The DECKED List of the Best Truck Accessories

The DECKED List of the Best Truck Accessories

No matter what logo is on that shiny front grille, we know how much you love your truck. Matter of fact, there's more demand for new trucks than vehicles available! Prices for both new and used trucks are climbing and there have never been more options for aftermarket customization than right now.

We can’t deny it: We are truck people right down to our bones. Maybe it’s because trucks are so versatile. We can work in them, take them off-road for fishing, hunting, camping, or pack up our BBQ equipment to have a weekend-long tailgate party on a NASCAR infield.

We can tow boats or campers, transport 4-wheelers, or load up a ton of mulch for the garden. For work or play, trucks are far more than transportation. They are a lifestyle. If you get it, you get it.

And that’s why we like to trick out our trucks. To outfit them with everything we need for everything we want to do. We’ve got the lowdown on all the best truck OEM and aftermarket pickup truck accessories by category and by the best brands:

Truck Bed Accessories

Let’s start with the one thing every truck owner needs: Organized storage. The reason DECKED exists. To store all the stuff you have to carry and make room for all the stuff you want to carry. Plus, you know, all the other truck bed accessories you need to carry, store, and protect.

  • DECKED Drawer System – Think you can use drawers that run the length of your bed and glide out easily at waist height so you can reach everything without climbing in and out or shimmying up over the side? We thought you might. What if those drawers were virtually indestructible and locked up tighter than Fort Knox? We’ve got the best truck bed storage units on the market…because we engineered them that way.

  • DECKED Tool Box – Made of the same tough stuff a football helmet’s made of, it’s darn near impossible to dent and even harder to break into. Our tool box is perfectly sized to accommodate some of our organizational accessories. It even has a ladder that telescopes out, if you want one. It also features built-in tie downs to secure your motos or ATVs.
  • DECKED Accessories – We have all kinds of ways to organize your stuff inside DECKED Drawer System. They’re fully modular and perfect for any on-the-go adventures. You can swap your work setup for a weekend setup in seconds using any of the organizational compartments. Check out our:

  • Tonneau covers – A truck bed cover comes in all kinds of varieties, and come in handy when you want your cargo undercover. We have the lowdown on all of them. Check out the tonneau cover blog post here. 
  • Truck caps – There are plenty of reasons you might want to put a cap on your truck, from camping to waterproof equipment hauling. The bad boys will provide some extra vertical storage space and protect your gear from the looky-loos and harsh weather. Here are breakdowns on the most popular types:

  • Bed liners – You’re going to be dropping a lot of hard-edged things in the bed of your truck, from furniture to driveway gravel. Truck bed liners protect your paint from scratches and minor dents. Want to be able to resell your truck one day? Get a liner. (Of course, if you’re equipped with the DECKED Drawer System, you won’t need one.)

  • Tie downs – All the things you want to haul might roll or slide right off. So, all these things need to be secured to the beds. Tie downs keep your loose gear and equipment in place—an essential part of any off-roader’s setup!

  • Bed extenders – Sometimes, you just need a little extra truck. When you put down your tailgate, bed extenders provide a gate to corral your cargo.

  • Cargo nets – Hooking these to your tie down points gives you a netted area where you need it. Stuff your nets with groceries, sporting equipment, and anything else you don’t want sliding around or bouncing out.

Truck Accessories for Performance

  • Grilles – Your truck comes with a front grille, but if you really want your truck to stand out, a custom grille is one of the best truck accessories to make your ride distinctive and memorable.

  • Running boards – Attached to the side of your truck, running boards give you a step up when you’re climbing in. Want to keep your Ma and Grandma from yelling at you and save your knees a whole lot of trouble? Slap a pair of these boys on.

  • Nerf bars – Sharing no resemblance to Nerf guns (although, how awesome would that be?), Nerf bars are similar to running boards. They’re popular, sporty-looking side steps for trucks.

  • Lift kits – Want that jacked-up look for higher clearance? Lift kits extend your truck clearance for mud bogging, bouncing over rough terrain, or monster truck rallies—if that’s your thing.

  • Winches – When you need to pull something out of a ditch, move a tree out of the road, or save a cow from a muddy pond, you can’t beat a heavy-duty winch for pulling power.

  • Mud flaps – You’ve seen ‘em. Simple flaps, usually decorated with cartoon characters or logos, protect the cars behind you from your gravel and mud thrown up by your wheels. Oh, and it protects your truck, too.

  • Roof racks – Roof racks give you all kinds of extra storage. You can strap anything to a good roof rack; bicycles, a storage box, luggage, a canoe, or even good ole Uncle Earl who won’t stop yapping.

  • Deflectors – These are rain guards that fit above your window and allow you to crack your window even when it rains. Or, you can leave it cracked in extreme heat so you don’t cook when you come back after a long morning of fishing.

  • Trailer hitch – If you have a truck, at some point, you’re going to be towing something. It may be anything from a trailer full of lawn equipment to a tiny house on wheels, but whatever you pull needs a hitch.

Truck Accessories for Style

Your truck is probably already lookin’ good, but just in case it’s not, you can’t go wrong with adding the following style accessories!

  • Floor mats/floor liners Weathertech is probably the most recognized name in floor liners. They protect your floors from muddy boots, nasty spills, fish guts, and anything else you might track in. Good ones are laser-cut to fit your truck perfectly. You’ll find tons of styles on Amazon, or check with your dealer for OEM parts.

  • Seat covers – Modern seats are kind of wonders of technology. They’re ergonomic, adjustable, padded, and might even be heated. Choose from hundreds of styles and covers to support your team, show off your truck logo, or try out a racy or leather look. Let your personality shine through. We won’t judge if you sport a Knicks seat cover… (at least not out loud).

  • LED lights – Let everybody know you’re coming with LED lights! You can install these just about anywhere: under your truck to reflect the road, in your bed to see what you’re doing, or across your tailgate to flash messages, art, or turn signals.

Best Accessories by Truck

If you’ve got a specific truck you want to find accessories for, check out any of the below. Here are some of the most common truck brands and their accessories:


Ram Truck Accessories

We think Ram trucks are some of the coolest trucks on the planet. In 2009, Dodge split Ram into its own company to build just the trucks. So, you get all the style and reliability you expect from Dodge and its 75-year history, but under the new Ram brand. Here are the best Ram accessories to personalize your ride.


Dodge Ram TRX

Ford Truck Accessories

You can’t go wrong with Ford trucks . In fact, the F-150 is America’s #1 best-selling truck for 38 years in a row. That’s a reputation you can’t argue with. For our take on all the best Ford truck accessories, click here .

Ford F150 Raptor


Chevy Truck Accessories

Yep, we love our Chevy trucks , too! Founded in 1911, Chevrolet is one of the most iconic brands in the US. Check out all the best Chevy truck accessories here .


GMC Truck Accessories

Another iconic 100-year+ brand , GMC brings some of the most powerful trucks to the American lineup, along with that amazing invisible trailer technology you see in commercials. How is that even possible? We’ve found the best GMC truck accessories for you here .


Toyota Truck Accessories

If you have a Toyota truck , you can look forward to enjoying it for a long time. Toyota owns about half the slots on the retention list. On average, Toyota truck owners love their trucks for 11 years! Here are the best Toyota accessories to make your truck more comfortable, more efficient, and more fun.

Nissan Truck Accessories

Nissan trucks offer a lot of value for the money along with legendary reliability and remarkable owner satisfaction ratings. Introduced to the American market as Datsun in 1958, sales of the small, inexpensive Datsun truck made a significant impact on the market. Today, Nissan still makes some of the most affordable, reliable trucks on the market. Find the best Nissan truck accessories here.


Jeep Gladiator Accessories

The Jeep brand is an iconic brand, and the Gladiator is its first truck with only a few years on the market. It’s no wonder that Americans are snapping up the trucks; with the instantly recognizable Jeep styling and reputation for adventure, they’re perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. Check out the best Jeep Gladiator accessories here.

Jeep Gladiator

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