Turning the Best Tonneau Cover Upside Down

Bigger tires? Check. Custom wheels? Check. Rock sliders? Check. Truck nuts? Check.  Now what?  If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for a tonneau cover or something like it, so that big box of nothing called the bed of your truck might be just a little bit more useful.

Here is an idea: turn the tonneau cover upside down.

Let's start with the basics. What are the attributes of that product you seek for the bed of your truck?

  1. Weatherproof?
  2. Secure?
  3. Rugged and durable?
  4. Organization?
  5. Accessibility to bed contents?
  6. Something that allows full bed use? 
  7. Payload capacity?

Here is a little table to help compare DECKED with a tonneau cover.

 The key difference between DECKED and a tonneau cover is:


DECKED is like a tonneau in reverse, but instead of needing to move the cover out of the way to gain full access to your bed, you put your large, heavy items on top and then still have organized and accessible storage in the back of your truck. 


1. Put that massive thing on top, and still have your tools accessible and organized:

Big stuff on the DECKED system

2. Walk up and have instant access to your tools or gear without crawling into your bed:

3. Meticulously organize your bed's contents: tools, gear, firearms etc.:

4. Have complete peace of mind that your bed's contents are going to dry, and out of the elements:

Now we aren't saying there is not a use case where a tonneau cover isn't a better option. Everyone uses their truck differently, and the tonneau is a clever idea. But for people who work or recreate out of their truck where tools, hunting/fishing/camping gear, rescue equipment and other essentials are commonly on-board, having a means by which to segment and organize them is a critical time saver and guarantor of a more efficient, safer and more rewarding day. The added bonus of having this storage and accessible organization while not sacrificing the ability to carry large, heavy objects is where DECKED excels and is a better option that a tonneau cover. 

Four wheeler on DECKED