We Just Reimagined the Truck Bed


Made from recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) co-molded to a 40 LBS. steel sub frame, DECKED’s true 2,000 LBS. deck load rating lets you load it up and get the job done.


Four ammo cans do triple duty; they support the deck, provide additional storage capacity and also enable access to your bed’s tie-downs for easy, hassle-free installation. Ammo can lids flip over to reveal drink holders, or can be used to organize small items like screws, nuts, and bolts while working on or around your truck.


These handy details are partially recessed to protect the ends of your unit from the abuse you will put it through. Bonus features include common measurement scales and a bottle opener.


Each DECKED unit is precision shaped to match your truck’s bed sidewall topography. We fit nearly every 5½’ (short bed) and 6½’ (standard) truck bed made since the late 1990’s.


DECKED allows you to get to your stuff without having to crawl or reach into the bed. Load the drawers up full (200 LBS. each) and you can still operate them with only one hand. You know what quality feels like when you grip the cast aluminum handle. DECKED’s inside drawer dimensions are 61.4” or 72.1” long, 18.1” wide and 8.4” tall.


DECKED’s two massive, secure, weatherproof, full bed-length drawers give you limitless organization and storage options. Rated at 200 LBS. of capacity per drawer, each slides effortlessly on four oversized, sealed-bearing wheels riding in dedicated channels. Each drawer can be customized to accommodate your needs.



Designed and Engineered

In collaboration with Altair Product Design group of Detroit, DECKED’s patent pending design is the culmination of nearly three years of intense R&D using American ingenuity and manufacturing.




Storing and accessing your stuff needs to be easy. After years of failing to find a good solution we finally did it ourselves and designed DECKED. We developed a system which raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way, and out of the weather while having full use of the rest of your truck bed. Your time is money and being more efficient and working with less effort allows you more time and energy off the clock to do what you really love.



It can take a hell of a lot of toys to have a lot of fun. With DECKED you can store your rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party “items” or whatever else you need. Whether it be at the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot you can pretty much bring everything – including your girlfriend. Have a cold one on the top, lock your aspirin underneath, park your four-wheeler above and stash your pride below. It’s up to you, fun hog. How are you going to use your DECKED?



Using CAD data and OEM engineering standards, DECKED is designed to out-perform the competition under even the toughest conditions. Utilizing HDPE co-molded around a steel frame, you will experience the torsional and lateral stiffness of a factory feel truck bed. Thanks to our Detroit-based engineering team, you get the strength-to-weight ratio of a prize fighter in a product that boasts a 2,000 LBS. true load rating while weighing in at only approximately 200 LBS.



We didn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. We brought a cannon. In designing DECKED we spent years of research and development to deliver a product that will stand up to all the use, and most of the abuse, you can throw at it. HDPE represents the ultimate in impact-resistant, weather-proof materials. Melded to an engineered steel frame, the result is a combination of materials that will last the lifetime of your truck.

Good Parts


We went to great lengths to ensure comprehensive high quality and durability of DECKED. Like true truck geeks, we use only stainless or zinc chromate steel hardware and DECKED’s steel parts are finished with rust inhibitors that exceed automotive standards. From top to bottom, attention to workmanship and detail sets DECKED apart.



We did something your mother could never do; got you organized. Each of DECKED’s drawers feature a 200 LBS. load carrying capacity and provides you nearly limitless custom storage solutions to make your day more efficient. Now you can keep your gear and tools organized, accessible, secure and out of the weather without affecting the use of your truck bed. Load ‘em, organize ‘em, and get down to business.

No Drilling


Utilizing only your truck’s tie down points, DECKED is easily installed without drilling or otherwise screwing up your truck bed. Tie down anchors are accessed via structural ammo cans positioned according to your truck bed’s dimensions in all four corners of your truck bed. Your DECKED product will be securely installed the only engineering valid way it could be done – to your tie-downs.



Four ammo cans located in the DECKED bed corners offer additional storage to our massive drawers. Store and easily access your service items, tow straps, or emergency flask. Ammo can lids flip over to reveal drink holders when it’s time for a cold one, or can be used to organize small items like screws, nuts, and bolts while working on or around your truck.

Factory Fit


Each DECKED system is shaped to fit your truck perfectly, matching the unique topography of nearly every 5 ½’ (short) and 6 ½’ (standard) pick up bed on the market since the late 1990’s. From wheel well height and fore/aft position, to sidewall shape to tailgate/bed relationship, DECKED fits like it rolled off the factory floor with your truck. Forget clunky aftermarket products; DECKED guarantees a snug fit every time.



No one wants an install to resemble the assembly of your kid’s latest Christmas toy, which is why we designed DECKED to be easily installed. Installation uses the existing tie-downs in your truck, and takes less than a six pack’s worth of your buddy’s time. The system can be easily removed in under 30 minutes.

Trays & Dividers


Get more out of your DECKED drawers with customizable storage thanks to our accessory trays and dividers. Segment your space to fit your needs and utilize removable trays to truly get organized for the task. The trays and drawers are tinted light gray to make seeing what you are looking for easier. Accessories sold separately.

Tie Downs


DECKED custom-made Core Trax 1000 and T-track mounting systems allow you to install robust tie down loops or mount Yakima, Thule and other rack systems quickly and easily. The tracks mount directly to DECKED’s steel frame ensuring bomber performance. Accessories sold separately.

Locks & Drain Plugs


Lock up your tools, guns, rods, skis, etc. more securely with our drawer lock and key system. Utilize optional drawer drain plugs to drain water and melted ice, making clean up from an epic tailgate party a breeze. Accessories sold separately.


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Playing with a full deck


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Start by selecting your truck make, model, and bed length. Looking for our product accessories?

Step Down


2004 was a transition year for Ford and as such they produced old and new body styles in the 2004 model year with a 6’6″ bed length. So, for a time, both body types were being sold as 2004 models.

If you do NOT have a stepped down passenger and driver side door windows, you have the older F-150, or “Heritage” version. If this is the case, select the DECKED product F-150 1997-2004 Heritage edition.

If you have the “step down” side windows (see image) you have the “new” 2004 version thus you will select the DECKED F-150 2004-current, bed length 5′ 6″ or 6′ 6″.

Note: DECKED DOES NOT fit the full size four-door short bed (5′ 6″) Ford F-150 SuperCrew made from 2001 through 2003 or the similar sized truck in 2004 badged as the SuperCrew Heritage. The bed dimensions are just too small with the rounded tailgate.



2007 was a transition year for Chevy and GMC, and as such, they produced old and new body styles in the 2007 model year with both a 5ft 9in and 6ft 6in bed. So, for a time, both body types were being sold as 2007 models.

If you have a 2-part headlight array and only modest body flare (see image), you have the older Silverado/Sierra, or “Classic” version. If this is the case, select the DECKED SILVERADO 1999-2007 or SIERRA 1999-2007 Classic edition, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.

Silverado/Sierra Classic

If you have a single-part headlight array with more significant body flare, (see image) you have the “new” 2007 version thus you will select the DECKED SILVERADO 2007-Current or SIERRA 2007-Current, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.

Silverado/Sierra Next Gen


2007 was a transition year for Chevy and GMC, and as such, they produced old and new body styles in the 2007 model year with both a 5ft 9in and 6ft 6in bed. So, for a time, both body types were being sold as 2007 models.

If you have a 2-part headlight array and only modest body flare (see image), you have the older Silverado/Sierra, or “Classic” version. If this is the case, select the DECKED SILVERADO 1999-2007 or SIERRA 1999-2007 Classic edition, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.

Silverado/Sierra Classic

If you have a single-part headlight array with more significant body flare, (see image) you have the “new” 2007 version thus you will select the DECKED SILVERADO 2007-Current or SIERRA 2007-Current, bed length 5ft 9in or 6ft 6in.

Silverado/Sierra Next Gen

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The ProTeam

Developing products that can take the use and abuse we hope you give DECKED takes a high level of research, development and feedback, which is why we have assembled a team of some of the most respected fishermen, hunters and action sports athletes out there.


Zack Boughton

Professional Guide, Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Outdoor Photographer, Video Production, & Outdoor Evangelist

Zack Boughton grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. After graduating high school he pursued his passion for filmmaking and skiing by attending Montana State University. After a few years of being in and out of school and taking on different jobs he finally moved to Missoula, MT where he started Montana Wild with his brother Travis. Here he began to hunt and fish with a fiery passion and earned a degree in Business Marketing at the University of Montana. He now runs his own business with his brother and they can be found fishing or hunting year round. The goal of their work is to inspire others to get out and enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the pursuit. They specialize in outdoor video, photography, and marketing.

Read more at:

Travis Boughton

Professional Guide, Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Video Production, & Outdoor Evangelist

In 2010 Travis dove head first into hunting and fly fishing while attending the University of Montana. Quickly realizing his passion, he started to document his outdoor experiences with his brother Zack. After saving up enough money working at a sporting goods store and restaurant, he bought his first professional camera with aspirations of making a career within the hunting industry. Today Travis is a co-owner of an outdoor media company by the name of Montana Wild with his brother, Zack.

Read more at:

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Professional Skier, Film Producer, Designer, Digital and Analog Media Artist, & Outdoor Evangelist

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is a professional skier who loves the mountains. Whether in the snow, or in the dirt, natural terrain draw him to the landscape. As a professional athlete, most of his energy is focused on Filming, print media, and online content. He works with Teton Gravity Research, the largest online community for mountain sports. Together they produce an annual action sports film, as well as countless webisodes, and commercial content.

Sage is passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, living well, mountain biking, and art as well. As an artist, he works in both digital and analog media, producing art and graphic design for Musicians, Designers, and companies such as The North Face, and Atomic.

Read more at:

Chris Davenport

Professional Skier, Guide, Author, Sports Announcer & Speaker

Two-time World Champion skier Chris Davenport is widely regarded as one of the premier big mountain skiers in the world today. Among his many ski mountaineering achievements, in 2007 Chris became the first person to ski all fifty-four of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks in less than one year. He has numerous first descents of peaks around the globe under his belt, and recently guided and skied on Mt. Everest. Chris has been featured in more than thirty ski films by Warren Miller and Matchstick Productions. He is also a TV commentator for ESPN, ABC sports, and Outside Television, and is an Olympic and World Cup announcer for ski racing events. When not traveling the globe Chris resides in Aspen, Colorado with his wife and three boys.

Read more at:

Brandon McMillan

Professional Angler, Okeechobee Local

Brandon McMillan is a professional bass fishermen fishing the FLW Tour circuit. He is currently on his sophomore season with FLW and already has one tour win under his belt, and is the record holder for heaviest overall weight in a tour event. He grew up on the banks of Lake Okeechobee following in the footsteps of, bass legend, father Jimmy McMillan. His professionalism, attitude, and family are what drive him.

Read more at:">

Brandon Palaniuk

Professional Angler, Idaho Native, Chasing The Dream...

After blasting onto the professional tournament scene in 2011 through the B.A.S.S. Nation, and a 4th place finish in his first Bassmaster Classic appearance, Brandon Palaniuk has become a force to be reckoned with on the Bassmaster Elite Series. After cashing 6 out of 8 events during his rookie campaign and following it up with an Elite Series win in 2012 and 2013 he has continued to keep the dream alive to chase down that Bassmaster Classic trophy. And, with a 2nd Place finish in the 2013 Classic, the kid from Idaho is looking to even the score in 2014.

Read more at:

Scott Martin

Professional Angler, TV Host - Scott Martin Challange, 2011 FLW Championship

Scott started fishing the National Bass fishing trail in 1999 and was immediately on a hot streak from the word go. Scott has amassed an amazing 28 top-ten finishes on the FLW Tour to date with 6 tour wins and over $2 million in earnings. Scott is currently ranked second in the FLW for total earnings and tour wins. With 13 FLW Championship qualifications, he has proven himself as one of fishing’s most decorated and consistent tournament anglers.

In 2005 Scott started his own nationally televised fishing show called the "Scott Martin Challenge" -- now into season 10. When Scott’s not traveling around the world fishing tournaments, hosting promotions, filming or guiding, he especially enjoys spending time with his family. Scott has been blessed with a wonderful wife (Suzanne) and four beautiful children (Jacob, Reed, Hilary and Amelia.) They spend time traveling and enjoying the outdoors together.

Read more at:

Stetson Blaylock

Professional Angler, Boat - Ranger, Motor - Mercury, Truck - Toyota...All DECKED Out!

Stetson has been fishing since he was 17 in nationwide tournaments. He began his professional career in 2009. In his rookie season he won Rookie of the Year and won his first tournament on the FLW Tour at the age of 21. He is still the youngest ever winner of an FLW Tour event. Born and raised in Benton, Arkansas Stetson grew up fishing from a very young age. With almost 30 Top Tens and over 650K in earnings in a very young career Stetson is currently ranked 13th in the world. Stetson currently is traveling the FLW Tour and BASS Open trails with his wife and son on a mission to gain the Angler of the Year spot after finishing 2nd in the 2013 season.

Read more at:

Corey Stanley

Professional Angler, BASS and FLW Tour Competitor, Ford Super Duty

Corey has been tournament fishing for 17 years. He started at a young age fishing club tournaments with his angling hero and dad, Greg Stanley, and is now competing and traveling in BASS and FLW events as a professional. From Orange, Texas, Corey grew up cutting his teeth on his home waters, the Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend reservoirs, where the competition is always tough and has shown him it takes hard work to achieve goals on the water. Discipline, professionalism and organization have been instilled in him at a young age, which is why Corey jumped at the chance to use the DECKED system to achieve his professional goals.

Read more at:

Scott Sommerlatte

Professional Guide, Salt Water Fishing, Hunting, Outdoor Photographer, & Writer

Scott Sommerlatte has now been guiding sportsmen along the Gulf Coast for over two decades. From fly anglers and waterfowl hunters along the Texas coast all the way to chasing tarpon and snook in the Everglades - Scott has developed a great deal of knowledge of the outdoors. In addition to his experience as a guide, Scott has made a name for himself as an outdoor photographer and writer with several thousand published images and over 200 article in print. He is currently recognized as a contributing editor to Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine and is recognized on the mastheads of several other publications.

Read more at:

George Gozdz

Professional Guide, Salt Water Fishing, TV Host, Master Captain, & Conservationist

Host of Reel Time with Florida Sportsman, Captain George Gozdz has enthusiastically shared his expertise as a premier saltwater fishing guide with viewers nationwide. With over 20 years of experience, USCG Master Captain George Gozdz has been featured on many televised broadcasts such as ESPN’s Going Coastal, NBC Sports’ Sportfishing Television and the Sportsman’s Channel’s Reel Time Florida Sportsman Television.

For the past 10 years, Captain George Gozdz has operated Flatlined Charters, a full-time guide service providing inshore and near shore charters in Jensen Beach, Florida. Captain George Gozdz is dedicated to fishing conservation in his community and is a strong supporter of the Coastal Conservation Association as well as other local and national charities.

Read more at:

Greg Dini, Jr

Professional Guide, Salt Water Fly Fishing, Owner/Operator of Fly Water Expeditions

Born in Orlando, Florida Greg began fishing at a very young age. He mastered his home waters of Mosquito Lagoon. He was fortunate enough to play sports as a young man and received a scholarship to play division one baseball at the University of Miami. This is where his addiction began as he got hooked on the three biggest saltwater flats species (Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit).

Putting in thousands of hours on the marsh and polling around in technical skiffs has made Greg realize how incredible and resourceful the Louisiana marsh really is. Greg strives to make his trips as enjoyable and comfortable for his clients, with trips consisting of instruction, encouragement, and tons of laughter. Creating friendships and memorable experiences are Greg's vision for Fly Water Expeditions, and he can’t wait to hear from you.

Read more at:

Justin Rea

Professional Guide, Salt Water Fly Fishing, Tournament Slayer, Owner/Operator of Fishing Key West

Capt. Justin Rea offers technical fly fishing and light tackle fishing guide services in the Lower Keys, Key West and Marquesas. Rea has been fishing full-time in the Keys since 2001. Rea specializes in fly fishing and is an avid fly tier. Most of the year Rea pursues tarpon, bonefish and permit on the shallow water flats of the Lower Keys. He has developed several fly patterns that are available through various fly retailers. In the winter months and on days when sight fishing becomes more difficult Rea has the option to fish offshore for tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, sailfish, kingfish, snapper and grouper.

Rea is an accomplished angler and guide. He has guided many anglers to victory in several tournaments including the Redbone Superfly and the prestigious Del Brown Invitational Permit Tournament. Rea and his angler are the only team to have won the Del Brown more than once. Aside from fishing and guiding Rea enjoys kiteboarding and spearfishing on his days off. He spends time on the water often with his wife and son.

Read more at:

Derek Young

Professional Guide, Photographer, Conservationist, Owner/Operator of Emerging Rivers

Derek Young has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of his life pursuing the wild outdoors and the great American tradition – road trips! The DECKED system fits seamlessly into his active lifestyle of being a professional fly fishing guide – being organized and prepared is important when working with clients and that is reflected in his award of the 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year.

When Derek is away from the river, he is involved with fisheries conservation work and promoting the beauty of the Yakima River corridor and other watersheds through photography, and hosting a podcast program “Guide Stories” which profiles professional guides across the United States and their experiences on the water.

Read more at:




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