DECKED_drawers_fire_station THE FIREFIGHTER.

Bill Martindale is the type of guy you want on your team. Serving 13 years as a  Fire Captain and Paramedic for the Montrose Fire Protection District, his responsibilities include training, rescue and serving as the local law enforcement's tactical medic. 

In his so-called "free time," Bill run the local chapter of a non-profit called Sleep in Heavenly Peace that provides handmade, new beds for kids sleeping on floors. 

"I’m constantly transporting a large amount of tools, specialty gear and bulky loads...the DECKED system allows me to keep things organized and secure so that I can always maintain readiness."

Check out Bill's local non-profit: ; Instagram:  @SHP_Montrose



DECKED drawers keep all your critical gear organized and ready-to-go when duty calls. Trusted by numerous law enforcement, military, and public safety departments, DECKED is secure and gun law compliant.

Fast Access Features:

  • Oversized drawer handles can open even with heavy-duty gloves 
  • Smoother rolling drawers w/ a detent stops prevent drawers from rolling closed on inclines
  • Sealed bearing wheels prevent binding and sticking...d esigned to get response time down to a minimum
  • Drawers are secure and lockable, plus most tailgates lock now providing added security



Bill utilizes our line of components and foam inserts to further customize and organize his drawers. One of the things - among many - that makes DECKED useful is its ability to be accessorized in a way that’ll suit your specific needs. We offer two sizes of drawer cargo boxes [toolboxes], bins, dividers, bags, drawer locks and CoreTrax. 

PLUS... Kaizen Foam Inserts are a  match made in storage heaven.  H old hand tools, cordless  tool sets, fishing tackle, guns, ammo, emergency gear, your camping kitchen, bug-out kit or  whatever else you can imagine.

DECKED customizable components: DECKED Components

More info on Kaizen Foam inserts here: Kaizen Foam



Latin for never crawl into your truck again, DECKED drawers are ergonomic.

A 200 lb per drawer capacity of your organized gear and tools is at your fingertips. Drawers slide out at waist height for easy access.


2000 lb PAYLOAD

DECKED sits right above your wheel wells providing increased surface area. With a 2000 lb payload on top, Bill can utilize his full bed for delivering beds for and materials for SHP Montrose.

Core Trax  are a great way to secure heavy loads on top of the deck. S old separately, they attach  to the steel tubes that run laterally under the deck. 



A DECKED truck bed tool box keep your tools and gear secure, dry and out of the elements. Designed to be can even take the system through a car wash or power wash!


D-box  D-boxes are ultra durable, gasket sealed toolboxes designed to make organizing and using the DECKED system that much easier. Plus, they double as floating champagne caddies. Fit two in a short (5’5”) drawer, and 3 in a long (6’6”).

Crossbox   Half the size of the D-Box, t he durable, waterproof DECKED Crossbox [tool box] maximizes drawer storage efficiency and organization, utilizing an interlocking, nested design. It's designed to fit all DECKED drawers: crosswise in wide full-size and midsize drawers and lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers.

Dividers    Bisect, trisect, or quadrisect [yes, a dictionary was consulted] the drawers with polypropylene dividers which fit into molded slots. They have small cutouts for tie-down purposes and come in packs of four.  PS.  a few notches turns them into gun racks.

Locks  A locking tailgate will generally keep the casual thief out of a DECKED system, but these cam locks add another layer of security and peace of mind.

Core Trax tie-downs  Beyond simply providing tie-down points for the top of the deck, the track allows for attachment loops to be placed in 1” increments anywhere along its length, and can feasibly accommodate as many attachment loops as there are 1” increments. Order 58" tracks for the 6'6" system and 48" for the 5'6" system.


DECKED_drawers_fire_station DECKED_drawers_fire_station

DECKED_drawers_fire_station DECKED_drawers_fire_station

For more information on the DECKED drawer system for tactical and public service applications, click here: DECKED TACTICAL


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