The DECKED Cargo Storage Solution For Your 2013 Ford F150 Series

The DECKED Cargo Storage Solution For Your 2013 Ford F150 Series

The DECKED Cargo Storage Solution For Your 2013 Ford F150 Series


Sales numbers have proven Americans' love for pick-up trucks year after year. Consistently, trucks have taken the top slot in the vehicles sales list pinpointing a boom in demand for huge US-made pick-ups. But how did it start? There was a time the conventional American vehicle was the '57 Chevy, then came the Chrysler minivan, and now we are a predominantly Ford F-150 Accessories nation. In fact, America's top three selling vehicles are all full-sized pick-up trucks –the Ford F-series of trucks, Chevrolet Silverado, and the RAMs 1500 through 3500. Automakers are aligning themselves to this kind of response, doubling their production capacities for pick-up trucks. But why?

Dating back to the 19th century, there was a time when almost 95% of Americans lived on farms scattered all over the country; these businesses transported to and connected with each other using horse wagons. Many years later, today, about 35% of the current generation of Americans still do farm business, but while modernity has since come of age, the original culture and need for moving around with goods lives on still, and the demand for efficient transportation is what binds the entire nation together. The pick-up culture could never have come at a better time with most automakers trying to make their products as compatible with many accessories as possible to better suit evolving customer demands. In serving this market, DECKED makes its product range compatible with the 2013 Ford F-150 bed accessories, once again putting a smile to Ford lovers’ faces .  


"THE DECKED FORD 2013 F-150" is your perfect combination of strength , reliability and convenience for your cargo organization and transportation needs.



A primary reason Americans want to own trucks is the bed, which comes in handy for a range of uses, including, but not limited to, hauling trailers, turning it into cabinetry, devising it into a makeshift tailgate lounge for outdoor camping, and cargo storage and transportation.

But sometimes, depending on what you want to do with it, you may want to customize it a bit to boost its performance or make it more versatile, in which case you could add some modifications. If possible, you'd take it back to the manufacturer's for some touch-ups here and there so more functional parts could be added to suit your needs, but that would kind of take you forever and a day and cost you an arm and a leg, so most people prefer sticking         with the maker's inventory and adding accessories to bring the inlays to speed with their needs.


The 2013 Ford F-150 model comes  with a range of bed  accessories which are compatible with the DECKED   products. They include:

Bed rails

Sometimes you may need to dress your Ford-150 with side rails to maximize your cargo-hauling capacity and get better-tied downs. Truck bed rails are just long metals that run the length of the bed and are attached atop the bed walls. They come in handy for extra grip when transporting or hauling larger items that require multiple tie points. Other than the obvious practical utility of enhancing cargo holding, they add to your truck's aesthetics, especially if they have a shining luster, thereby making your truck look a little cooler.

The  DECKED storage system  is compatible with a range of  Ford F150  bed rail Accessories you would wish to install on your truck   , provided they leave an allowance of up to 22" wide for the tool box to rest.

For the Drawer System , though, you may only have to worry about height rather than width. You need to ensure that the railings do not go deeper into the bed space-eating through the 12″ clearance needed.

The  2013 Ford F-150 comes with a bed height of 22.4" and width of 50", which leaves way enough leeway for the mounting of your railings. However, because you may need up to 22" of width for the Tool Box, BackRack type of railings specifically designed for 21-inch wide tool boxes are a good bet if you are seeking to organize your cargo with the tool box .


DECKED works with all bed rail types provided they do not interfere with the 12" in bed clearance  and the 22"  width clearance  for the case of the Tool Box.

Bed Racks

Racks enhance your truck's overhead storage capacity giving it an extraordinary performance. The DECKED  Drawer System is compatible with LEITNER DESIGN , TRAIL FX, and WEATHERGUARD ATR   racks all which fit quite perfectly into your   2013 Ford F-150 Accessories . However,  DECKED can be sensitive to and somehow picky with rack dimensions and features . For instance, it may only work with those that have an optional flush mount kit, but we recommend reaching out to our support desk  with questions or assistance.


Take your truck camping experience to the next level by deploying your rooftop tent of choice on the "DECKED FORD 2013 F-150"

Bed Extender

At times, the bed space may not be enough for the things you would like to haul around, so you'd need more space, especially for extended cargo. In such situations, extenders will come in handy. They range from the traditional flip-out extenders to those that mount on your pick-up to overhead racks that add more space above your truck bed.

The 2013 Ford  F-150 has a general bed length of 78.9" against a standard DECKED measurement of   75.25" (the longest DECKED Drawer System version), leaving an in-bed space allowance of about 3.9".The shorter version has a bed length of 64.54”. If you prefer the longer version, you'd need to ensure your Ford F-150 extender works comfortably with the 3.9” space allowance if it somehow stretches inwards; otherwise, DECKED works just fine with extenders that do not require much of an in bed space.


Bed dividers

You may need to ramp up your cargo organization system, such as add more functionality by compartmentalizing what you already have. Bed dividers have been used since time immemorial for this kind of task. The Ford F-150 comes with its specially designed divider application which, when not in use, folds comfortably along the bed walls but, when deployed, stands strongly. DECKED is quite picky in regards to the kind of dividers it works with. Nevertheless, the Ford comes with a bed height of 21.4 inches against DECKED's 12", meaning you'd have an allowance of about 9.4" for which to fix your desired divider. Still, there are a range of factors to consider, including your divider dimensions, the point of attachment (truck bed bottom screwing or sidewall attachment), among others. Reach out to the support  desk  for advice.

Fiberglass Caps

If you want to add a bit of style to your truck bed, you may have to think about a fiberglass cap. This is just a topper or a capsule, but it is also referred to by different names: camper shells, truck caps , or tops. Whatever dude!  The accessory is used to add a canopy-like housing or compartment atop the truck bed, covering the entire space giving your truck an RV look. It adds an extra layer of cargo protection from theft and elements in most cases. The   2013 Ford F-150 bed has its own specially designed fiberglass Accessories that match the rest of the truck body, giving it a complete outlook, but perhaps the idea that it is compatible with DECKED is what should get you bursting with joy. And yes, DECKED is compatible with a range of other fiberglass brands, provided they fit on your truck's bed rail.

Add utility to your "DECKED FORD 2013 F-150" by deploying any kind of fiberglass cap you want to.


Bed Covers

Agreeably, Tonneau covers are visually ravishing. They offer a classy element to your truck's frame, making your car appealing. However, the benefits of bed covers go over this aesthetic utility. A good one will see to it that more layers of security is added to your cargo, while offering better organization in the sense that it prevents unnecessary cargo movement.But most importantly, it will improve gas mileage by reducing air drag. With the 2013 Ford F-150  bed covering Accessories , there is so much promise of value. You enjoy more security for your cargo, increased gas mileage, and many more features, which in the long run, enhance your truck's productivity. Add to this some DECKED , and be sure of even more functional benefits ; and oh ! DECKED works just fine with tonneau covers .  

"DECKED FORD 2013 F-150" works perfectly with tonneau covers for a watertight and more secure tools storage and cargo organization system.


Rooftop tents

Outdoors-people are natural wanderers and do not have any specific place they fancy calling home apart from their truck. While doing runs out there, outdoors-people may pitch a campsite anywhere anytime for a temporary stay before proceeding to whatever destination they seek to go to on their itinerary. And you can never consider your hiking pack fully equipped if you lack a rooftop tent.

For your camping needs during your trips and tours in the wild, the 2013 Ford F-150 Accessories have got your back . This beast of a truck is designed to accommodate   rooftop tent systems of many models, brands and types. Good thing is DECKED will complement your Ford’s overhead tent mounting and support abilities. With a 2000 lb payload , DECKED offers a powerful base onto which to attach tent support implements .  


DECKED and the Ford F-150 Truck offer such a powerful combo for a robust platform for mounting all kinds of roof top tents .

Tool Boxes

The  2013 Ford F-150 Accessories works well with a range of Tool Boxes and their accessories, including DECKED’s very own  . Most crossovers won't have an issue laying over the upper surface, so with this product  you can always be sure of more serviceability.

The "DECKED FORD 2013 F-105" works in harmony with a range of tool box brands  including the DECKED Tool Box .


Bed liners

By design, the   2013 Ford F-150 bed bottom Accessories are meant for spray-in bed liners, but it works just fine with roll-on rags as well. We are aware that you may be in need of more bed floor traction, protection against wear and tear, and guard against corrosion; for these reasons  DECKED is made to work in harmony with a range of  bed mats and rags specially designed for the Ford, but as always, if in doubt or if in need of clarifications, reach out to our support  desk , they are kick-ass and will see to it that you are assisted accordingly.


Other than the promise of value and quality, there are many benefits you get to enjoy when you patronize us.

Free shipping

DECKED products are shipped to client addresses free of charge anywhere in the continental US. However, this discount policy only applies if the DECKED Drawer System and the Tool Box are ordered in their respective standard sets. Accessories part of these sets but ordered separately or after the initial order placement (of the standard sets) will incur a fixed shipping charge of $25. Any other accessory ordered will be billed according to the existing pricing regimes determined by market  forces.


Our dedication to the DECKED project is honest, immense, and far-reaching. We have invested our time, resources, and passion in this, something in which we have so much belief. And to demonstrate how confident we are with this genius inception of research, art, and craft, we offer a generous warranty program–a lifetime guarantee that you'll use our products with little worry of manufacturer-related severe defects.

Return policy

Nevertheless, as much as we can guarantee that our products have been supervised by the master's eye, tested, and released to the market for consumption, to err is human, and so we have put in place a policy for returnables . However, some conditions must be met before a given product is qualified for this program.

100 % Made in the USA

You will notice how enthusiastic we are with our insistence on a "made in America" branding. It would seem like a marketing jest at face value, but deep down lies more meaning. A “US origin branding” bears a serious connotation to our customers as it reminds them of the values we believe in – quality and customer service above all else. It also signifies our dedication since such a tag does not come easy. For eight years, we have toiled and earned a badge of honor, having passed standardization tests with a green light to operate and sell to the USA and the world over. Therefore by integrating  DECKED products to your 2013 FORD F-150  , you are sure of consistency in upholding the codes of safety, labor, manufacturing, and quality, among others as required by the regulator.

There you go! There can never be a better combo of strength, security, class, and value to your cargo storage, organization, and transportation needs than the 2013 Ford F-150 and DECKED combo. By integrating these two versatile products , you will overcome some of the most hectic challenges in your cargo organization and transportation encounters. You'll be unstoppable.  


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