DECKED Tool Box | Did You Know?

DECKED Tool Box | Did You Know?


How did we bring the traditional tool box into the 21st-century?

The short answer is better materials, stronger design, and Enginerds who aren't afraid to throw boulders on their prototypes. 



The long answer is: 


We didn't create a Tool Box to maintain the status quo. We built one to shatter it. (And as you can see in the video above, we tried shattering tool boxes in the process ☝️☝️☝️). 

The DECKED Tool Box is built in the USA with a stainless-steel chassis injection molded with High-Impact Polymer Resin. The result is a Tool Box that doesn't ding, dent, or rust – even when we hit it with our best Paul Bunyan swing, drove into it with a forklift, dropped 500 lbs of concrete and steel weights into the inside, heated it to near-boiling temperatures, and cranked on the lid with a crowbar.

Even after we attempted utter destruction, the Tool Box stood structurally sound and secure. Aluminum is so 20th-century. And let's face you really want a Tool Box made of the same material as the beer cans you crush on a Friday night? We think not.  

Steel Chassis Tool Box


Want to know where 20th-century Tool Boxes set the bar for access? Groin tears. That awkward process of lifting your leg to get into the bed of a jacked-up pickup truck and then hopping out and hoping your joints are prepared for the force of your burly-self. Our goal was to far-surpass the low-bar of groin tears, so we built a nested ladder that doesn't compromise the storage capacity of our Tool Boxes. Boom! That's some 21st-Century shit if we've ever seen it. 

Our ladders are made with super bomber 7000 series aluminum and easily telescope in and out of your Tool Box (it's very satisfying, check it out for yourself ). Like the Tool Box, the ladder was put through the wringer in our testing process and came out unscathed. Trust us on this one, you're gonna love not having to do a yoga pose to get at your tools and gear. We're all about saving those groin tears for the bad-ass things you do after you've grabbed stuff out of your Tool Box.  


You spent your hard-earned money on your tools and gear, and we know that means you don't want any Degens from Upcountry breaking in and stealing your prized possessions. With super secure steel-armored locking mechanisms and a tough-as-nails lid, you can rest assured that not even a bear with a crowbar will get in (but please let us know if one tries... we want photos). 

We know you also don't want your tools and gear to get wet when you're driving through a car-wash or caught in a storm-of-the-century. That's why we made our Tool Boxes 100% waterproof with a custom mold-seal compression gasket that lines the inside of the lid. To make sure even the sneakiest water drops can't get in, we added an overbuilt upstanding tub-lid interface. 

Whether you've got shotguns or nail guns in your Tool Box (or both), you can take our word that they'll be bone-dry, safe from thieves and boulders, and just a ladder step away. 

Tool Box Duck Hunt


What else do you want to know? Shoot us an email to for the answer. 


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