DECKED Offers Up a Low Profile Toolbox

DECKED Offers Up a Low Profile Toolbox

DECKED Offers Up a Low Profile Toolbox—Even When the Stakes are High. 

a DECKED Tool Box is mounted in the back of a white pickup truck. A man lift is in the background in front of a building that is under construction.

We get it. You like to keep a low profile. And so do we; w ell, with our low profile toolbox, that is. Otherwise, you’ll catch us shouting from the rooftops about how badass our truck accessories are, how epically you can adventure with them, and how insanely efficient your work can become when you deck o ut your truck with a DECKED Tool Box. It’s our job here at DECKED to #UnSuckYourTruck , and we are dead serious about that mission.

Our trucks are our lifeblood. Sometimes we even take care of them better than we take care of o urselves. (Sounds familiar? Yeah. That one hit differently, right? It’s hard to be called out.) Sometimes, even after all of the washing, waxing, vacuuming, and Armor All-ing, we still spend hours and hours  looking for the perfect toolbox or truck accessory—only to be disappointed when it finally arrives. Dented, dinged, too flimsy, not waterproof… etcetera, etcetera, the list goes on and on…

At DECKED, we make the decision-making process easy, because we think we make the best low profile tool box on the market today, and all of the other days prior, because until now— toolboxes haven’t changed much in the past 50 years.

A man with an extremely long beard and yellow hard hat looks into his toolbox that is mounted on his white work truck.  

Keep It On the Low-Low

“Google, how do you know if the tool box is low profile?” Good question. And if it’s one you find yourself muttering into your phone lately, well, let’s just put this baby to rest.

Features of a Low Profile Truck Tool Box :

  • A low profile truck tool box is designed with visibility in mind.
  • A low profile tool box for truck s won’t obstruct the back window, so you can easily see what’s behind you.
  • The best low profile truck toolbox won’t interfere when turning your 5th Wheel, so your towing capabilities are never impacted.

Our low profile crossover tool box meets all of the above criteria, and beyond, and what’s more, is that all of our products are made in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

An aerial shot of the DECKED facility in rural Ohio. It is surrounded by an agricultural field.

We’re damn proud of that. And while we’re at it, how about we tell you what else we’re proud of?

  • DECKED Tool Boxes are secure. The lock is separate from the latch so if it gets tampered with, there’s still another line of defense.
  • Our stuff is engineered.  By a whole entire team of engineers. Real ones who went to college for a collective amount of years that is so long it makes us want to cry in our beers for them.
  • Waterproof:  That’s our middle name. Just kidding. We don’t have a middle name. But if we did it would probably be “Out.” DECKED Out Trucks. Does that sound good to you?
  • Organized.  If digging through all of your shit is the bane of your existence, then you will LOVE the D-Box  and Snack Tray  that come standard with a DECKED Tool Box.
  • Access. Like full access. Everyone loves having full access. (Nope. That’s not what we meant. Get y’alls minds out of the gutter). A DECKED Tool Box comes with an integrated access ladder that telescopes to extend fully to the ground and then retracts to fold up into the toolbox. Obstructing nothing. Accessing everything.

A DECKED Tool Box sits open in the back of a white truck. A blue-lidded D-Box, their smaller tool box, is shown nested within.

What All of the Buzz is About

Full Access and free stuff are two things that people go bonkers over. We failed to mention that we’ve got a free gift for readers of this article—in the form of a drinking game.

Here’s where it gets really fun: Every time we say “low profile tool box for truck” or some other crazy variation of those words, and let’s include “DECKED” too, you take a drink. (Doesn’t have to be alcohol. You do you, boo). Because we’re about to hit you with what our toolboxes are NOT and why.

A DECKED Tool Box is NOT a…

Our toolboxes are different from all of the rest. A DECKED Tool Box is not a Better Built low profile tool box, or a Weatherguard low profile tool box, or a Husky low profile tool box, because we only use aluminum where it counts. We don’t build the whole dang thing out of it. Aluminum is a pretty great metal, but for toolboxes, it’s kinda meh. It’s a regrettable fact that approximately 50% of aluminum toolboxes arrive at the customer dented or dinged. Fifty percent! (Did you just spit out your beer?) We think the concept of paying for dents and dings is crazy, so that’s why we’ll never ask you to pay for them because our product simply just doesn’t get them.

A DECKED Tool Box is not a Dee Zee low profile tool box or a run-of-the-mill truck bed storage solution like a Tractor Supply low profile toolbox, or Lowe’s low profile toolbox, because our product is made from high-density polyethylene and not steel.  

While steel toolboxes are thicker and more durable than aluminum, they are heavy as all get-out and require powder-coating in order to withstand the elements. If one of the elements is your rough-and-tumble ass banging around in the back of your rig all day with tools, then a low profile full size truck tool box made from steel isn’t going to help you much. When the powder-coating on steel toolboxes gets nicked or marred, as we all know it’s going to, all hopes of waterproofing are lost—and then enters rust.

A white truck is parked inside a workshop where a guy in a flannel shirt stands on an integrated ladder extends from the toolbox and hangs off the right side of the truck.  

The DECKED Tool Box, in Depth

Enough about this   low-profile business, right? Let’s take a look at the rest of the high-profile attributes that are making DECKED one of the most popular truck bed accessory companies around.

If you’ve seen us around the web much, or on social media  especially, then you know that we’ve been amassing a cult-like following. The chatter around the watercooler is that—watercooler? There’s no damn watercooler on a job site. We meant porta-potty. The chatter around the porta-potty is that DECKED Tool Boxes make your life better.

We’re an ergonomics company that likes to improve the lives of real people working really hard. We build our stuff tough, in Defiance, Ohio, where we defy the odds of what is possible when it comes to truck bed storage . Like you, we work hard to create a better way to keep our tools and recreational gear organized, protected from the elements, and secure. 

A man in a blue shirt and safety glasses operates a Freedom Machine Tool inside the DECKED Warehouse

How We Measure Up:

  • Our Materials: Crafted from an injection-molded, high-impact resin, or high-density polyethylene to be exact, this cockroach of plastics is virtually impossible to destroy. Because we give a crap about our one shared and beautiful planet, we only use recycled plastics, which we buy in bulk, grind up in our factory, melt, and then inject into molds. Because of this, we’ve made all of our products black. We add a little carbon to ensure continuity across our products, making sure they meet our exacting standards.

We know that our products are put to the test nationwide, so they need to be up for the challenge in all climates. We add a UV inhibitor that prevents fading because accessories should always improve the look of your truck, not drag it down.

  • Our Process: An important distinction to note about the DECKED Tool Box is that it is not fabricated in any way. It is molded, not welded. That means that the bottom tub and the top lid are each their own single piece. There are so many reasons why this type of superior craftsmanship can improve a toolbox tenfold.

We also added galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements, making for a toolbox as rigid as a schoolmarm.

A close up picture of an open DECKED Tool Box. The D-Box and Snack Tray are nestled within.

  • No Gas Struts: In our experience, torsion springs are a better way to go. They never break down, aren’t fickle in low temps, and consistently out-perform gas struts that have become commonplace on other toolboxes. We use torsion springs on our 30-pound lid that stays open.
  • We Put the Secure in Security: One of, if not the  most important, functions of a toolbox is to keep your investments safe and sound. DECKED Tool Boxes are so damn tough, they’ll make a crowbar cry!

The toolbox lid must be open in order to install or remove the toolbox. There’s a robust, steel-armored locking mechanism on the toolbox that, combined with a driver-side lock, makes forced entry nearly impossible. The tub-lid interface minimizes theft pry bar points, and even if some dummy does try, it won’t disfigure the toolbox in any way.

You know when you’re going down the road and you see those truck beds with cringy toolboxes that have clearly been breached? That won’t ever be you.

  • Absolutely Waterproof: One thing that is absolute in this life is that water is the destroyer of all tools. DECKED Tool Boxes keep your gear bone dry—even when you’re soaked to the bone. Our toolboxes will never rust or corrode, and the lid seals tightly to the tub with an EPDM gasket.

A Decked d-Box sits open. The box is black with a blue lid and various tools and miscellany are shown inside.

We designed our product with an upstanding lip around the top of the tub that gets overlapped by the lid. This acts as a rain gutter, moving water away and off of the unit, protecting your precious cargo.  

  • Time to Get Organized:  The thing about getting organized is that while it can be a pain-in-the-ass initially, in the long run, it saves time. A whole truckload of it. DECKED Tool Boxes make it ridiculously easy to get organized and come standard with an easy-to-grab D-Box  that hangs in place within the tub.

There’s also a smaller Snack Tray , (the thing that looks like a mud pan), that also hangs right in the top, turning your smaller lost items into found ones again. Voila!

  • We’ve Got Your Back:  Literally and figuratively. There’s an option to add our integrated access ladder, made from 6000 series aluminum, onto your toolbox purchase. Its telescoping mechanism extends all the way to the ground (even on lifted rigs), and when you’re done with it, it retracts into itself and nestles smartly within the toolbox.

It’s a back-saver and a time-saver, and, fair warning, attracts a lot of jealous looky-loo’s when in use. It’s the ladder you don’t have—and desperately need.

We’re also backing you by offering up a Limited Lifetime Warranty  on our DECKED Tool Box, so if anything should ever go wrong, give us a holler and we’ll make it right.  

A DECKED Tool Box is shown open with the telescoping ladder extended, reaching the ground. A man in a navy blue shirt and khaki-colored pants and a baseball cap prepares to ascend the ladder.

  • Easy Install: We won’t ask you to drill holes into your brand-spankin’ new truck. We’re not jerks. Our installation is a clamp and screw set-up where the clamp grabs the bedrails of the truck and the screws tighten it down. The clamp is inside the toolbox though, so the lid must first be unlocked, and then opened, so the only way this beast gets in or out of your bed is with all of that, plus a 7/16ths socket.
  • Tried and True:  We tested the hell out of this toolbox because we’re only willing to sell something that we want to use ourselves. Our company was born in Idaho, so we are no stranger to inclement weather, rowdy thieves, or any of the other riff-raff that our pickups (and the owners who love them) have to endure. We’ve beaten the crap out of our toolboxes with a sledgehammer to no avail, (the videos are all over our website), and they are engineered to boss around a 500-pound dynamic payload.

We’ve tested the whole shebang in 180 degrees Fahrenheit and also in frigid negative five degrees. The consensus was as clear as the icicles that hung off of it—the DECKED Tool Box doesn’t budge. Nor flex. Nor bend. Nor break. Nor buckle. You get the idea…

And speaking of ideas, we spent over three years in research and development bringing our ideas to life. We formed a company focused on our best asset, and that’s you—our customer. In retooling the toolbox, we developed a tool storage solution that looks like it came from this decade. This isn’t your granddad’s toolbox, because it’s not 1973 anymore. Our toolbox is impossible to dent, yet easy to love and is tough on thieves, yet easy on the eyes.

Think you’ve seen one toolbox and you’ve seen them all? Guess again. Find the toolbox steeped in industrial durability for your make  and model here .

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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty