What Constitutes The Ultimate Hunt Rig?

What Constitutes The Ultimate Hunt Rig?
Above view of DECKED

Check out these photos collected by DECKED in their attempt to find the ultimate   hunt rig.

The quest to build the   ultimate hunting rig   is a never ending search for that balance between function, reliability, capability and let's face it, some sort of Mad Max attitude. And to be honest, even the notion of what a hunting rig is varies from state to state, unit to unit and from one species to the next.

Which is why it's so cool to put it out there and see what constitutes the ultimate hunt rig without defining what a "rig" might actually be. It's all part of the latest   DECKED giveaway , in which they've partnered with First Lite apparel to reward the winner of the   Ultimate Hunt Rig   photo contest with some pretty amazing prizes.

So far they've netted a surprise mix of trucks, jeeps, ATVs, boats, bicycles and even four-legged ungulates, and we've gathered a few of the best here for all to see.

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Of course it's important that whatever you are operating can actually get 'er done. Namely getting to and from camp, and in the event of success, a means by which to transport said bounty to the butcher.

Form follows function. And combining two which were never meant to be together is a sign of grit.

Camper on old truck

An important second characteristic to functionality has to be reliability because you may also have to survive the zombie apocalypse:

Side view of camper on truck

In the event of an overabundance of reliability, test other attributes of the rig at hand:


The rig has to have adequate levels of storage as provided by the truck bed storage system from DECKED.com, capacity for friends and family as well as those unsung heroes of a good hunt like ample visibility, massive fire power, and the like.

So much gear and so little time. You'll likely never get it all organized without some help.


Above view of DECKED

If you're storming the beaches of Normandy this winter you're going to want one of these so the quarry is completely impressed.

Camouflage boat

You can never be paranoid enough or too prepared for end times whilst in the woods.

Old Ford Bronco

Mad Max

Sometimes you have to just let your creative juices flow and use what's available to you to get out of the house and on your way to peashooter nirvana. Which is where you really do see hunt rigs come in all shapes and sizes not limited to but including those whose driver's licenses may have been revoked.

A Swedish pickup fitted with a kayak can indeed get 'er done.

Nothing apparently wrong with turning your truck into a rolling 21 gun salute.

The Baja Bug is never a bad choice. Unless you're trying to sneak up on something in which case your camo pattern has to also cover up that straight pipe exhaust sound.

Of course if shop class turns into "kids with welders gone wild," take advantage and build yourself the hunting version of a Mardi Gras float.

If you can't have just one, have two. And while you are at it, pick up the kids on the way home from school.

All Terrain Vehicle

As long as junior doesn't mind a little blood in the old kiddie trailer, it'll work too.

Now that you've been inspired, head over to   DECKED.com   and learn about how you can enter your own hunting rig in this year's contest.

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