Legally Secure and Store Your Firearms for Transport in Your Pickup Truck

By John Cappa

Decked Pickup Truck Bed Gun Firearm Transportation Safe Storage 1. Get Your Firearms Legally Stored and Transported 

Safely and securely transporting your firearms to your favorite hunting spot or shooting range can be a challenge. Combine the need for secure firearm storage and add the the many different gun laws applied from state to state and things are made exponentially difficult.  A particular method of gun transportation may be perfectly legal in one state, while in another you could be fined, have your guns confiscated, or in extreme cases you could be sent to jail and be given a full body cavity check on the house. Securely transporting your guns in a pickup truck adds even more complexity, especially if you need the full cab for passengers and want to keep your firearms out of view. The DECKED bed storage system solves all of these common gun transportation issues without cluttering the interior of your truck or sacrificing the functionality of the truck bed. With the DECKED bed storage system your passengers will have plenty of room in the cab and your firearms will be locked up securely in the bed of your truck, away from the prying eyes of would-be thieves. As always, check and follow local gun laws before transporting your firearms.

DECKED drawers storing firearms to the range

 2. Get the Right Storage Solution for Your Truck

DECKED bed storage systems are available for all Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Ram and other popular pickup truck models. Each of the two extra-long drawers offer a 200-pound weight capacity and up to 6 cubic feet of storage. They are fully customizable with plenty of room to keep your firearms, ammunition and other gun gear organized. The ergonomic weatherproof drawers feature individual locks for securing the contents. A locking tailgate, which is common on many pickup trucks provides secondary security. DECKED bed storage systems are designed to handle temperatures ranging from -95 degrees Fahrenheit to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, so the locking drawers will protect your guns and gear even in the harshest environments. In addition to the safe storage and transportation of your firearms, the DECKED top platform is rated for 2,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight, so you can bring along extra gear, dog crates, motorcycles, an ATV or even your mother in law.

  Decked Pickup Truck Bed Gun Firearm Ammunition Transportation Safe Storage


3. Get Something That Gives You Customized Storage Options

DECKED drawers are designed to be customized to fit your firearm storage needs. The DECKED drawer dividers, organizers and removable fitted boxes help keep your firearms, gun gear and ammunition contained and organized. The DECKED Crossbox and larger D-Box toolboxes maximize drawer storage efficiency, are completely waterproof and nest securely within the DECKED drawers. Foam inserts can also be fitted for the D-Box, Crossbox and the drawers for more modular storage and organization.


Decked Pickup Truck Bed Gun Firearm Transportation Safe Storage

4. Get Something That Lets You Bring Everything

Functionality of your pickup truck bed is not sacrificed with the DECKED bed storage system. The DECKED top platform is rated for 2,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight. There is plenty of room for extra gear, dog crates, motorcycles or an ATV.

 ATV and Gun Storage and transport for your pickup truck

 5. Don't Break the Bank Getting It Done

DECKED bed storage systems are available for all Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and Ram trucks as well as popular import pickups are not prohibitively expensive. DECKED can be fitted to both long bed and short bed applications. You can choose your truck make, model, year and bed length using the DECKED truck selector.



Gun storage for trucks from Ford Ram Chevrolet GMC and Toyota a total safe firearm transportation solution