Tool Box-Tonneau Cover Edition Or DECKED? We Say DECKED, Delve Deeper to Find Out Why

Tool Box-Tonneau Cover Edition Or DECKED? We Say DECKED, Delve Deeper to Find Out Why

Tool Box-Tonneau Cover Edition Or DECKED? We Say DECKED, Delve Deeper to Find Out Why

You know why Americans love Pickup trucks? It's obvious, we love versatility and utility, yet pickup trucks offer all that and more. When the task at hand requires something tough with carriage capability and space for hauling or towing cargo, the pickup truck is the go-to solution. Not long ago, the pickup hauled sand, gravel, and equipment for farming and construction. Today, its utility dynamics have shifted towards lifestyle, symbolism, social prestige, and personal expression. These days, pickups represent one in every five vehicles on the road. However, here in the United States, the craze is far more compared to the rest of the automotive world; of every two cars that a typical household owns, on average, one or even both would be a truck.

A distinctive feature of the pickup truck is the bed. It oversees the realization of managing and transporting cargo and gear in all kinds of hauling, and towing tasks whether for hunting, camping, and all manners of outdoor work you are seeking to venture into; the truck bed is always an option and a handy component. With a good one, you'd have an incredible advantage over whatever tailgate situation you are faced with. The reverse is true, a bad truck bed with poor organization is such a pain in the neck. Your daily routine would be a real junk show.

Truck bed customization and designs are explicit and vary depending on the user's needs and preferences; some fancy versatility and ruggedness, others style, yet others want ergonomics. Pickup bed accessory makers such as the Tonneau Covers World and DECKED have heard the truck owners loud and clear and work round the clock to give them exactly what they want and deserve. The goal is to make the experience of hardworking men and women with trucks seamless.

Tonneau covers have for a long time been used to protect truck bed cargo.However , that is just what they do-cover truck bed and nothing more.When you need better organization and protection you may need something better like DECKED Systems.

The Dreamy DECKED Toolbox and Tonneau Cover Combination

Tool Boxes and Tonneau Covers offer security, safety, efficient organization, and structure to truck beds. A toolbox and tonneau cover combo is an ideal solution for your truck bed storage plan. As the tonneau cover canopies your truck tray, the toolbox would be essential in locking and securing your most valuable or fragile items from thieves and vandals.

Our DECKED Tool Box  goes a step ahead by providing state-of-the-art organization, unmatched versatility and agility.

A tool box-tonneau cover combo gives you full bed use capabilities. The most fragile and valuable accessories will rock the Tool Box while the other merchandise will cuddle in the truck bed deck—Okay, calm down! If you don't like your merchandise embracing in the truck bed, sorry! Am afraid that's all you get with the combo for now. Well! Stay with us; we have a solution—one that raises the floor of your truck's bed but allows for lockable storage and maintains the inside dimensions of the tray.

It is okay to use tonneau covers to secure your truck bed but DECKED products are better. With the Drawer System for instance, you get more storage capacity, better cargo protection, and enhanced bed security.

The utility and versatility of the tool box-tonneau cover combo depend on the plans you have for your outdoor expeditions. If all you have in mind is hunting outside the Navajo Nation, New Mexico, the Tool Box-tonneau cover combo will get your job done. Alternatively, if your rambles involve quad racing in the unforgiving desert terrains south of Salt Lake City in Utah, then that's as far as you go with your tool box-tonneau cover combo. The tonneau cover won't accommodate items protruding past the truck bed edge, such as quads and motorcycles. This is because tonneau covers are not meant to carry any significant weight. Even if they could, holding in place bulky items on the slippery surface would be challenging; it would definitely invite fallouts leading to accessory damage.

Now that quads and desert motorcycles can't work with tonneau covers —well, you are about to get desperate, aren't you? Okay, let's have you bailed out. You could get rid of the tonneau cover and acquire the DECKED Drawer System . With this, your quads and motorcycles will comfortably rest on the bed and cuddle with every other merchandise not locked in the storage compartment or the Tool Box, such as tents and other survival attire and kits.

There you go! You have your Tool Box, and the DECKED Drawer System combo. The Drawers rest on the truck bed, between the rails, and below the Tool Box, creating a new 2000 lb payload surface on the top surface. Now you can bring on the tonneau cover if you wish to, and most probably if you are not going to haul voluminous cargo, but either way, the truck bed is exquisite and weatherproof already with the DECKED Drawer System.

The thing with DECKED is that it is a strength machine. You will not only store and organize your cargo, but also haul around amazingly bulky items with much ease. Whether it is your quad bike, motorcycle , root top tent, you name it, DECKED has you covered.

DECKED As a Substitute To Your Tool-Box-Tonneau Cover Combo

As already implied earlier, there are situations when the DECKED Tool Box-tonneau cover combo won't work. But this should not stand on your way to go out exploring the world, whether on a vacation or a work expedition. We, therefore, have devised something that balances the functionalities of the two while taking your tool organization game a notch higher. You need something capable of holding colossal cargo and offering ergonomic storage for smaller ones but again guaranteeing style and strength.

The Drawer System  is practically manufactured with such needs in mind. It is made with an American steel frame molded to a high-density polyethylene skin to increase the functionality of your pickup truck bed, making them practically indestructible. DECKED Drawers cover the full length of the truck bed and work as a bed slide, bringing your stuff out to you easily without much body strain. Through DECKED Drawers, you say goodbye to the cursing, grunting, and crawling as you urge your back and neck to cooperate as you try to access that stray bolt at the back of the truck.It surely guarantees optimal use of your truck bed.

DECKED Drawer System snugs nicely into your truck's bed , giving you state of the art tool storage and organization system.

The Drawer System sits above the wheel wells providing you with the entire bed footprint as a flat surface while supporting up to a 2000 lb load. This way, you can comfortably put your heavy and bulky cargo, such as bikes, on top. Moreover, each drawer can hold up to 200 lbs of cargo. Like that's not enough storage space, the system's corners are fitted out with storage cubbies for smaller items, so no storage space is wasted! The Drawer System's flat and rigid surface is suitable for laying your Mattress and even mounting a tent if you decide to go truck camping . With the ability to withstand up to half a tonne truck in weight, you shouldn't have problems hauling your quad and desert motorcycles and other overhead accessories. All this while your  smaller gear is safely locked under in the drawers while you sleep; that is, if you have got things to install on the top surface—no need to unpack.

Furthermore, the DECKED Drawers provide more organization since they are partitioned. Additionally, they come with the inherent accessory boxes; the D-Box and the CrossBox.

It really does not matter what you do with your truck bed, whether securing hunting gear, field service equipment, technician's tools and more, fret not; DECKED has a plan for you.

Engineering and Design of Our products

As DECKED, our biggest flex is in the quality of products we give out to our customers. We always want the best for you! Because of this, we put in a lot of design and engineering to what we make by using the most qualified team of professionals. The quality of products does not simply depend on quality materials. Rather, these materials have to be perfectly designed, combined and installed to produce the perfect products which will guarantee you efficiency, security, durability, and style. We stand with heads held high cnidently asserting that our products are here to revolutionize your entire truck experience.

Talk of versatile storage .DECKED gives you adaptable cargo organization. DECKED products are made to meet the evolving customer needs meaning you'd find them more than useful.


Our DECKED Drawer System is the best example of the effort we put into our production process. We ensure it complements your tonneau cover by providing you with:

  • Security - With our product, you can be sure that your tools and cargo will be secure. A superb locking system  will keep off lowlife burglars who want to reap where they did not sow.  Add to this state of the art designing (the use of a rubberised gasket and sturdy meterialing) to bar whatever forced entry you could imagine.Not even a crowbar can be used to break in.
  • Durability and Strength– If there is anything our designers really focus on while making our products, it is the strength and durability aspect. We keep repeating this because better believe it is true; our products are made using materials from the future! That is the reason you can try the runover test   or carry a ton of cement on top of it, and it will not incur a single dent! Yes, strength and durability like you haven't seen in other brands of tool storage equipment out there.
  • Accessibility- Our mission at DECKED is to give you quality products that make your truck experience amazing. We cannot do this by just giving you security and durability. This is why we engineer and design our products to give you easy accessibility. For our Tool Box, we designed and incorporated a ladder engineered to help you climb onto the truck for easy access to your tool and gear inside the Tool Box. Awesome right?! And no, it does not consume space inside your truck box; that's how good of engineering and designing we factor in. For our DECKED Drawer System, we engineered a sliding mechanism so the drawers can slide out and slide back into the truck bed. Uttermost accessibility!
  • Weatherproof - Yet another major engineering and design of our products we brag about is that they are weatherproof. Yes, your tools and gear will remain mist and dust-free– while stored in our Decked Drawer System or Tool Box– even through the harshest rain, the dustiest terrain, or the fall of snow or in the car wash! That's how good we are.
  • Organization– Our Decked Drawer System and Tool Box are designed and engineered with drawer sections and compartments to help you always keep your tools and gear organized. So organized that you could get an award from your mama!
  • Versatility - We know most of our customers use their Tool Boxes and Drawer Systems for tools and gear. But we as DECKED are smart, and know that those are not our only clients. We also know that you could be having other needs. That is why we engineer and design our products to accommodate versatility, such as having enough space to carry ammunition, your fishing hooks, compartments that could safely hold a few bottles of wine or even clothes for your camp.
  • Compatibility –Our DECKED Drawer Systems are designed and engineered to be compatible with a range of truck models made from 2001 to date. They are also compatible with most trucks before then, with standard truck bed sizes.

Whether it is storage, toting , organizing or securing your tools, DECKED promises just that and much more.The good thing is, DECKED products work in all weather conditions hot,cold or rainy.


Free Shipping

We  know how the shipping fee hurts you because you feel it is just an additional cost to your products? Yeah, we know that. So, as DECKED, all our products come with free shipping. Just pay for your products and delivery is on us!

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, we offer lifetime warranty to all our products as well. We want to give you quality products as well as security and assurance. We also want to gain your trust, and lure you back to buy more of our truck accessories. And which better way to do that than giving you a lifetime warranty policy!

We know you've loved our pitch. Become part of our family, and get our DECKED Drawer System and Toolbox Tonneau cover today.   Get DECKED!







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