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Technical Questions

What does a 2000 lb load rating mean?

What is HDPE and why do you use it?

What is the height of the DECKED system from the truck bed to the top of the deck?

Is DECKED dangerously flammable?


Does DECKED fit midsize trucks like the Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado/Canyon or Frontier?

Will the DECKED System fit my extended van?

Will the DECKED System fit in my van (Transit, Sprinter, etc.) with dual rear wheels?

Will a DECKED system fit in an 8’ pickup bed?

Does DECKED make a system for SUVs or Jeeps?

Does the DECKED system fit the Chevy Avalanche?

Will my spray in bed liner cause a problem?

Can I keep my plastic drop-in bed liner?

Does DECKED work with my bed rug?

On my Ford truck I have the tailgate step and handle, will these get in the way of my DECKED system?

Is the Aluminum F150 Light Switch Compatible with DECKED?

Is DECKED Compatible with Gun Racks?

Is DECKED Compatible with CARGOGLIDE and/or BEDSLIDE?

Is the system compatible with a fifth wheel, goose neck or RAM towing package?

Is DECKED compatible with a side mount tool box?

Can I access the storage compartment and/or outlet in a Tacoma?

Will DECKED Work With My Tacoma / Tundra Bed Lighting Kit?

Can I access the outlet and/or bed lights in my Jeep Gladiator?


Is DECKED Compatible with the GMC MultiPro Tailgate Assist Handle?

Does DECKED Fit a Ford F150 Flairside or Stepside Bed?

Is the DECKED Drawer System compatible with the 2021 Ford F-150 Pro Power Onboard electrical generator system?

Is the DECKED Drawer System compatible with the new Ram TRX optional bed mounted spare tire?

Does the DECKED System fit with the new 2021 Tundra and Tacoma Trail Edition with the insulated storage?

General Questions

How tall is DECKED?

What is the DECKED system made of?

How much does the DECKED system weigh?

How much weight can I put on the DECKED system?

What does "Weatherproof" mean?

Are the ammo cans waterproof?

I noticed that the spacing around my DECKED system is not consistent. Why not?

Can I load an ATV on the DECKED system?

I have a 2004 F-150, I noticed that in your product list that two 2004 F150’s show up. How do I know which F150 I have and which DECKED system fits my truck?

I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado or 2007 GMC Sierra, I noticed that in your product list that two 2007 Silverado/Sierra’s show up. How do I know which Silverado/Sierra I have and which DECKED system fits my truck?

Does DECKED offer any suggestions on how to change the ramp angle of my tailgate?

Will DECKED affect the paint on my bed?

Do you offer Financing?

Is it ok to attach ratchet straps or other tie downs to the edges of the deck panels or into the ammo can holes?


Does the DECKED System Come w/ Accessories?

Can I Install a Yakima or Thule Rack on my DECKED System?

Does DECKED make drain plugs? Are drain plugs compatible with my DECKED system?

Do you have Cargo tie downs for my DECKED System?

Are there any cool add-ons I can use to help me better store/organize guns, tools, fishing rods etc in my drawers?


Where can I find a replacement installation instructions?

Where can I find instructional videos for DECKED?

Do I really need to read the installation instructions and get a buddy to help me?

What tools do I need to install my new DECKED system?

Do I need to drill any holes to install DECKED in my vehicle?

How do I know if I need to install new tie-down mounts on my truck?


Can the DECKED system be shipped to Canada?

Can I pick up my DECKED system up at a local dealer?

Can the DECKED system be shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx?

How much does it cost to ship my DECKED system?

How long will it take to get my new DECKED system?

Use and Limitations

How much weight can I put on the DECKED system?

How waterproof is the DECKED system?

Can you puncture the DECKED system?

Do the drawers rub on the tailgate?

Why do the drawers only pull out 4 feet?

Will the metal bits in the DECKED system rust?


What is DECKED’s return policy?

What is the warranty for the DECKED system or where can I find a warranty card?

Who do I call if I have an issue with my DECKED system?

What do I do if my DECKED system is missing item(s) when shipped to me?

What if my DECKED system doesn’t fit my truck?

What happens if I break my DECKED system, can I buy replacement parts?