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DECKED Real Customers: Theo Stein Image

DECKED Real Customers: Theo Stein

Theo Stein just finished up a four-year stint as the president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. "DECKED is ideal for securely storing and organizing my gear. The elevated deck under my cap keeps my dogs up in the breeze on hot Colorado days, and I no longer have to move stuff from the bed to the cab of my truck or garage every night.”

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What Constitutes The Ultimate Hunt Rig? Image

What Constitutes The Ultimate Hunt Rig?

The quest to build the ultimate hunting rig is a never ending search for that balance between function, reliability, capability and let's face it, some sort of Mad Max attitude. And to be honest, even the notion of what a hunting rig is varies from state to state, unit to unit and from one species to the next.
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Walther + DECKED Giveaway Image

Walther + DECKED Giveaway

We've teamed up with Walther and Wide Open Spaces to giveaway a DECKED system with DECKED starter components + a Walther PPQ 45. Retail value up to $2,000! 
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DECKED Survivor Truck Featured on Image

DECKED Survivor Truck Featured on recently published an article about Jim DeLozier's ultimate survival Dodge Ram featuring our DECKED storage system.
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Demolition Ranch gets DECKED! Image

Demolition Ranch gets DECKED!

A big shout out here to our man Matt at Demolition Ranch for reading the instructions. Welcome to the DECKED club!  Watch the video here: 

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Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season Image

Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season

Sure it might be the middle of summer, but if you procrastinate as heavily as I do, you might be the guy who procrastinates on procrastinating and be left with nothing but a handful of muley droppings at the end of the season if you don't start thinking hunting now. Whether you are hunting deer, elk, moose, or wild snipe (as opposed to the domestic variety), you've got rifles, bows, arrows, ammo, camping gear, camo clothing and the like to dial in and get organized. And guess what: all of it is going to have to fit into your truck...

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