Looking for a Tonneau Cover - RAM 1500? The DECKED Truck Bed Cover is the Best Tonneau for Your RAM Pickup Truck

Looking for a Tonneau Cover - RAM 1500? The DECKED Truck Bed Cover is the Best Tonneau for Your RAM Pickup Truck

Looking for a Tonneau Cover - RAM 1500? The DECKED Truck Bed Cover is the Best Tonneau for Your RAM Pickup Truck

You have definitely stumbled upon this article since you are in the research phase for a tonneau, and you probably googled “tonneau cover RAM 1500.” Perhaps you just want to know the advantages of having a RAM 1500 tonneau cover. Or maybe, you are hunting for something better in the market.

The Dodge RAM has made significant sales in the US. The RAM competes with the renowned Ford that has dominated the American pickup truck market for ages.

RAM is a damn good truck. It has sharp looks, a beautiful interior, and top-notch performance. With Dodge, all vehicle buyers get what they want. Dodge RAM offers several engine options, different trim levels, and locking differentials. No truck maker in the US offers such a variety.

We know you love your truck, which is why you need a truck bed cover to protect your bed and its content. Numerous tonneau covers in the market will fit your RAM 1500. But well, there is always something better than a tonneau. Read this piece and understand why the DECKED Drawer System should be your ultimate truck bed cover.

The DECKED Drawers are an innovation of this century. The Drawer System is a modern replacement to the conventional truck bed covers.

First Things First. Why Do You Need a Tonneau Cover?

Protection from the Elements

A RAM 1500 tonneau cover is a worthy investment. Imagine driving your RAM  1500 with all your cargo exposed to the rain and snow. Or maybe you have just reached your destination, only to find all your tools and gear covered in dust. A tonneau cover protects your precious tools and gear from the elements.


A more dreadful situation is when you park your truck only to return and find all your equipment has vanished. No truck owner wants to experience theft. A tonneau cover keeps your tools out of sight and promises enhanced security.

Fuel Economy

You also get to enjoy better fuel economy. Without a tonneau cover, the air hitting your truck bed gets barred at the tailgate resulting in wind drag. Your engine will end up sucking more fuel to pull through. You can save several bucks by installing a tonneau now that fuel prices per gallon are stupidly high.


A RAM  1500 tonneau cover enhances not only the functionality and security of your truck but also its looks. Tonneau covers create a low-profile aerodynamic design that adds a sporty effect to your truck. The soft roll-up and soft tri-fold RAM  1500 tonneau cover give a classy glossy look. Hard tri-folds give an aggressive expression.

Here’s Why the DECKED Drawer System Will You Best Tonneau Cover for RAM 1500

Durability   The DECKED truck bed cover is not made using the ordinary vinyl, aluminum or steel seen in many traditional covers. The Drawer System is made using HDPE which will with stand everyday use and abuse.

Durability is a crucial factor when purchasing a RAM 1500 tonneau cover. Most tonneaus are made using industry-grade vinyl with some aluminum reinforcements for more durability. You may be lucky to get tonneaus like the Access hard-fold tonneau cover made using acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene (ABS) composite. These are durable.

Most tonneau covers will offer service of up to ten years, depending on your usage. Why bug yourself with frequent repair and replacement costs. The DECKED Drawer System is ultra-durable and is designed to take the long haul. Whether you use RAM  1500 for work or play, the DECKED Drawers will give you service for a lifetime.

The   Drawer System  is made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel and aluminum reinforcements. The HDPE material won’t dent or bend and will withstand everyday use and abuse. You can’t say the same for the vinyl used in making most RAM  1500 tonneau covers.  

Payload Capacity

  The Drawer System has a payload capacity of 2000 pounds. You can haul tall and heavier items that won't fit in your Drawers easily.

We are serious when we say that   DECKED  makes the toughest truck bed cover in the marketplace. The DECKED Drawer System has a 2000-pound payload capacity. This means that you can haul taller items that might not fit within the DECKED Drawers.

At DECKED, we value customer satisfaction and experience. This is why we created a product that you can use for work and recreation using state-of-the-art materials and American craftsmanship. You can carry a wide range of items on top of your Drawer system, including all-terrain vehicles, firewood, pallets, concrete blocks, hay for your livestock, among other things.

We also didn’t forget about those who enjoy motorbike riding. You can install mounts or tie-downs to hold your motorbike in place and carry it where your next adventure takes you.

You can haul you motorbike on top of your truck bed cover and carry it wherever your next adventure takes you.

You may not enjoy a great payload capacity even if you choose to invest in high-end RAM  1500 hard-fold tonneau covers. If you are lucky, you may get a tonneau that can hold up to 500 pounds. More common brands like the Gator EFX hard-fold tonneau cover can hold a maximum of 300 pounds.

You get to enjoy full-truck bed use if you install the DECKED Drawer System on your truck. RAM  1500 tonneau covers can allow you two-thirds to full bed access if you fold or roll them and tie them near your cabin.

Tonneaus may also prevent the installation of other essential accessories. You will be disadvantaged if you buy a tonneau cover that mounts on top of your bed rails and not on the inside. However, certain brands like BAKFlip tonneau covers are installed inside the bed rails. This leaves the stake holes open, and you can install stake-pocket mount accessories for bicycles, skateboards, et cetera.

Why should you go through the hassle of finding a truck bed cover that gives you full bed access without necessarily removing it? Simply get DECKED and enjoy full truck bed use with your Drawers intact.

Weather Resistance

The DECKED Drawer System keeps away all dust, moisture, snow, hail, name it. All your stuff is safeguarded from the wrath of mother nature.

Your truck bed is usually open to rain, snow, dust, and sleet, just to name a few. You will have to be careful about what you haul on your truck bed since your items may get damaged. A   proper truck bed cover  saves you from this stress. Most RAM  1500 tonneau covers will keep your bed contents nice and dry almost 100% of the time.

You might need to install tailgate sealants because water may sometimes come in through openings in your tailgate. No more worries about water, dust, and snow reaching your bed contents when you have the DECKED Drawers.

The Drawer System is weatherproof. You can leave your stuff in your truck, but you won’t find them dusty or soggy. If you don’t believe us, watch this video on   DECKED’s dust resistance and weatherproof test .

The DECKED Drawers also survive a high-pressure car wash. Most tonneau covers, especially the low-end ones, get damaged through the high-pressure water jets, brushes, and wax treatments in automatic car washes. The sad news is that not even the warranty will cover the damages if your tonneau cover gets damaged in this way.


The DECKED Drawers are secured once you lock your tailgate. You can purchase the optional Drawer System Locks for an extra layer of security.

The DECKED truck bed cover is designed with security in mind. Nobody can access your belongings unless your tailgate is open, and that’s on you.

You can as well purchase and install the   optional Drawer System Locks . The optional   Drawer Locks  come in handy if your tailgate does not lock. The DECKED Drawers are simple on the eye but tough on thieves. Up your truck bed cover game and install the DECKED Drawer System – a mobile Fort Knox.

You cannot boast the same level of security if you choose to purchase a tonneau cover. One can only access your bed contents if your tailgate is open. Most RAM  1500 tonneau covers open using pull cords underneath the covers and are only accessible through an open tailgate. It becomes another problem if your tailgate doesn’t lock.

Tonneaus are secure but not as safe as the DECKED Drawers. Soft trifold or rolling tonneaus are made using lower-grade vinyl that someone can easily cut through or break into. Beef up your truck security by getting DECKED.


  The DECKED Drawer System comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers to help you maximize storage efficiency.

Tonneau covers are great, but they don’t offer any organization. Regardless of your trade, truck bed organization is of the utmost importance. You just throw your items on your truck bed or tie them down with a tonneau. Truck organization promises numerous benefits including:

  • Protecting your truck bed from scratches, dents, dings, and other damages
  • Maximizing productivity through reducing time spent scavenging for your tools
  • Improved work efficiency since you access the items you need quickly and conveniently
  • Expanding your cargo options and making your truck versatile and flexible to carry a broader range of equipment

No tonneau cover offers such great organization. You will always end up throwing everything in there at the end. The DECKED Drawers raise the bar higher. Each Drawer System comes packed with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers.

The D-Box is the elder brother to the Crossbox. Both are durable, water-resistant, lockable, and have easy grab-and-go handles.

The   DECKED D-Box  is ultra-durable, water-tight, and lockable. You can carry it around to tighter places where your truck could not reach. The Crossbox is like the younger brother to the D-Box. The  Crossbox  is weather-resistant, rugged, and lockable. It fits crosswise or lengthwise in your Drawer System, depending on your truck’s size.

The   Drawer Dividers  fit into mounting positions within the DECKED Drawers. You can adjust them or remove them entirely depending on your storage needs at any given time.

The Drawer System also comes with a   Drawerganizer . A Drawerganizer helps minimize clutter since it is excellent for smaller bits and frequently used items. You can also buy the   Double Drawerganizer with handles . The Double Drawerganizer also has some serious volume for carrying all your tools.

You can also purchase optional accessories. These include:

The DECKED D-Bag  – The   D-Bag  is durable and weatherproof. It is a perfect tool bag for solo use, and it is also designed to fit in the Drawer System. You can carry the D-Bag to work, hike, hunt, or fishing expedition.

Kaizen Foam Inserts – The Kaizen Foam Inserts hold your valuable tools in secure positions within the Drawer System.

Piecekeepers – The   DECKED Piecekeepers  are the definitive truck storage solution for your rifles and shotguns. Those who enjoy hunting or other shooting range games should consider purchasing Piecekeepers. The Piecekeepers work similarly to the Drawer Dividers.



The DECKED Drawers pull out at waist height giving you instant access to all your tools through one simple pull. The drawers roll out smoothly.

Back, shoulder, knee, and ankle pains are common complaints among people who use their trucks for work. Ease of use and access is a significant drawback in most tonneau covers. You may just fold or roll up your RAM  1500 tonneau covers, but you may be harming your body as you retrieve your gear.

Tonneau covers predispose you to awkward working positions, such as tiptoeing, bending too far, twisting torsos, standing on your tires, and crawling into and out of your bed to retrieve your tool. These are unergonomic stances that slowly but surely harm your body.

DECKED understands that you will spend time retrieving items from your truck. This is why we created a Drawer System that pulls out at waist height. You can access all your tools through one simple pull and work within your power zone.

You can only have easy access to your tools with your tonneau if you have a retriever tool. Retriever tools can give you up to 5 feet additional access into your bed. Save yourself such stresses and get the DECKED Drawers.

Extra Perks of Having the DECKED Drawer System

  All DECKED products ship for free anywhere in the US. The product is easy to install and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty. It is a clear indication that DECKED makes the toughest products in the market.

Free Shipping

DECKED products ship for free anywhere in the continental US. Order today and receive Drawers at your doorstep for easy DIY installation.

Simple Installation

Initial installation of the DECKED Drawers takes up to 3 hours or less. Uninstalling the DECKED Drawers takes about 15 minutes, which is pretty helpful if you need to use the full depth of your truck. You can   contact us  or watch our countless   YouTube videos  if you have any challenges.


The DECKED Drawers retail at $1449.99. It sounds a lot but not quite, considering the numerous advantages of the Drawer System. Tonneaus retail from $200, and the high-end ones can cost up to $2500. The DECKED Drawers make the most sense in this light.

Make DECKED Your Truck Bed Cover Today


Proudly engineered in Defiance, Ohio, the DECKED Drawers supersedes other truck bed covers in the market today. The Drawer System is classy, durable, secure, weatherproof, versatile, and enhances organization.   Order yours today  and receive it right at your doorstep.





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