The Top Accessories You Need For Your Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator bed accessories.

Did you know Jeep Gladiator sales nearly doubled in 2020 compared to 2019? If you’re one of the lucky people driving this bad boy, congratulations! You’re sitting on one hell of a lot of HP with a comparatively small price tag. And with Jeep’s reputation for durability, you could be enjoying your new truck for a long time to come.

You bought it for one reason, right? You like to get outdoors, go off-road, and get dirty. The Jeep Gladiator 2020 is not a fussy, citified ride. With the same cab styling as the iconic Jeep Wrangler and Rubicon, this pickup truck is made for adventurers just like you.

Here are OEM and aftermarket accessories you can add to be ready to go overland to wherever your sense of adventure takes you.

Here’s what we’ll take a look at:

Jeep Gladiator Truck Bed Accessories

Jeep Gladiator bed accessories.

The main reason anyone would pick the Gladiator over the Jeep Wrangler is for that five-foot, all-steel pickup bed. Flipping down the tailgate to stretch the floor space to 81.3 inches is a nice bonus. Here are more accessories to make the most of that rear end.

  • Tonneau covers : Picture this—you’ve spent hours raiding the sale at Home Depot and loaded the truck bed with a whole bunch of new stuff for the yard. Then it hails like never before. Luckily, nothing’s ruined! Why? Because you’ve got a bed cover to go over everything. Tonneau covers come in all shapes and sizes, including roll-up, hardtop, and tri-fold (many of which are fully compatible with DECKED).

  • Bed racks: Cycling, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, snowboarding, skiing… we’ve probably shed 200 calories just listing them all. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast , you’ll need a bed rack to take your hobbies anywhere. Whether you buy pre-made like these from RCI Metalworks or you make your own , be sure it doesn’t overhang and has the weight capacity you need. Bed racks can carry more than sports equipment; these models from Tuff Stuff hold specialist tents while you’re off-road. It’s the grown-up version of sleeping on the top bunk.

Many truck models come with integrated loops, but there’s plenty of aftermarket options available. These tie-downs from RealTruck clamp onto the sides so you don’t have to drill into the truck bed if you need more anchor points than your Gladiator comes with.

  • Trail rail system: If you’re regularly gonna be tying cargo down, then a trail rail system might be useful . It creates an adjustable mounting structure along the inside of each bed rail (including the tailgate). You can buy the same side rails they use at the Jeep factory from Mopar on Amazon.

  • Bed liner: Spray-in is just one type of bedliner you can get for your Jeep Gladiator, but there are loads of variations to avoid the scratched-up look. This SMARTLINER is a quick solution as it doesn’t require any Velcro or screw fittings and can be removed as easily as you put it in.

Of course, you won’t need a truck bed mat or bedliner if you have the DECKED Drawer System ; it’s custom-built to fit your truck bed and utilize all that space.

  • MOLLE panels: These popular Putco truck bed MOLLE panels are grids you attach to your Gladiator bed. Then, you attach all kinds of accessories and gear to them like bags, a jack, and a swing case with tools. Consider it a peg board for your truck bed.

  • DECKED Drawer System: Why get a DECKED Drawer System ? It holds everything you need in easy-to-use weatherproof drawers that pull out at hip-level so you don’t need to crawl onto the truck bed to grab anything behind the cab. It has a sturdy top that can take a 2,000-lb payload for laying or tying down any large objects. The drawers are lockable, weather resistant, and can handle an individual capacity of 200lbs. Traveling with tools, camping gear, guns , and even Costco runs are gonna be a lot easier with the Drawer System in your Jeep Gladiator.

The D-Box is a 20-inch long toolbox with both a horizontal and vertical handle to keep it fully water- and dustproof. You can load your ammo, bait, or other bits and pieces and take it on the go with you.

The Crossbox is a narrower and similarly built toolbox. Both these boxes are specifically waterproof and made out of high-impact polypropylene.

The Drawerganizer is a bin that snaps into the handle of the drawer for all those small bits that would get lost elsewhere (we’re thinking tape measures, bolts, and screws). And finally, use dividers to segment the drawers into sections.

The beauty of the D-Boxes and Crossboxes is that you can switch them in and out depending on what you’re doing with your Jeep Gladiator. Have multiple boxes and keep one for each activity—organization that will make your mom proud.

And great news: If you don’t drive a Jeep Gladiator, DECKED makes truck bed storage systems to fit other brands, like Chevy, Ford F-150s, and Toyota Tacomas.

Jeep Gladiator Interior Accessories

The inside of your truck is not only where you’ll be spending the most time, it’s where your possessions are kept. Secure, comfortable, and easy to clean is the order of the day. Let’s look at what’s available for your Jeep Gladiator interior.

  • Floor liners/floor mats: Not the most exciting thing in the world, we know. But how often do you or others get into the cab with a ton of crap (sometimes, literally) on your shoes? Floor mats should be the first thing your feet touch. Mopar does a range of OEM products including mats and WeatherTech ’s aftermarket mats are popular with all truck owners.

  • In-vehicle safe: Whether it’s your credit cards, handgun, or that embarrassing photograph of you in seventh grade, you don’t want your personal items ending up in the wrong hands. An in-vehicle safe fits inside the console; there’s a few lockboxes available on Amazon from brands like Royalo and Hooke Road , while ConsoleVault offers a 3 or 4 digit combination lock as an option on their safe.

But if you want real peace of mind for all kinds of things from expensive equipment to guns , the DECKED Drawer System and its lockable compartments provide total security from those sticky-fingered a-holes out there.

  • Seat covers: Accidents happen. Especially if you’re raising a pack of wild spider monkeys to be functioning adults one day. The seats in your cab can be kept clean much easier with seat covers. ExtremeTerrain has a huge range of aftermarket covers in lots of styles—we personally like the ones with handy seat-back pockets.

Jeep Gladiator Exterior Accessories

Your bed’s upgraded, the cab’s spiffed up…what next? The outside: It’s what everyone sees when you’re cruising down the highway. Turns out it is possible to look cool and be practical at the same time…with some well-chosen exterior accessories, of course.

  • Custom tail lights : Switching to custom lights can often increase illumination, making visibility easier. They can also add a bit of finesse to the back of your Gladiator. From a smoked red lens to a bright LED, CarID has a selection of colors and styles.

  • Hood protector/reflectors: Trucks are built tough, but paint is not. Protecting the paintwork and finish should be a high priority if you want your ride to look its best. By directing the airflow over the top of the cab, hood protectors prevent a horde of bugs and small rocks from eating your finish. The BugFlector from Auto Ventshade is a popular choice.

  • Side steps: Jeep Gladiators are only built-in one size—big AF. People come in all shapes and sizes; for a WWE wrestler, a truck is easy to swing in and out of, but for your 8-year-old kid or 80-year-old nana, it’s quite a climb. The Nerf Step System is a good choice for drivers and passengers who need a step-up. If you spend more time off-road, Mopar Rock Rail steps are excellent for adding extra protection to the truck body when you’re on rough terrain.

Jeep Gladiator Performance Accessories

Your Gladiator already has all the power you need. Performance accessories give it the extra options you need for whatever you run into. Or over. Here are some of our favorite tweaks for life outside.

  • Splash guards: Mud flaps and splash guards do what it says on the package; keep your wheels from kicking up mud, stones, and debris that could ultimately damage the back of the truck. You can get OEM splash guards or choose from aftermarket versions .

  • Lift kits: Lifting your truck is the best way to get the ground clearance you need in order to get over any obstacle on the roughest terrain. Lift kits have the added advantage of allowing you to fit bigger tires for better traction. There are different types and sizes to suit your needs depending on how much ground clearance you want. Unless you want to rival Grave Digger…pretty sure that’s a custom job.

  • Winches: Picture this—you’re overlanding with a buddy and he gets cocky and winds up stuck in a deceptively muddy creek. (It sure LOOKED shallow enough to ford…) With a high-quality winch, your problem is solved. Turn your Gladiator into a ground anchor by picking up one that can pull over 5,000 pounds. WARN is a trusted brand with some of the best overall winches according to the car review site, The Drive .

Deck Out your Jeep Gladiator with DECKED

Jeep Gladiator.

As the owner of a rugged, trail-ready Gladiator, you can do anything with the right equipment.

Whether you’re a tradesman , outdoorsman , a family man wanting to take a trip with the kids (or all three!), the DECKED Drawer System can ensure you’re always prepared for the next adventure.

Make sure you have the best solution for securing your gear with DECKED .

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