A Quality Car Gun Safe is Worth Its Weight in Gold

A Quality Car Gun Safe is Worth Its Weight in Gold

You can’t imagine life without your firearm(s). Maybe you have more than one…okay, you have several guns. You like to hunt, and you often hit the local range with your buddies. And naturally, you have purchased a few firearms for protection. Because you’re concerned about storing your gun safely on the road, you’re thinking about buying a good car gun safe.

Gray Console Car Gun Safe Installed in Car


5 Reasons You Need a Car Gun Safe

Maybe you’ve wondered about the benefits of having a car gun safe. First, is it safe to keep a gun in a car? Is a safe just another cool gadget that will gather dust in the closet? As it turns out, there are five solid benefits of using a hidden car gun safe.  

Compliance with State Laws

Some states are firearm friendly, allowing you to keep your firearm (generally a handgun) easily accessible while you travel. On the flip side, other states have laws requiring you to keep the gun out of reach while you’re in the vehicle.

Depending on the law’s language, that means you must dismantle the gun or store it in the trunk. These laws apply whether you live in that state or are traveling between two gun-friendly states. To stay on the right side of the law, check the concealed carry reciprocity laws.

In these states, getting pulled over for a vehicle infraction (e.g. a burned-out headlight) can be the beginning of an extended legal ordeal. If the police officer discovers that you have an easily accessible firearm, you can be subject to a host of unwelcome legal consequences. By securing a car gun safe in your vehicle, you can avoid the whole sequence of events.

Male Motorist Explaining Himself to a Male Police Officer



Travel to Local Gun-free Zones

Of course, let’s not forget your trips to gun-free zones. Maybe you work for a company that specifically prohibits firearms on the premises. Or, you spend a few minutes in your child’s school pickup line every day. Many states prohibit drivers from having firearms on any type of educational campus. In either case, a properly secured car gun safe should get you off the hook.

Safety Around Rambunctious Children

If your son or daughter views your vehicle as their personal playground, they probably love crawling over every square inch of your truck or car. If you have a loaded handgun stored under the seat or in the console, they’ll find it. You want to avoid that unfortunate consequence at all costs. Here, a portable car gun safe will keep those insanely curious children from getting into dangerous territory.

Small Boy Behind Wheel of a Car


Protection in Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can happen with lightning speed. The impact involves tremendous force, and objects inside the vehicle (including loose firearms) can become potentially dangerous projectiles. By using a hidden car gun safe, your handgun will remain safely in place if an accident occurs.

Prevention from Firearm Theft

As any police officer will tell you, firearms are one of the top items stolen from vehicles. Although many smash-and-grab crimes take place every day, other vehicle owners enable these incidents by leaving their vehicles unlocked.

Man in a Black Hoodie Breaking Into a Car


Not surprisingly, a criminal who steals a gun often commits a crime (or multiple crimes) with it. The law does not provide a cut-and-dried answer on your liability for crimes committed with your stolen gun. By securing your firearm in a hidden car gun safe, you’ll avoid this legal can of worms.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Sometimes, you’re barreling down the highway at Mach 2 speed. Or, maybe you’re navigating crowded city streets that demand every ounce of your attention. Either way, you need every bit of focus you can get. Rather than worrying about your loose firearm sliding around the front seat, properly secure it in a car gun safe.

Trucks and Cars Have Different Needs

Drive down any major highway, and you’ll see trucks and cars of every size and stripe. You’ll see strictly functional pickup trucks without any bells and whistles. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find tricked-out trucks with every option known to mankind. The same observation goes for cars. And no matter what the vehicle type, they’re all good candidates for a car gun safe.

Pickup Trucks and Cargo Vans

Pickup trucks pretty much rule the roads these days. You’ll find them on small town streets, suburban driveways, and city parking lots. Many of these independent-minded truck owners take their firearms wherever they go. Whether for self-protection, hunting, or target shooting, these guys (and ladies) want to safely store their guns while keeping them handy.

The DECKED Drawer System

Enter the DECKED Drawer System. Snugly secured on the truck bed, these weatherproof injection-molded slide-out drawers offer plenty of storage space for long tactical guns. Yes, you can keep differently sized firearms together. With tons of available space, you might win the award for the car gun safe largest. Use the cavernous DECKED D-Box to stockpile your ammo.

Marksman Gathering His Gear from the DECKED Drawer System


If you prefer customized gun storage, the D-Box can team with the Drawerganizer, Crossbox, and D-Bag to make that happen. As the icing on the cake, DECKED drawers easily slide out for easy access. You won’t have to climb into the truck bed just to access your guns and shooting gear.

Gun Safe Options for Cars

A car’s smaller interior space means there’s less room for a car gun safe. You might also be transporting a smaller handgun. That means a portable car gun safe is your best bet.

An under seat car gun safe is one popular choice. Just make sure the space isn’t crammed with food wrappers, tools, or other items. You don’t want to be rifling through “stuff” to get to your gun.

Many larger cars have a roomy armrest with a decent amount of storage space. Here, a car armrest gun safe may be a good choice. Or, maybe the vehicle has a center console with drink holders and storage space. Here, a gun safe for car console makes sense.

Man Storing His Handgun in a Console Gun Safe


Finally, consider a gun safe for car trunk. Chances are, there’s plenty of room back there. And because the car trunk is a completely separate compartment, this storage option would likely be regarded as “inaccessible” in the legal realm.

Gun Safe Access Methods

Let’s say you’ve decided that buying a car gun safe is a smart move. With so many of these devices on the market, you’ll need to narrow the field a bit further. Because the safes pretty much look the same (e.g. small black boxes), make the decision based on the best access method.

Biometric Gun Safe Locks

Let’s say you want fast, easy access to your car gun safe. Choose a portable biometric car gun safe based on fingerprint-scanning technology. If you prefer, configure the system to recognize multiple fingerprints. This means you, your significant other, and other trusted parties can easily access the safe.  

Black Biometric Handgun Safe With Handgun Inside


However, a dirty, greasy fingerprint could render the biometric lock useless. To avoid this problem, wash your hands before getting anywhere near the locking mechanism.

Combination Locks

Maybe you’re a traditionalist who considers fingerprint-scanning technology the stuff of spy novels and James Bond movies. If so, pick a car gun safe that incorporates a combination lock. You won’t have to worry about worn-out batteries, and a criminal has little chance of guessing the combination. If you’re in a rush, however, a combination lock probably isn’t the way to go.  

Electronic Keypad Locks

An electronic keypad locking mechanism is similar to a combination lock. However, a keypad-based lock offers considerably faster access than a laborious combo sequence. With a few touches of your fingertip, your car gun safe easily opens.

Most keypad-based systems allow different codes for multiple users. Some models integrate with a home security camera setup, making your car gun safe a key component in your overall security scheme.  

Of course, if you can’t remember the keypad sequence, you’re dead in the water. Find an easy-to-recall number series that slow-thinking thieves hopefully can’t guess.

How to Choose a Car Gun Safe

Buying a car gun safe isn’t exactly like buying a new pair of boots. For starters, this gun storage container isn’t meant to be seen at all. A car gun safe is generally available in basic black so it slides under everybody’s radar.

Small Black Car Gun Safe in the Open Position



3 Key Factors to Consider

With fashion off the table, getting the right product boils down to three features of a car gun safe. Plenty of models meet all three criteria, so don’t compromise when making this decision.

Easy Vehicle Mounting Mechanism

Securing the safe to your vehicle is important. You don’t want the storage container sliding around while you’re on the road. And let’s say a thief does break into your vehicle. They’ll find it difficult to remove a securely mounted car gun safe.

If you’d like to know how to secure a gun safe in your car, break down and read the installation instructions. Just one bit of advice: Secure the safe to a part of the car that isn’t going anywhere.

Simple, Fast Gun Access

If you’re in an emergency situation, you don’t want to waste time fiddling with a stubborn lock. Make sure you can open the car gun safe within seconds.

Quality and Durability

With cheap knockoffs flooding the market, it’s tough to find quality products these days. Here, invest in the best lockable car gun safe you can find. You’ll probably have to replace a cheaply made product far too quickly. Avoid that mistake.

Finding a Good Car Gun Safe

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a new car gun safe. Check out sporting goods companies’ brick-and-mortar outlets or eCommerce stores for a car gun safe. Walmart may also be worth a look. And if you swear by getting a car gun safe, Amazon may be a good bet.

On the other hand, buying a used car gun safe can save you a pile of cash. Scan your local Craigslist postings, and look in your local newspaper’s online classified ads.

And don’t forget eBay, arguably the king of online auctions. You might find a good-condition car gun safe eBay at a price you can’t beat. Before you fork over the payment, though, make sure the safe doesn’t have issues that could compromise its integrity.

If your family includes multiple firearm owners, they’ll each need a good car gun safe in their vehicle. For pickup trucks and cargo vans, the DECKED Drawer System is hands-down the best choice. With rugged construction and tons of customizable storage space, you’ve really got the best of both worlds.