Looking for a Tool Box for your Ford F150? DECKED is your solution

Looking for a Tool Box for your Ford F150? DECKED is your solution

Looking for a Tool Box for your Ford F150? DECKED is your solution


The Ford F150 Tough Truck has been a go-to for those who need the most reliable truck in their fleet. Since its release in 1948, it has found success repeatedly. It was the first-ever diesel engine truck to be released. It was well known for its durability from years of use, with more than 5 million units sold in over 20 different markets worldwide. Today, the Ford F Series is still a top seller in the mid-size and full-size truck categories. The F Series has become a legendary truck with its reliability, toughness, and versatility.


Concept and Development

The truck was created to replace the Ford Model T. It was released in 1949 and sold over 50 million units. Ford's vision was to build a truck that could work hard, so they put the cab on top of the chassis. It would give it great visibility and have a lower center of gravity. The first model was introduced with an inline-8 cylinder or V8, but in 1952 they introduced a Ford F150 with 4 and 6 cylinder engines.


The 4-cylinder Ford F150 sold over 1 million units between 1954 and 1960, making it one of the most popular 4-cylinder engines of all time. The Ford F150 has gone through many different updates and changes throughout the years. It has gone from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive, from a five-speed manual to an automatic transmission, from a two-door to a four-door, and many more. Due to all of these updates, it became the most popular truck for U.S sales.



Even though the F150 has undergone many different updates throughout the years, it has always been very popular. Its popularity grew from its very first model that was designed as a two-door hardtop truck. Today, the F150 has received many changes to keep it relevant and updated with modern times. The truck's original design has stayed the same since 1948. It is a full-sized pickup truck that can handle any job.


A Ford F150 with accessories

Signature Features

Let's talk about some features that have remained the same since its inception.

1. Build Quality

The F150 has held its stance for being a high-quality truck for over 50 years. Despite this, little maintenance has to be done on the truck. If it is not abused and maintained properly, the F150 will last for years longer than any normal car.

2. Engine Choice

Both engine choices have been top sellers since their release. The four-cylinder engine was first used on all models within the range until 1962 when they introduced the six-cylinder power plant. However, the DNA of the powertrain remains the same.

3. Comfort

The F150 is a very comfortable truck. The driver seat is nice and firm, so you don't get too relaxed behind the wheel. Also, the truck's design has allowed for a smooth, airy ride with many different settings to ensure comfort for your passengers as well.

4. Cargo Options

The F150 has a very wide range of cargo options. With most models, a retractable hardtop can turn into a crate for the vehicle, which is great for transporting anything you may need to transport. You also have wheel choices, liftgate options, and many more.

5. Innovation

The F150 had many innovations that set it apart from other trucks of the time. The first diesel engine in a car or truck. The first truck with a caged bed with a locking tailgate. The first pickup to be made in Mexico. These innovations have helped the F150 become one of the most popular trucks ever produced. Today it comes with all of the modern technologies you would expect in a car or truck.

6. Performance

Despite being a heavy truck, the F150 is very fast. It has one of the highest horsepower and torque ratings for any old model truck. The engine is also high Quality and produces more power than most would expect from a very heavy truck.

7. Safety

The F150 was one of the first trucks to be outfitted with seat belts. It also has a full-frame and roll cage to keep you safe in the event of an accident. Its stability has led to a very low fatality rate, even though it has been on the market all of the time. Today it comes with several safety systems like ABS, Air Bags, and Traction Control.

8. Affordability

With all of the new technology included in today's F150, they are still very affordable. It makes them a great choice for any family, especially if you plan to put the vehicle on the road for a long time.

9. Reliability

The F150 has been a reliable vehicle since it was released in 1948. It has undergone many changes and has been updated since then, but its original purpose is still relevant today.

Even though Ford's F150 is still a top seller today, the road that brought it there is long and filled with challenges.

10. Status

And finally, the F150 is a very high-status truck. With numerous awards and accolades, it has been a staple of the American workforce. It was ranked first in reliability and was recognized as one of the most popular trucks on the market. It is also very iconic in its own right, something that you will always be able to find at your local shop no matter where you go.


The Ford F-Series has been around for over 80 years, with an updated version being released every few years for even more reliability and performance.


Ford F150 Accessories

1. Interior Accessories

Interior Accessories are available to go with your F150, and it includes seat covers, center consoles, cargo covers, and load bars. If you're looking for a clean look in the interior of your F150 or would like to personalize your F150 with something unique, an interior accessory is a perfect fit. You can find these accessories at your local Ford dealer's parts department or online at automotivepartsshop.com.

2. Exterior Accessories

Exterior accessories are also available for your F150 to help you personalize and improve the look of your truck. It includes grille guards, bed covers, window visors, and bed organizers. If you're looking for something to add some flare or help protect the exterior of your vehicle, exterior accessories are a good option. You can find these accessories at automotivepartsshop.com or your local Ford dealer's parts department.

3. Performance

Performance accessories include exhaust systems, wheel and tire upgrades, exhaust tips, and valve covers. If you're looking to help your F150 perform better than it already does, a performance accessory is a great choice. These accessories can enhance the sound of your ride and may provide a performance boost as well.

4. Sound

Sound accessories include things like amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers. If you're looking to improve the sound of your F150 with something that isn't an accessory, a sound accessory is a great option. These accessories can also enhance the sound coming from your F150 and may provide a performance boost as well.

5. Lighting

Lighting accessories include adjustment kits and different colors of bulbs. If you're looking to improve the lighting inside or outside of your F150 with something that isn't an accessory, a lighting accessory is a great option. These accessories can also provide a performance boost and may enhance the look of your ride as well.

6. Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are available for any tool you may need to take care of your vehicle. With tools like wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers, a tool box cover is a great way to keep all of your tools in one place. Large tool boxes are also available that store more than just your vehicle's tools, so you can store them at home or carry them in the bed of your truck.


If you're looking for an easy way to hold all of your car's needed tools, a tool box is a perfect option. However, finding a good value for money tool box is not an easy task. DECKED has now developed an all-new specialized tool box specially tailored for the Ford F150. It comes with enough storage space to store all your car's tools, including large-sized rakes and shovels.





DECKED offers various tool boxes with designs ranging from classic and industrial to unique and modern. The quality you can expect from DECKED is unmatched, along with an unbeatable warranty, giving you the confidence to know your belongings are safe when paired with DECKED.


With the all-new DECKED Drawer System , you can store and organize your tools in styles never before imagined. Your tools will be laid out perfectly in your tool box, with no more crooked drawers or misaligned boxes.

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DECKED Tool Boxes for Ford F150


For almost a decade , DECKED Manufacturing has been the leading provider of Ford tool boxes. Our wide selection of custom tool boxes makes finding storage solutions that fit your unique style and budget easy. From the classic and ruggedly stylish F150-suites to the modern, sleek, and functional Euro boxes. DECKED has something for everyone. Our custom designs are made right here in the USA, with 100% American-made and designed products.



DECKED tool boxes offer various features:

1. High Strength Plastic

The HDPE construction of the body ensures that the box doesn't rust and lasts for the lifetime of your Ford F150.

2. Two Piece Lid

The 2-piece lid comprises a thick, rugged outer shell that protects the inner shell. The lid offers a sturdy platform to stand on. Along with that it also maximizes space in your Ford F150.

3. Large Capacity Drawers

The smart design of the drawers allows for larger, more organized storage inside your Ford F150. Each drawer locks , giving you peace of mind while you're on the road.

4. Weatherproof

The highly durable construction of the tool boxes will help protect your belongings from harsh weather and temperature conditions. Your tool box is designed to withstand the elements and will keep your tools safe from rain, snow, and sun.

5. Strong Truck Bed

The tool boxes are designed to fit seamlessly into the bed of your Ford F150. The storage area in the back of your truck can maximize the use of your truck and keep tools and other essentials within easy reach. It has a 2000 pound payload capacity.

6. Universal Bolts

All DECKED tool boxes  are made with a series of universal bolts that allow you to easily mount the boxes to your truck. The universal design allows for custom options such as brackets, skids, and other custom accessories to be added for maximum functionality on your Ford F150. It makes the tool box extra functional and versatile.

7. Lightweight

With the lightweight design and sleek, modern appearance, your tools will be less heavy on your Ford F150 while they are in your truck. The tool boxes are designed to move with a very light-duty weight easily.

8. Accessory Tray

The accessory tray allows for extra storage and customization for various storage needs. This allows you to store extra items at the bottom of your drawer without putting unnecessary strain on the lid or drawers.


A DECKED tool box with ladder


Deck Out Your F-150

We believe in providing a quality product and experience at an affordable price at DECKED. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with your new tool box. Providing the best facilities will always be our top priority. We want to make sure your new F150 truck tool box fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, working for you on a day-to-day basis. It is important that our customers are satisfied with their purchase, and we hope it matches your expectations!


DECKED  is now one of the best options if not the best when it comes to Ford tool boxes for your truck.






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