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Spending over 100 days a year on the water as a fishing guide, and filling his “free” time with construction, landscaping, and audio/video work side jobs, Joe Kayafas has a perspective many of us overworked gear junkies can relate to. Lucky for him his primary gig is spent outside on pristine Colorado rivers.

His 2019 GMC Sierra acts as his office on wheels as he hauls trout loving out-of-towners on day trips surrounding his hometown of Basalt, CO. In the summer, a day in the life consists of early mornings rigging up and prepping gear, countless miles walked, and helping clients catch the fish of their life. While on the water, swapping exaggerated fish stories and telling his clients they are “doing great”, Joe finds peace in knowing his extra gear back at the truck is safe and secure within his DECKED system… rain or shine.

"DECKED was a no brainer for me. It keeps my gear protected from weather and out of my truck. There is nothing that beats that for me. It’s also great because I still want to use my truck bed for hauling logs and I full faith in my DECKED system for that."

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