Best Hunting Truck Accessories of 2021

Hunting truck accessories - featured

Listen—you can’t just put a dead deer on the hood of a Corolla or guns in the trunk next to some groceries and old shoes. And when it comes to finding the perfect hunting spot, one thing is certain: you just won’t get there in any old, ordinary car. Having a tough pickup truck is a necessity for any diehard hunter. It not only gets to the best spots, but hauls all the gear and armory. Today, there are several options for truck accessories to help maintain and transport your equipment. Having badass truck accessories will protect your gear, keep it organized, and make it easily accessible so you can get out there during hunting season and get’er done.


Ready to start making our way through the best hunting truck accessories? We’ve grouped them up by category to make finding your ultimate hunting accessory list easy to sift through. Here’s a list of all the things we’ll be reviewing together:

Benefits of Using Your Truck While Hunting

Hunting truck accessories - benefits

Your truck has more uses than simply just getting to and from the hunting spot. Obviously, it hauls all your equipment but with the right accessories, you can use your truck for so much more than that. It’s not just transportation, it’s shelter, a storage unit, and a tool.

Your Truck is Your Basecamp

A decked-out truck will make your hunting trip more enjoyable and a lot easier. Sleeping on the ground can be cold, hard, and massively uncomfortable. Did you know they make inflatable mattresses to fit your truck bed and tents to even go on top? Turn your truck into a camper and sleep in total comfort. You’re way less likely to wake up with a snake in your sleeping bag if you’re three feet off the ground and inside a steel box. If the weather gets really bad, you can also snug up comfortably in the cab of a Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado with the seats reclined and the seat warmers going. This ain’t your grandpa’s pickup.

If you weren’t looking to pitch a tent on your truck bed and stay put, you can instead lock your truck and strike out into the backcountry in search of whitetail on foot with all the hunting gear you can lug. Just remember, mornings are cold during deer season and Mother Nature isn’t always kind. Be sure to layer up. Check out these Carhartt thermal skivvies to help keep your jewels toasty. Always. Protect. The. Jewels.

You Can Bring All Your Stuff

Keep organized while out in the wilderness with DECKED drawers and all your ammo and camo securely tucked away under your sleeping platform. You can even lock up your food. Bears may raid a campsite, but they sure as hell aren’t getting past our locks. Sorry, Smokey.

Your Truck is a Tool

With a few modifications and tools, your truck can provide pulling power with a hitch in the back and a winch in the front. Need to hoist a big buck for cleaning? Not a problem. ATV needs towing out of the mud? Done.

With the right accessories, your truck does everything but make coffee for you in the morning. Just kidding. Of course your truck can make your coffee . Amazon really does have everything.

Hunting Truck Bed Accessories

truck bed accessories

Your truck bed is useful as is, but you can really amp up the functionality with some great mods and add-ons. Here are our favorite must-have accessories to trick out your truck.

DECKED Drawer System

DECKED truck bed drawers are the answer to your hunting dreams, assuming you dream about storage systems (come on, who doesn’t?). Our system fits in the bed of your truck and the heavy-duty drawers pull all the way out, giving you easy access to your hunting gear and ultimate security for your guns. Inside the drawers, you can organize with dividers , bins , D-boxes , and Crossboxes —whatever works best for you. They come in different sizes to fit all kinds of trucks. Whether you’re a Chevrolet,Toyota, or Ford, guy, we have storage to fit your truck.

Need storage, but not looking to use DECKED Drawers? Our new Tool Box gives you secure, weatherproof storage without taking up precious bed space.


Tonneau Covers

You might be out tramping around the woods for hours; the last thing you need is critters or teenagers stumbling across your truck full of goodies. Keep your stuff safe from sticky fingers and wandering critters with a hard tonneau cover . Keep in mind that DECKED already does all that better than any tonneau cover , so if you have a DECKED system, you’re good to go.

Bed Tents and Bed Liners

Turn your truck bed into an actual bed with an inflatable truck mattress and a truck bed tent . They even make a mattress for your back seat . And while your truck is tough, it still needs to be protected. Keep the bed undented and unscratched with a heavy-duty, full bed liner that covers the bottom, sides, and tailgate.

LED Lights

You need to see what you’re doing, right? Outfit the bed of your truck with LED lights and stop rooting around in the dark! Or, if you’re in the mood, you can just turn these on and lay in the back of your for a nice night under the stars. You can also switch these on during any nighttime tailgate. Be the light of the party and get some LED lights to really start glowing.

Interior Truck Accessories for Hunting

The interior of your truck is going to be subjected to unspeakable horrors. Mud, blood, spills, and stink—or better yet, some serious stank . Take some precautions.

Floor Mats

Don’t settle for minimal coverage or—heaven forbid—the Tweety Bird floor mats your mom bought you for Christmas. No self-respecting truck deserves that. Look for full-coverage rubber mats that will contain the muck. Check out CAT’s Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats or Weathertech’s custom-fit floor liners and say goodbye to Tweety!

Car Seat Covers

Again, don’t settle for the ordinary. Look for car seat covers that are durable, easy to clean, offer full coverage, and are waterproof. Aierxuan makes a line of waterproof leather car seat covers that look amazing and are easy to clean.

Odor Eliminator

About that stink…you don’t just want to cover it up with perfume or body spray. You’re better off in the long run if you kill the germs that cause the smell. There are plenty of options . We recommend keeping moisture eliminator packets like DampRid in your truck, and a sanitizing spray like Microban to kill germs on every surface and keep your truck smelling fresh.

Exterior Hunting Accessories

Exterior Hunting Accessories

The outside of your truck can use some extra attention as well. You want some accessories people can see from afar or just from driving by you. These accessories are protective, useful, and will catch any eye on the road.

  • Grille Guard – They do more than just look tough. Grille guards protect your front end and lights against branches, road kill, and other off the grid hazards.
  • Off-Road Tires – When you’re going places that have never seen asphalt, you need tires that can handle all kinds of terrain. Upgrade to quality off-road tires for safety and convenience.
  • Mud Flaps and Fender Flares – Your truck is likely to get pretty muddy out in the wild. To stop the mudslinging and keep the mess to a minimum, consider a set of mud flaps and some stylish fender flares .
  • Cargo Carrier – If you need even more space for your hunting gear, a cargo carrier for the roof or back of your truck gives you some extra packing space without infringing on your truck bed or cab.

Other Hunting Accessories

What else might you need out there? Everything and anything. But here a few more things are just more useful than most.

  • Winch Straps – Anything can happen during hunting season. Floods, mudslides, downed trees, and your dumbass cousin can all result in situations where a winch strap will come in handy. You can use the winch strap to unstick vehicles, move trees, or pull your cousin out of the ditch. In any case, it’s good to be prepared.
  • A Good Jack – If you get a flat and there’s no hard ground to be found, changing a tire can be a real pain. Invest in a heavy-duty jack capable of getting the job done.
  • Battery Charger – Another thing we like to have is a good quality car battery charger in case we need a jump start.

You can’t be too careful when you go overland, but you can be way more comfortable and prepared for anything. Your truck can be transportation or a well-equipped hunting camp. With DECKED storage , you can have everything you could need or want in the woods, dunes, or just about any place you can think of. Now get on out there!


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