James Nash of 6 Ranch Outfitters

James Nash of 6 Ranch Outfitters


James Nash: 6 Ranch Outfitters

For James, the 6 Ranch is more than just a place to call home. It's a lifestyle and a livelihood. His family moved to Wallowa County, OR in 1884 and started a cattle ranch. Their family has been there ever since and has worked hard to continue the tradition of taking care of the land and looking after the wildlife that makes it so special. As someone who is constantly swapping out gear for clients and abusing his truck for the ranch, James has put his DECKED Drawer System to the test. 

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James Nash - Marine Corps DECKED


James served as a tank platoon commander in the Marine Corps for 5 years. While deployed in Afghanistan he was wounded twice and received two purple heart medals. After returning home to 6 Ranch, James was not able to maintain the heavy lifting that he had done before so he got creative and found a way to utilize his skills and resources at the ranch to start an outfitting business. 


DECKED Duck Hunting


He started 6 Ranch Outfitters by taking people fly fishing on the property and it eventually turned into a full service fishing/hunting guided experience. His role on the ranch is less traditional than what people normally associate with a "rancher" which has continued to provide value for the land and wildlife. 


James Nash - 6 ranch outfitters DECKED


Focusing on the conservation and wildlife aspect of the ranch, James is trying to improve the habitat for the wildlife species that inhabit 6 Ranch year round. A normal day in the office for James could mean removing coyotes to give the mule deer a better chance at survival, cutting juniper to help water access, or supporting new river channels to create habitat for trout, salmon and steelhead. Whatever it is, James is constantly working out of his truck and uses his DECKED system to keep tools and gear securely stored and easily accessible.

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Not only does he guide hunters, improve land use quality, and focus efforts on conservation, James and his family also raise horses, grow their own produce, jar honey, and the biggest job of all, raise corriente cattle for grass-fed beef. Hungry yet? 

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It's obvious, James is a go-getter, hard working, dedicated and all around bad ass. As someone who is constantly testing gear, working hard, and sharing his love for the outdoors, James is the perfect example of how to use and abuse a DECKED system. From ranching equipment storage and land & wildlife conservation tools, to truck bed hunting storage, DECKED has James, and YOU, covered. 

Learn more about James, the 6 Ranch and even book a hunt at www.6ranchoutfitters.com .

Follow along through social media - @6ranchoutfitters  

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