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Construction worker standing on DECKED RENEGADE OIL & GAS | CHARLIE CRAFT

"We needed something that could store everything we use, wouldn’t damage the trucks or weigh a ton like the other options on the market. We don’t like to drill holes in our rigs."

Charlie Craft is the Regional Manager for Renegade Oil and Gas’s well maintenance company. Working in Employment Services, part of his job is keeping his workers safe and efficient.

“Our field hands were a little skeptical of DECKED at first, but once they got the drawers and started configuring them to their jobs, there was no looking back; they absolutely love them. Now, the guys who don’t have them in their trucks are begging us to get them.

We are saving time, and that means money. The price is a real no brainer. And it’s safer. Not only because it reduces tripping and falling hazards, but also because we don’t have gear like fire extinguishers in the cabs bouncing around.

The guys can easily access everything they need and keep it way more organized.

I definitely recommend DECKED. It fulfills all our storage needs and with the different components they make, you can infinitely organize everything you need as well as strap things like compressors, generators and what not to the top. It really increases the usability of our truck beds.”

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Rear view of DECKED at construction siteTop view of DECKED system

Rear view of DECKED system with construction worker

Construction working getting tools out of DECKED

Trucks with DECKEDSide view of DECKED drawer

Open DECKED drawer Dirty DECKED drawers with tools

D boxTop view of DECKED with tools

Man carrying D box