Should I Get a Tonneau Cover for My Truck or DECKED?

Should I Get a Tonneau Cover for My Truck or DECKED?

Should I Get a Tonneau Cover For My Truck Or DECKED? A truck equipped with DECKED tonneau cover

The way you accessorize your truck says a lot about your personality. Accessorizing your truck the right way helps it make a statement on the road while also enhancing the overall appearance of your pickup. It also aids in boosting the functionality of your pickup by helping it cater to your other requirements in the workplace, like carrying around cargos, etc.


One such useful and necessary accessory for your precious truck is tonneau covers. However, DECKED brings you a better alternative. It’s the Drawer System , a well-thought accessory for your truck keeping in mind affordability, customer experiences, style, durability, and usefulness.


Picking out the right cover depends on various aspects, such as your requirements, truck usage, and cover features. Hence, looking for every one of your requirements in one cover is challenging and creates confusion.


Therefore, you'll need a quick and easy way to find the perfect cover for you from all the options available in the market. The DECKED Drawer System solves this issue from the root. It is the perfect substitute as it not only does all the job of a tonneau cover but also keeps everything organized and accessible.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tonneau Cover

When you are finally on the verge of making the purchase, it is extremely important to make sure that you have considered all the dimensional aspects of your truck and the adjustments that would be required after that.


That is the reason why we bring you our DECKED Drawer System that serves all your requirements and purposes under one umbrella.

Size Surely Matters

Before you get your strings attached to the wide range of tonneau bed covers available in the market, double-check if it will fit your truck or not. The size of a truck bed varies depending on the type and model. Therefore, you'll face issues if the tonneau cover does not fit precisely in terms of length, breadth, and compliance. Hence it is advised to have a look at the DECKED Drawer System before buying a tonneau cover.


If you utilize shelves and need accessibility to connectors, ensure that your cover is suitable with the bed liner. Some tonneau covers restrict access to some of those features.


Why Do You Need A DECKED Drawer System?


Back view of a truck with a DECKED tonneau cover closed


Tonneau covers are a necessary purchase for your truck, and making the most out of any product is the best use of your money. And the DECKED Drawer System, along with a tonneau cover, helps you achieve that.


There are several reasons for owning tonneau truck bed covers, and they are as follows:


  1. Keep your gear and other tools dry and protected from external elements.
  2. Helps you keep precious belongings out of sight from the evil eye.
  3. Allows you to maintain and enhance the style factor of your truck.


All of these features of a tonneau cover are complemented by our Drawer System. It enhances systematic organization, durability, and your value for money.

Advantages Of A DECKED Drawer System

The tonneau truck covers that would be ideal for you are determined by why you desire one in the first place. When you're transporting expensive equipment, the extra cost of protection is well worth it. If you wish to utilize your pickup truck to transport gravel or go backpacking for the weekend without unpacking all your toolkits, we got you covered in that too.


If you routinely travel carrying expensive equipment in the pick-up bed, such as weapons, stick welders, or dive tanks, a stronger, durable tonneau cover is unquestionably required. We think the DECKED System can be the ideal option for keeping that luggage secure and sorted while yet allowing full use of the bed.


Our  DECKED System is tailored to accommodate right into the bed of the truck and includes drawers that can accommodate around 200 pounds of stuff while maintaining the factory-installed load capacity of almost all the trucks.


Some tonneau truck bed covers don't provide you with a dry bed during adverse weather conditions or fail to give optimum security when the tailgate isn't latched properly. Some also have zero organizational features and let your belongings slide uncontrollably.


DECKED was born out of this need. Our solution is the DECKED Drawer System can be used with or even without a tonneau cover to transform your vehicle bed completely into functional, safe, watertight, and usable. Following is a DECKED pick that we feel might serve your purpose.


To begin with, DECKED products are waterproof well of course and they can be hosed down, tested during rains, need not be removed during a car wash, and so on. Only small amounts of dirt or mist can enter inside the drawers. Therefore, it is well-protected and secured from the harsh weather conditions.


It's safe with the locking tailgate system and our adjustable Drawer Locks . Clearly, a motivated burglar with the correct equipment and time in hand can break into almost anything, but the DECKED system is extremely difficult to crack.


Our Drawer System doesn’t look like a tonneau but serves all its functions and more. It looks great, and since it lies underneath the bed top, there will still be room for taller objects or even other gadgets to be mounted.


There will be no more scratched knees, teetering on toes, or digging around like a broomstick and clothes hanger hooks because the drawers come out over waist height as well as the bed's base is up higher. Do you require the entire depth of your pick-up bed for something? Don't worry. The entire DECKED Drawer System can be uninstalled in less than 15 minutes.


If you routinely drive a tripod trailer, in which situation the newly launched DECKED Truck Tool Box  is just the right choice for you. It matches your vehicle's appearance and performs far superior to scratched Toolboxes that are diamond plated.


To sum up, here are a few advantages of using a DECKED Drawer System:


  1. Protection: The most important reason for purchasing any variety of pickup bed cover would be to safeguard your gear and different types of equipment from unforeseen situations.


  1. Reliability: You prefer something worth the cost by proving its durability.


  1. Easy Usage: You prefer a strong pull-out game, and so do we! Hence our covers ease the motion while putting and pulling out your tools.


  1. Cost: Prices range from a few hundred dollars for a softer cover to about a thousand dollars for a whole shell.


  1. Security: Keep your belongings safe from thieves and thugs.

DECKED Is Like A Multi-Functional Tonneau

The DECKED Drawer System is steps ahead of an average tonneau cover as it serves a wide range of functions like protection, organization, and accessibility.


DECKED Drawer System is the perfect fit for your truck bed and here’s why:


  • Keeps your goods dry and safe regardless of the weather conditions


  • Top-notch safety with even an unlocked tailgate


  • Usage of the vehicle's bed footprint is unrestricted


  • The payload capacity of 2,000 pounds with tie-down points for real cargo carrying capabilities


  • Easy access to full-length drawers without much difficulty


  • Extra floor area available on raising over the wheel arches for easy unloading of larger goods


  • Pocket-friendly compared to other high-end tonneau coverings


  • Setup and installation are simple, with quick removal and reinstallation


  • Products for management and storage are also available


  • Manufactured from recyclable content in the United States

Why Choose The DECKED Drawer System?

DECKED comes with two full-length drawers that can be rolled out and are waterproof, each of 200 pounds. They allow unlimited access even on the front and center portions of the truck bed, which is nearly an impossible scenario with many tonneau covers.


Our Drawer System paired with a tonneau cover prevents stuff from getting all disorganized when you’re driving. The waist height drawers allow you to store things systematically, and when you cover it with a tonneau cover, it further ensures that things don’t go flying out of your truck bed.


For extra organization and order, the DECKED Dividers  help you customize your space for tool storage. They’re made up of polypropylene, and that’s why they’re sturdy and can withstand the daily hassle.  Moreover, you always have the option to re-position or remove them.


The DECKED Truck Bed Storage System is high-density made up of American steel and polyethylene. The strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1 aids you in stacking anything up to 2000 pounds on the top with the weight being dispersed evenly.


If you wish to secure an ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike the tie-down hooks help you with that as well. If you need to mount bikes, toy racks, etc to the Core Trax or T-Track systems can be integrated with our Drawer System.  Hence we can say that  DECKED is completely adjustable to fit your needs. Its storage systems are constructed entirely in the US with 100% recyclable HDPE and American steel.


Instead of a tonneau cover, getting the DECKED Drawer System helps you cover and protect your gear and organize and access them easily. You just need to organize your bigger items on the top and the smaller ones in the specified drawers. All of your belongings are hidden and secure because the DECKED System is around 12" tall. It leaves roughly 10" of room between your guardrails. Therefore, you just have to be careful that your tonneau cover and the system don't overlap.

DECKED And Tonneau Covers

What is required of a serious off-road vehicle? You may believe that everything they need is a robust exterior, but the reality is that numerous must-have finest pickup accessories would help your truck make a statement.


DECKED carries the greatest pickup accessories for all outdoor off-road lovers, even if you want to enhance your performance or load capacity. Knowing where to get and what to buy in truck accessories is one matter, but exploring the top internet sites by typing phrases like tonneau covers near me for pickup modifications with the proper optional add-ons is another.


Even the best tonneau covers have shortcomings when it comes to organization and storage. This is why we wanted to bring you a one-stop solution for all your needs. The DECKED Drawer System organizes your belongings in specific areas and gives you access to top them off with a tonneau cover and store stuff above that as well.


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