Need a Backpack Tool Bag? Here's What You Should Know

Decked's backpack tool bag on a job site.

What’s So Great About a Backpack Tool Bag?

Every tradesman knows the importance of accessible, organized tool storage. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, or HVAC tech, you know a good toolbox is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ve got.

But what if you have to take a whole lot of heavy tools and fragile equipment with you? And what if you don’t know what the worksite will look like or how far you’ll have to go on foot? A handheld metal toolbox might not be your best option anymore.

Ready to go back to school? It’s time for a heavy-duty backpack for all your tools.

Don’t call it a comeback—backpacks are still all the rage and they can save your butt a whole lot of time (and pain). Here’s why you should ditch the old tool belt or metal box and get yourself strapped with backpack tool bag when you’re on the go:

  • Storage capacity: That backpack’s gonna carry a hell of a lot more tools than any tool belt.


  • Versatility: These days, a good backpack tool bag will have a ton of functional carrying options, waterproof bases, and a ton of different widgets and backpack features to meet even the most versatile of job sites and needs.


  • Organization: A good backpack tool bag keeps all your tools in place and makes them easily accessible. They’ve got a huge number of pockets and other organization options. No more throwing your wrenches and bolts into a big black metal box.


  • Ergonomics: They’re comfortable to carry and easy to use. No lopsided lugging or dragging that bends your back outta whack or rips those calluses.


  • Mobile AF: Not rocket science here. Just strap it on with your essentials and save the back-and-forth trips to your work truck. A versatile backpack can also go with you on any camping trip or overland adventure.


Whether you’re a hardworking tradesman or a DIY handyman with a big tool collection, you need a jobsite backpack that meets your needs—capable of taking heavy-duty daily use and abuse.

So we’ve put together a quick guide so you can choose the best tool backpack to suit your needs. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for and where to find these bad boys!

What to Look For in a Backpack Tool Bag

  • Construction: Carrying a ton of hand tools and power tools can make a bag heavy. Heavy loads require a strong, sturdy bag. So if you’re loading up on power tools, you’ll need a backpack built to hold heavy items without risk of material ripping or seams tearing apart. You don’t want your nuts to hit the ground, do you?


  • Ergonomics/Comfort: Details like padded straps and sternum support (a chest strap) to relieve the weight on your back make all the difference when it comes to tool bags. You want multiple carrying options without fear of the handles or straps breaking; you also want to be able to wear it without a screwdriver digging into your back. Does it distribute the weight evenly? Are the zippers easy to use? If you’re carrying a lot of tools, you really don’t want to skimp on the ergonomic factor.


  • Versatility: Your tool bag should make things easier for you and meet any challenges you face. Think about what you’ll need to carry and how that’s going to work. If your load changes often, you need flexible organization solutions within the tool bag. You might want some detachable compartments or Optimus Prime levels of transformations. You also want to make sure you can use it in places besides your job site. Can you take it on a hunt with you in the wilderness? Find a backpack tool bag that can be taken and rough the weather with you anywhere.


  • Weight: Generally, the stronger the construction material, the heavier a tool bag gets. You’ll need to think about the size and weight of the gear you’re hauling and whether the bag is going to be up to the task.


  • Openings and pockets (organization capabilities): Keeping your tools organized and in place is vital when you’re out on a job or hunt. Tool pockets are great, just as long as they’re big enough for your tools and will actually hold them in place. Interior and exterior pockets in a variety of different sizes are great for hand tools while the main compartment of a tool bag holds larger items. Base dividers are awesome for keeping tools and parts separated but they limit the size of larger items you can carry.


  • Price and value: When it comes to tool bag cost, you have to think about durability and how often (if at all) you’ll need to replace it. As with most things, you get what you pay for. So a bag might be cheap but probably won’t last a year carrying rugged tools.


Where Can I Find a Backpack Tool Bag?

You can find a backpack tool bag from Amazon, home improvement stores, hardware stores, or individual manufacturers’ websites. Here are the companies that make the best backpacks on the market.



Award-winning American-based company that manufactures Guaranteed Tough Tools and tool accessories, DeWalt has grown from small beginnings in 1922 into one of the world’s leading makers of power tools.

Their range of tools is rugged and easily identifiable on your everyday worksites. They focus on toughness and durability combined with sustainable and eco-friendly powering options, making their products a great value. You’ll recognize the familiar black and yellow signature colors and the heavy-duty construction you expect from the DeWalt name. One of their most popular tool backpacks has padded shoulder straps, a USB charger, 33 pockets, and rubber feet on the bottom to reduce wear.



Founded in 1978, the Home Depot is now the world’s largest Home Improvement Retailer, with 2,298 stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they lead the way in community spirit, helping out both nationally and locally, wherever their stores are located.

Husky is its individual in-house brand, making tools and accessories for the everyday tradesman at affordable prices. One of their most popular backpacks, the 18” Pro Backpack , features 20 total pockets and is only $60.

Klein Tools

Starting with pliers way back in 1857, Klein Tools has remained a family-owned and managed business. They have grown since their humble beginnings and continue to focus on high performance and product/operator safety. Klein Tools makes a variety of tool organizers to handle all your portable storage needs, including their popular Tradesman Pro™ Tool Station Tool Bag Backpack . This backpack features 21 pockets and an open compartment in the middle.


CLC Custom Leathercraft

CLC has been reinventing work gear for a long time. They became famous for their leather organizational tool belts (they may be the originators of plumber’s crack!). Some of their backpack models, like the CLC ECPL38 , feature LED lights, a USB charging tool in the front pocket, a tape measure clip, and 36 storage pockets. This model even has a laptop sleeve. Most CLC products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and they’re easily available on Amazon.



Founded in 2013, DECKED was created as an answer to a massive gap in the market. We wanted solid, dependable, hard-working storage solutions that stand the test of time and answer all the common problems of truck storage.

The DECKED D-Bag (which, of course, is short for Drawer-Bag) was later created to fit into the DECKED Drawer System , but it’s perfect for solo use, too. It’s a military-grade hybrid soft and hard shell tool bag with ultra-flexible carrying options with padded adjustable straps and back support. With a wide horseshoe opening, you get easy access to all your organized tools in seconds.

It comes with a removable tool roll and duffel bag, as well as plenty of zippered compartments, pockets, and built-in organization for all your small tools and gear. The ultra-tough molded base is made from a thermoformed EVA foam and coated with water-resistant 900-Denier TPU coated ballistic grade nylon . In layman’s terms? It won’t rip, tear or snag no matter what. Plus, it’s covered by DECKED’s limited lifetime warranty.


The Only D-Bag You’ll Ever Love

We all love a good D-Bag.

Again… short for Drawer- Bag, the DECKED D-Bag is a versatile, heavy-duty tool backpack that performs just as well at a construction site as it does on a weekend fishing trip with the boys .

If you want a tool bag that can actually handle all the everyday use and abuse that you expect a rugged tool bag backpack to handle, you know where to find us.

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