. Trying to get a replacement turns into a headache. In the meantime, you still don’t have the product that you ordered.

Solution 2: Science and Technology to the Rescue

Because we make our extreme toolboxes using materials from the future, you won't have this problem—just a solution. The high-impact polymer resin is robust. Injection molding adds another layer of defense against damage from the weather and human error.

One more layer of protection is present. Our manufacturing process uses aluminum and galvanized steel in the lid and hardware components, providing you with an industrial strength product that is durable and secure.

We make our toolboxes so that they are impossible to dent but easy to love. So when you buy one of our toolboxes online—you’re purchasing quality. You’re also getting a product that is immune to dents and dings because we believe that your toolbox should look as good as your truck.

Just a quick heads-up—you can’t buy our toolboxes direct from dealers at the moment—only online.

Problem 3: Water Damage and Rust

Image of water pouring onto the DECKED Tool Box, demonstrating its impressive waterproof capabilities.

Some of you may have steel toolboxes, and they may work well when new. But even these can be prone to water damage and rust. Damage from sharp objects causes a small hole, and you forget to patch it, and water gets in, putting expensive equipment at risk. So even if you purchase a high-quality product, general wear and tear will eventually take its toll.

Many artisans choose to make wooden toolboxes that are great. And even if they look like grandad’s toolbox, you’re happy. But even they are susceptible to the weather over time.

We understand that toolboxes for sale are appealing, as are discount toolboxes because they save you bucks in the short term. For example, Walmart toolboxes are often on sale, and they're suitable for garage storage, but are they waterproof and rust-free? We think not because the technology that goes into cheaper products doesn't compare with ours. We know because we’ve tested them.

Solution 3: Waterproof And Rust-Free

One word—injection molding with high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Ok—more than one because science tends to get wordy with the tech stuff.

HDPE is like the cockroach of plastics, as Greg Randolph, head of DECKED marketing, says. Or, as others describe it, the queen of plastics.

HDPE is durable, hard-wearing, and is used in just about everything that we see around us. Some Waterloo toolboxes, Stanley toolboxes, and other familiar brands may even use this plastic. Unfortunately, few are at an industrial level, and if they are, they don’t specify whether they use injection molding.

Injection molding technology is key to creating toolboxes that are waterproof and rust-free. Why? Because injection molding makes a seamless tub. No seams mean that the tub maintains its integrity and cannot degrade due to water seepage. And because our DECKED Tool Box is not made from steel, there is also no welding involved that causes structural vulnerabilities.

And that’s not all. Part of the materials from the future that we use includes polypropylene (PP) with fiberglass. This material is one more feature that allows us to produce a unique waterproof and rust-free product that mimics a Pelican on steroids.

Yet another benefit that we pass on to our customers in our toolboxes for truck beds is its carefully developed structural design.

Where the injection molding creates a seamless container for your tools, the lid also has an innovative waterproofing feature. A lip in the cover overhangs the main box, ensuring that any splash up can't get in, and neither can water get in from the top in rain or snowy conditions.

Resin doesn't rust, but you may be wondering about the components like the reinforced lid and hardware.

We use galvanized steel, stainless steel, and forged, extruded aluminum. Ultimately, DECKED has developed the apex Tool Box of its time.

Our cargo van and pickup toolboxes are ahead of their time. When you use one, you protect your tools and equipment from water, weather, rust, and other adverse environmental conditions. Even when you’re soaked to the bone, it keeps your gear bone dry, which is precisely what you'd expect from future-oriented toolboxes.

Step into this future with DECKED toolboxes that make a difference. Whether for work or leisure, you know that you have protection for your most valuable, often-used items.

A picture of the inimitable D-Bag packed full of tools and equipment. 

Problem 4: Crawling In and Out of Your Pickup Truck

You may be fit and strong or sick and tired of jumping (or crawling) in and out of your pickup truck to access equipment from bed toolboxes. Or you may see it as a way to get some extra exercise in for the day.

The problem is that typically you get bumps and bruises, waste time, and let’s face it, it is just darn irritating when you’re in a hurry to get the job done and get home.

Another issue with getting on and off the truck bed is you can twist an ankle or, worse, your spine. Although this exercise may hold appeal for some, it can cause health issues. Bumps and bruises are bearable, but a muscle or joint damage is something else since it can put you out of action and cost you money if you can't work.

We feel your pain, which is why we did our research and developed something better.

Solution 4: Enter The Integrated Ladder

Image of man standing on the integrated ladder in the open position, on the floor, at the side of a pickup truck.

If you aren't yet convinced that your choices make a difference in following your passion, you haven't seen this baby yet. And if you pass on this one, you’ll kick your proverbial ^%* (assuming you’re flexible enough). Luckily, with our integrated ladder, you no longer need to exercise your fitness or flexibility and take chances with your health.

Our integrated ladder is the cherry on the cake, the olive in your martini, or the strawberry in your champagne. Alternatively, it is the ultimate solution for anyone who likes to work smart but hasn't yet figured out how to do this with toolboxes. Don’t worry—we have😊

The integrated medium-duty aluminum ladder nests inside the box, takes no extra space, and weighs only 12.5 lbs.

To use it, follow the demo to see how it telescopes out to the ground. When employing the ladder, it should be at an angle of no more than 75 degrees.

Also, it works on a maximum bedrail height of 60 inches with a small margin for an uneven surface. In our experience, the ladder encourages our customers to use their toolboxes more often (which may be a good or bad thing).

Problem 5: Poor Organization

One problem that most tradespeople experience is poor tool organization and capacity in one convenient spot. We often hear how our customers struggle with tools all over the place and how disorganization costs time and frustration.

Solution 5: Exceptional Storage and Organization Capacity

Close-up view of the DECKED Tool Box with an empty Snack Tray.

You don’t need toolboxes on wheels when you include DECKED products as part of your work kit. Our big tub weighs as little as 114 lbs., which you install neatly and securely in the back of your pickup truck or cargo van within minutes.

They have a storage capacity of 500 lbs., which is substantial, and we provide easy-to-fit small toolboxes that you pack inside, some with their own dividers for clever tool separation.

Here’s the lowdown of organization of your tools and equipment with our accessories:

1.        You receive an easy grab D-Box free with your purchase of the large box. Simply hang the D-Box on its own structures within the tub for quick access. The D-Box also has separate dividers to organize your tools neatly. D-Boxes also have a gasket seal, making them weatherproof for sensitive equipment.

2.        A Snack Tray is part of the purchase. This open box also nests well due to the intelligent design, making it ideal for smaller tools and equipment that you use often.

3.        Pre-installation of tie-downs at the tub base on the tailgate side helps to secure large loads.

4.        Our accessories are incredibly tough because they’re made from polypropylene (PP). The Crossbox, Drawganizer, D-Box, and other storage products feature PP construction material and clever design to make organizing your tools (and work) that much easier.

Image of an open Crossbox in Desert Tan, clearly showing its storage and organizational capacity.

The Right Choice Makes A Difference

We may not be able to make an immediate difference in your life, but you can.

Buying DECKED toolboxes is how you can make your life easier with the premium storage of your work or recreation equipment.

Learn about financing and whether our DECKED Tool Box will fit your vehicle by clicking on the Shop Now button or Select Your Vehicle by browsing this tab.

You can also check if you qualify for a military discount.

Step up your game and work smart.

Make the right choice to simplify your tool organization with the innovative DECKED Tool Box and accessories.