The Best Accessories for Your Ford Truck

ford truck accessories

It’s not an accident that you can find so many great accessories for your Ford truck. The Ford F-Series has been the number one best selling truck in the US for 44 straight years. If you’re a Ford owner, you already know why. 

Maybe it’s the drivetrain warranty, the value, or the legendary reliability. Whatever it is, Ford owners won’t settle for anything else. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty. You have to earn it. 

If you’re new to the Ford family, you may be wondering how to take your truck from showroom standard to a ride that ticks all the boxes: Personality, style, and the features and functions you need for the things you do. 

Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through all the cool stuff you can add to make your truck uniquely and unmistakably yours.

Let’s walk through the goodies available for every part of your truck:

  • Ford Truck Bed Accessories
  • Ford Interior Accessories
  • Ford Exterior Accessories
  • Ford Performance Accessories

Don’t worry if you aren’t driving a brand new F-Series pickup truck. Most of these Ford F-150 accessories are available to fit other models, like Ford Ranger and Super Duty rigs, along with different trims/classes, including STX, XL, XLT and the thrilling Raptor and Tremor trucks.

Ford Truck Bed Accessories

ford truck bed accessories

Your truck bed is the heart of your truck: It holds nearly anything and everything. Work equipment , hunting or fishing gear … maybe even your mother-in-law. Whatever it is, your truck bed sees a lot of wear and tear. Naturally, it needs some TLC.

If you want to drive your truck until the wheels fall off, you’ll need to protect your investment. Here are just some of the truck bed accessories you can add to increase functionality, organization, and security for all your cargo.

Bed mats or bed liners

One of the most fundamental accessories for your truck are bed liners. Used to keep your truck bed in its best condition, a truck bed cover or liner protect your truck from minor damage and everyday wear and tear. For optimum protection, go for a bed liner designed for your truck to ensure complete surface coverage, making it that much harder for spills and dirt to get through. 

With the DECKED Drawer System , you won’t need any bed mats or liners. Our systems are all purpose-built to protect your truck while also being functional and stylish, and they’re built like a tank. DECKED won’t dent, and whatever’s inside will stay dry as dust.

Tonneau covers

A tonneau cover is a simple way to protect your cargo from rain, snow, hail, and debris. For an even more reliable protection, a truck bed tonneau cover  comes with locking systems to protect against thieves as well as harsher conditions. 

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles such as roll-up, tri-fold, retractable, and one-piece to name a few. Some covers can be painted or personalized to add to your truck’s style and define your personality, whether that’s matte black to match your truck or blazing with bright yellow flame decals to show the world how cool you wish you were. 

Truck caps

Find a sturdy aluminum, fiberglass, or commercial truck cap for your Ford truck bed. These offer a little more security and protection than a tonneau cover and offer a bigger truck bed payload through a mid- or high-rise roof. 

Bed Extenders

These will let you add a couple of feet of extra length to your truck bed. A bed extender lets you lower your tailgate and use the extra room to fit the last of your nitty-gritty gear. It’s like a sturdy gate to corral and contain your stuff. Of course, if you have the DECKED Drawer System, you already have all the extra room you need. 

DECKED Drawer System  

Ok, so we’ve already mentioned the DECKED Drawers twice, but it’s because they’re truly the best truck bed accessory out there (at least that’s what our moms tell us…). To really take your truck to the next level, the DECKED Drawer System will add functionality, storage space, Fort-Knox security, and undeniable dashing good looks to your truck (we can’t do much about the driver though…). The Drawer System is designed for secure storage—lock’er up and your gear is organized, protected, and dry. It won’t matter what the weather throws at it or what you put on top. The full-bed length drawers keep everything in perfect-condition, roll out for easy access to your tools and gear, and will have heads turning on site and on the road.

Inside the drawers, we have all kinds of modular accessories designed to organize your gear. Put together some combination of Crossboxes , D-boxes , D-bags , dividers , and Drawerganizers to store all your tools and equipment securely.

DECKED  Tool Box

Need more room? Take a look at our new Tool Box . D-Boxes, D-Bags, and Crossboxes fit inside the  Tool Box , and it comes with an option for an extendable ladder so you don’t have to heave yourself over the side or climb into the truck to reach your tools. The new DECKED Tool Box  is weatherproof and virtually indestructible (like our egos). Made from injection molded, high-impact polymer resin, the DECKED  Tool Box  will never ding, dent, or rust. Its ultra-secure architecture is sure to make grown men cry and keep all your gear safe from any low-life thieves. Can’t decide between the  Tool Box  or Drawer System? Easy. Get both. They can be used together to take your Ford truck bed where no other truck’s gone before.

Ford Interior Accessories

The inside of the crew cab of your pickup truck is your personal domain, and you can find some great OEM and aftermarket accessories to make it more comfortable, durable, and secure. Here are just a few for example:  


Floor liners/floor mats

If you’re a messy guy or gal and feel better with complete floor protection, your most valuable truck accessories might be rubber floor mats with spill saver lips. Weathertech’s all weather mats capture dirt and spills, making it simple for you to clean, saving your carpet from wear, stains, and stink.

Dash cam

These days, we’re filming everything. Even if you haven’t done anything film-worthy since high school, a good dash cam can prove your innocence to your insurance company or you might even finally capture that Yeti sighting. You can get super cheap models, but we’d spring for one with at least 1080p resolution. This dual cam by VAVA has front and back views and can work as a security cam even when your car is parked and the engine is off. And this Rexing V1 camera , Amazon’s top choice with over 12,000 reviews, has 4K ultra-HD and a supercapacitor. It supposedly has something to do with temperature, but we wouldn’t drive 88 MPH in a lightning storm. Just in case.

In-vehicle safe

Truck safes are a must if you carry guns or other items you would not want to lose or end up in the wrong hands. Popular types made to fit Ford trucks include center console safes or heavy-duty underseat lockboxes. 

Of course, you could just opt for the DECKED Drawer System or Tool Box to keep everything locked up tight. Both are perfect options for an in-vehicle safe and will keep all your precious cargo protected from the elements, casual observers, crooks, and even those curious kids. 

Seat covers

Available in a range of colors and designs, seat covers are a great way to keep your truck clean and show off your personality. You can get them with storage pockets, too, to help reduce clutter and keep your truck way more organized

Door sills

What’s one of the areas on your truck that gets a lot of wear and tear and is often overlooked? Where you step in.
Door sills keep wear and tear to a minimum, and they’re cheap and easy to install.

Ford Exterior Accessories

Enough polishing that hood, let’s talk about adding some features that make it look even better. These exterior accessories don’t just look good, they’ll even make your life a little bit easier.

Running boards

This is basically an action-movie-sounding name for “steps”. But if you’ve got a truck and your name isn’t LeBron James, that climb into the truck can wear on you—especially if you have a lift kit installed for extra mud-bogging height. 

Even if you’re still 20-something and have no trouble vaulting in and out, you’re still going to have to take your grandma to the rodeo from time to time. So if you don’t want to hear about it for the rest of your life, better at least think about installing nerf bars or something for her. Or you can really impress her with an automatic hydraulic step that folds down when the door opens. It’s expensive, but so is being written out of her inheritance…


We love Fords, but the front grille on most models is a little basic. You can spiff it up with grille lights , make it look tough (even if you aren’t) with a bull bar , or replace the whole grille with a Raptor-style stainless steel mesh, shiny chrome, or a riveted look from EAG .


This is about the cheapest and easiest way to make your life easier. Deflectors are those little rain guards for your windows. They cut wind noise and keep the rain out when you crack the windows. And if you’ve ever been fishing or run into a skunk, you know sometimes cracking the windows will save your sanity.

License Plate Frames

It’s not like you need them, but there’s something unfinished-looking about a naked license plate. Pick one with the Ford logo , or one that matches your interests or personality. Here’s an American flag , the Dallas Cowboys , and one covered in rhinestones …with matching screw covers. Hey, it’s your truck, we aren’t here to judge.


Sure, there are some tacky, low-rent decals out there. And if that’s your thing, go for it. But there are also some classy options, like this chrome decal that fits right inside the stamped F-150 lettering on your tailgate, or this low-key American flag for the middle rear window. 

Ford Performance Accessories

Your Ford truck is pretty well known for performance. But there are a few things you can add to help you do what you do. Let’s take a look at some popular options.

Light bars

Aftermarket light bars are some of the most popular performance options. You can get tailgate bars to let the folks behind you know when you’re braking or changing lanes (how do they not know that already?). Or, consider getting some LED light strips that fit under the bed rails to light up your backend when you’re working in the dark. If you want to go even brighter, you can get a set of flood lights to literally light up the night.

Performance tires

You probably already know this, but just in case there’s a newbie Ford owner out there: get some performance tires. If you go off-road a lot, consider looking into tires made for the terrain you like best. Look for tires with deep treads that are rated for mud, ice, or rough or rocky terrain—whatever suits your style of adventure.

Performance tuner

When you plug in a performance tuner, you are able to fine-tune your truck’s performance to match your driving conditions, giving you faster acceleration and better gas mileage (up to 20% savings!). Don’t worry. It’s easy to use—just plug and play—and it won’t void your warranty.

Give Your Ford Truck What it Deserves with DECKED


Ford truck accessories make your truck uniquely yours . Fit your Ford with accessories that organize everything you have to carry, make what you do easier, and show off your personality. If you want to add some fender flares (go ahead, no one’s looking), or a fancy exhaust pipe, go for it. Trick out your Ford will all your automotive accessory desires. 

Just make sure to add DECKED to your list. And if you carry a lot of gear, you especially need to get DECKED —you’ll save a lot of time, and your mom would be proud that you finally learned to get organized! 

The fish are biting . What would you rather do? Spend your Saturday sorting your gear, or throw your poles in the truck and head down to the lake? Yeah, us too.

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